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  • Skyrim developer: COD multiplayer portion has RPG elements

    Todd Howard, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Design Director has said that Activision's Call of Duty franchise is hardcore and its multiplayer portion has an RPG elements.

    Call of Duty logo

    In an interesting interview to Gamasutra, Todd said, "You look at Call of Duty, the most popular game in the world, and that's actually pretty hardcore. At the end of the day, it's a hardcore game, has RPG elements in multiplayer, making classes, picking perks. I think the audiences are there, and we tend to make our game more for ourselves and other people who play a lot of games."

    Do you agree with Todd?, do let us know your views on this as a comment to this post.

  • Ex Sony head: PSN hackers will be back in future

    Ex Sony Europe head "Reeves" (Now COO of Capcom) has predicted that the hacking community may have not finished targetting PSN, and they will be back at some point in near future.

    PSN logo

    In an interesting interview to ME Gamers, Reeves said, "Yeah, we lost out, particularly in Europe and North America by not being able to put [our games] up onto the PSN... Capcom did suffer for a month, and we were not alone."

    He further added, "We have seen in the last week...the last 10 days, quite a bit of resurgence in [PSN users], which is pleasant. We have seen on PSN, and probably Sony are in a better place to tell you this, that there is a resurgence in people buying the generic PSN cards in retail stores rather than putting up their credit card details... I think in the future they will make more non-generic cards, like game branded ones, such as Street Fighter or FIFA, or even Modern Warfare. But the generic ones have done well.

    "People are playing it a bit safe at the moment because the hackers will be back [laughs]. That's my personal opinion. I mean...they will right? They are going to say: 'So you think you are secure?'"

  • FIFA 12 "Menu and Stadium" screenshots

    Electronic Arts has just a while ago released some new screenshot for the next game in the FIFA franchise, "FIFA 12". The new screenshots gives out the first look at the stadium and menus.

    FIFA 12 screenshot

    FIFA 12 features new menu system, and it offer gamers faster and easier to navigate. FIFA 12 is schedule to launch on September 29. Check out the new screenshots below:

    FIFA 12 Stadium 1 FIFA 12 Stadium 2 FIFA 12 Stadium 3 FIFA 12 Stadium 4 FIFA 12 screenshot 1 FIFA 12 screenshot 2 FIFA 12 screenshot 3 FIFA 12 screenshot 4 FIFA 12 screenshot FIFA 12 menu screen 1 FIFA 12 menu screen 2 FIFA 12 menu screen 3 FIFA 12 menu screen 4

  • EA to reveal SSX: Deadly Descents multiplayer at GamesCom

    The very first details regarding the multiplayer portion of SSX: Deadly Descents will be revealed at GamesCom. The news was confirmed in the latest episode of EA's online show PWNED.

    SSX: Deadly Descents screenshot

    According to the details revealed at the show, SSX: Deadly Descents will feature "very unique online game mode", with  details to be announced during GamesCom next month.

    GamesCom 2011 kicks off August 17 to 21

  • Dead Island PC specification revelaed

    Valve's Steam has revealed the details regarding the PC system requirements for the upcoming Zombie survival game title "Dead Island". Both Minimum and Recommended System Requirements details are revealed.

    Dead Island logo

    Going by the details, i can say that all those who bought PC within last few years will meet the system requirement. Check out the details below:


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Core2Duo 2.66 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI 2600XT 512MB VRAM (GeForce 8600GT)
    • DirectX: DirectX 9.0C
    • Hard Drive: 2.0 GB available hard drive space
    • Other: keyboard, mouse


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core2Duo 2.66 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 9600 (1GB)
    • DirectX: DirectX 9.0C
    • Hard Drive: 2.0 GB available hard drive space
    • Other: keyboard, mouse


  • DICE planning to have full Joystick support for Battlefield 3

    DICE is planning to have a full Joystick support for their upcoming shooting game title "Battlefield 3". The news was confirmed by Battlefield 3 senior gameplay designer Alan Kertz.

    Battlefield 3 screenshot

    On Twitter Alan said, "We plan to fully support joysticks."

    Battlefield 3 is schedule to launch on October 28, and beta for the game will begin at somepoint in September. You can check out in-depth customization of flying aircrafts and helicopters below:

    Battlefield 3 Joystick customization

  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Armor system details revealed

    Matt Carafano, Lead Artist of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has revealed some details about the armor system in the game. He confirmed that body armor system in the upcoming Bethesda game will be revamped completely.

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

    Carafano said, "The armor system is very similar to Oblivion’s. The main difference is that the upper and lower body armors, the cuirass and greaves, have been combined into one piece. This helps create armor styles that have the look we needed for Skyrim. In most of the Nordic designs we created, the upper armor would completely cover the lower armor, making it unnecessary. We get much better visual results combining those pieces, and it renders a lot faster too, so we can put more people on screen, so that was an easy tradeoff for us. We can also make a lot more armors now, so the number and variation types are more than we’ve ever had."

    Previous games in the franchise has seen reduction in complexity of the armor system, and now it seems like, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will combine cuirass, greaves and pauldrons into one entity called as Armor.

  • No surprise from Sony on July 15

    A latest listing on Spike's upcoming GameTrailers TV schedule suggested that there might be a huge suprise for the fans from Sony. We are sorry to disappoint you guys, there's no reveal planned for (July 15).


    The episode which is schedule for July 15 is actually a repeat telecast from May. GTTV revealed Starhawk with gameplay footage on May 13. Fans who have any doubts then you can check out the old episode name which was "Sony Surprise" around a month ago.

    Sony Surprise May Sony Surprise July

  • Bioware: Mass Effect 3 demo details in few months

    Bioware has announced that the details regarding Mass Effect 3 demo will be revealed in a few months time.

    Bioware's Casey Hudson on his personal Twittter account provides some details on a potential Mass Effect 3 demo, and when the details about it will be announced.

    Mass Effect 3

    Casey said, "Awesome, much appreciated! Stay tuned for news on demo plans in a few months."

    Mass Effect 3 is schedule to launch in the early part of 2012.