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  • T.E.R.A. GDC 10: Walkthrough

    In TERA, players master their destiny in a richly detailed game world with a pioneering dynamic combat system.

  • Excalibur Publishing Ltd. launching follow-up to successful Farming Simulator

    Excalibur Publishing Ltd is set to release Farming Simulator Gold at the end of March 2010. Due to the popularity of its predecessor throughout Europe, Excalibur Publishing Ltd. have put their heads together with Astragon and Giant to create an updated version with lots of new content. The aim of the game remains the same. The player assumes the role of a young farmer’s 18-hour day running a busy farm. You can choose a basic collection of vehicles and machinery to help manage your land and playing in career mode will allow you to expand your farm fleet. The better you are the better your machinery gets and you can choose from nicely detailed tractors, combine harvesters and over 20 different tools to ensure your farm becomes as successful as possible.

    This is where the new content comes into its own. New missions such as grubbing, seeding, spraying and bale collecting have been added to further challenge you. The additional tools are support the missions and challenges. There is a new configuration menu allowing for a free key assignment of keyboard and gamepad and compatibility with more joysticks, gamepads and steering wheels.

    Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing said: “We were amazed and excited about the success of Farming Simulator in the UK, especially with FarmVille being so prominent on Facebook. We are trying more and more to incorporate suggestions and improvements into our simulations and updates, and are grateful to the community for their excellent consumer feedback.” The product will retail at £24.99, is available on pre-order at and will officially hit the shelves in all major game retailers on 26 March 2010.

  • Dungeon Bandits Event Winners Revealed

    PlayEnvy, publisher of Massively Multiplayer Online Game Dungeon Bandits, has revealed the winner of its recent St. Patrick’s Day Event that was held March 17. Players, with characters decked out in green attire, battled it out against the GMs in hopes of getting their hands on one of the special premium characters available in Dungeon Bandits. Irish Luck was with Dungeon Bandits player, Ramsestom, and will receive one premium character of his choice. Special thanks are being given to all participant of the Event, it was quite entertaining (Watch a Recap of the Event Here). For those that were not fortunate enough to come away with the prize, the next event is already being prepared. The weekly Friday Night Fights give players another chance to come away with some great loot. Here are the details of the event:

    • Event Type: Tournament
    • There will be initial games of 4vs4
    • You may enter a team, but it can only consist of 2 people.
    • After the first 4vs4(s), the winning side(s), will then be split into another match. (Winners vs Winner)
    • Once we have only 4 players left they will be put into a 2vs2 match.
    • The winner of this 2vs2 will be named champions of the week.

    The amount of initial games set up will depend on the amount of players wishing to take part.

  • Final Fantasy XIII Becomes Fastest-Selling Title in Franchise History

    Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that FINAL FANTASY XIII has recorded the largest first-week sales in franchise history. Launched on March 9, 2010 for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, FINAL FANTASY XIII has sold more than one million units in North America over the first five days.* *Source: Square Enix Inc.

    The news comes on the heels of the announcement last week that the sell-in shipment of the game has exceeded the five million unit milestone worldwide. Cumulative global shipments of the FINAL FANTASY series have now reached 96 million units since the first game was launched over two decades ago. FINAL FANTASY XIII combines seamless cinematic sequences of unparalleled caliber with a fast-paced, high-intensity battle system.

    This next evolution in the series demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Square Enix to the development of visually-stunning, technically-advanced and immersive interactive entertainment experiences for gamers around the world. The tremendous success of FINAL FANTASY XIII marks a new beginning for the RPG genre in North America. FINAL FANTASY XIII is rated T (Teen). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board website at for more information about ratings. FINAL FANTASY XIII is now available at North American retailers for the suggested retail price of $59.99.

  • Aliens vs. Predator Swarm Map Pack Now Available

    The Aliens vs. Predator Swarm Map Pack is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PlayStation Store and STEAM! Featuring 4 new maps previously only available in the Special Editions, this downloadable content will challenge all 3 species for the fight of their existence. Pit species vs. species in two new maps for six different online multiplayer modes, Docks & Machine! Or team up with your fellow colonial marines in a desperate attempt to keep the Alien hordes at bay in two new survival mode maps, Outpost & Hive.

    The "Swarm Map Pack" is available now for $6.99 or 560 Microsoft Points!

  • First MAG DLC pack will be free

    On behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, I’m pleased to announce that beginning March 25, our first official MAG downloadable add-on will be made available to players worldwide absolutely free of charge! Dubbed the “Trooper Gear Pack,” our first DLC addition to the MAG universe will offer a number of cool goodies for veterans and first timers alike. Out of everything in the pack, the most popular will likely be the oft-requested “Flashbang Grenade” that can be used to confuse, disorient or distract your enemies in a single throw.

    Of course, there’s more to the Trooper Gear Pack than Flashbangs. We’ll also be including new special edition Light Machine Guns for each PMC. Raven’s APEX 100SE, SVER’s RTK-74 Vla, and Valor’s Mk 46 Mod 1 weapons will provide both a new look for your favorite LMGs and a number of performance adjustments as well. The last element of the pack will be two additional uniforms – “Trooper Dark” and “Trooper Light.” Available to all three PMCs, these uniforms are specifically designed for urban and interior combat situations and give you two more aesthetic options to diversify your character with. The best part of the Trooper Gear Pack? It’s just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to MAG. In the coming months, you can expect to see plenty of other add-ons and goodies that we can’t quite tell you about yet (but know you’ll enjoy). But that’s not all. To commemorate the release of our DLC, we want to throw in a little extra. And so, as a thank you to all of our fans, we’re offering Double XP to any and all MAG players starting March 25. Simply log in at 12am Pacific/ 3am Eastern/ 8am GMT and play MAG as you normally would. Every time you complete a game your experience doubles, and yes, this bonus stacks for Veterans who already have an XP bonus to begin with! Just make sure you actually complete the games you play – if you quit early, your bonus won’t apply. Expect the Double XP promotion to run until 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday, March 28. Be sure to take advantage of it as much as you possibly can until then.

  • Runes of Magic Celebrates First Anniversary

    Just in time to celebrate the first birthday of Runes of Magic, on March 19, 2010, Frogster today announced that the popular free-to-play online role-playing game has reached a major milestone: Three million registered users in North America and Europe. Players on 23 servers in six different language versions have experienced more than 500 million quests in the fantasy world. The Berlin-based localization team has translated more than 4.5 million words for the quest driven online game.

    Whether in North America, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, or Poland, the desire for a shared gaming experience is the same in every country, as players have joined together to form guilds, build their own castles, go into battles against other player groups and overcome sinister boss opponents. Over 7.5 million of these dangerous creatures have been defeated in one year by brave adventurers using their united powers.

    The Demon Lord, the powerful top villain of the first two chapters, has had his wings clipped just 24 times. On the three million accounts for Runes of Magic fans have created approximately six million characters. Attempts by so-called ‘Gold Sellers’ to endanger the game economy were dealt with severely by Frogster’s Support department: in the past four months alone, more than 15,600 illegal sellers have been permanently excluded from the game. A video which is being released today, presents a round-up of the Runes of Magic feature palette which has been regularly expanded with free updates on a monthly basis.

  • New Army of Two Campaign Pack

    Are you prepared to return to war-torn Shanghai? EA Montreal today released an all-new co-op campaign map pack titled ‘Chapters of Deceit’ on Xbox Live for the award-winning, ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY. The map pack will be available on April 1 on the PlayStation Network. ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY – Chapters of Deceit puts players back amidst the disaster in Shanghai where they will stumble upon new information that could help end the invasion by Jonah and his 40th Day Initiative army. However, they quickly learn that everyone is out for themselves and no one can be trusted. The lives of this iconic two-man private military team are at risk, forcing players to rely on each other to get out alive.
    Originally released in January 2010, ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY boasts a robust playbook of co-op moves.

    The game features one of the most extensive and varied weapon customization systems ever found in an action/shooter game. Players can mix and match weapon parts and execute strategic two-man tactics that create a one-of-a-kind co-op action experience.
    ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY – Chapters of Deceit is available for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points. ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY is rated “M” by the ESRB and is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PSP.

  • Battle With Dylan Hartley on MW2

    Microsoft revealed that Dylan Hartley, one of the hottest young rugby talents in the UK, will be recruiting all available Xbox LIVE fans from across the UK for a unique Game with Fame event. To celebrate the launch of the downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package,

    Dylan will be playing the first multiplayer maps, available to download on 30th March, exclusively on Xbox LIVE. Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 became a cultural phenomenon when it launched to the world in November, and Xbox LIVE now hosts the largest online gaming community for the game. Dylan will be dropping in behind enemy lines on Thursday 1st April at 12 noon GMT.

    To be in with a chance to join Dylan online for this unique event, players simply need to email their details to the address below, also telling Dylan why they want to play with him. Lucky gamers who are successful in applying will be emailed all the details they need to take part in the event. How to take part: Simply email the following information to

    • Name
    • Age
    • Gamertag