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  • No "I QUIT" match in WWE 12

    WWE 12 publisher has just confirmed that the game will not feature the infamous "I QUIT MATCH". WWE 12 Creative Director, Corey Ledesma has confirmed the news on his personal Twitter account.

    WWE 12 logo

    A fan asked Corey, whether "I QUIT" match will be their in WWE 12?. Corey simply said, "it is not in, sorry…"

    This is really a sad news for many fans of WWE game. What you guys think about this decision of THQ, let us know in the comment section below.

  • DICE defends BF3 beta from critics

    On official Battlefield Blog, DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson defended the Battlefield 3 beta from recent criticism of its unpolished state.

    Karl Magnus Troedsson said that fans should not take Battlefield 3 open beta build as indicative of the finished game.

    Battlefield 3 screenshot

    On Battlefield blog, Karl wrote, "The Battlefield 3 Open Beta is based on software that is more than one month old"

    "Just like normal procedure when releasing a game, the Open Beta has had long lead times due to testing, certification, and setting up. This means that the code you are now playing is actually quite early and not representative of the final game."

    Karl further clarified that DICE requires the beta to test its dedicated server structure and not the game code itself, and as such, could an older build of the game.

    Battlefield 3 will launch on October 25 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Starhawk new gameplay and multiplayer details revealed

    Lightbox Interactive has shared some details regarding their upcoming PS3 exclusive title "Starhawk". The gameplay and multiplayer details about Starhawk was revealed on game's official Facebook Page.

    Starhawk box art

    Lightbox Interactive said that they received numerous questions from fans asking, how the development team is planing to prevent base ravaging?. Lightbox shared several gameplay tips to do just that.

    Check out below what they shared:

    Many of you have asked how we’re preventing base ravaging, which is something we’ve discussed a lot. We do have some solutions. You can use Build & Battle to create a structure in your base that prevents ravaging. You can build an automated turret that will attack enemy buildings, rift bombs, bunkers, and turrets as well.

    Another way we’re preventing base ravaging is by giving players more control over where they spawn. When we design our multiplayer maps, we create a spawning region big enough and with cover elements, so if you were to get in the situation of base ravaging, you could spawn away from the combat. You can even build Outposts in B&B and create strategically advantageous spawn points.

    One of the most powerful ways to prevent base ravaging is to use the act of spawning itself. The spawn pod can crush almost anything, so you can drop in, crush a vehicle or player, and then get right up close and destroy an enemy building by yourself or with teammates. The actual spawn pod is incredibly devastating.

  • FIFA 12 creates new "week-one sales" record

    Andrew Wilson, EA Sports vice president has announced that FIFA 12 has created a new video game record, just a week after its release. According to Andrew, FIFA 12 sold 3.2 million copies in its first week, which is really a "stunning achievement" for the development team.

    FIFA 12 cover star

    Wilson said, "FIFA 12 is a stunning achievement by our team at EA Canada,"

    "The massive FIFA online community has overwhelmingly connected to the new live services in the game, including EA SPORTS Football Club, and we intend to keep them engaged all season long."

  • Pete Hines comments on "Console Modding in Skyrim"

    Console modding for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the hottest topic that has been floating around ever since the developer announced creation kit for PC.

    Some fans of the game have been cooking up really very crazy ideas for Skyrim customisation, others goes a step ahead and started pondering the possibility of Skyrim's mods arriving on console.

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

    In an recent interview, Pete Hines discusses the current state of modding on console. Pete said, "The problem with the console is that it’s ultimately not our call. The console doesn’t belong to us. The console manufacturers have very strict rules about what goes on their console, how it gets put on there, what changes it makes, testing it and so forth"

    Hines then goes on to talk more directly about Skyrim’s position when it comes to modding, as well as noting awareness to the potential risks:

    Hines further talks about Skyrim's position when it comes to modding and all the potential risk, "We know that it works. We know that you can take the mods that work on a PC and make it work on a console, but we’re not there yet collectively in terms of how we allow people to create user generated content and put it on their console. For example, what if someone messes up their game? How do they recover their saved file?"

    Hines concluded the interview by saying "when the day comes that console mods are possible, Bethesda will be there and ready to support it."

  • Few Advice for RAGE PC gamers from developer

    PC gamers are really very disappointed with the present state of RAGE, but Bethesda has assured fans not to worry at all as they are currently working with developer as well as graphics card manufacturers to cure all the problems plaguing the game.

    RAGE logo

    On Twitter, Pete Hines tweeted some tips for RAGE PC gamers. Check out all the tweets below, i just hope that it helps all PC gamers out there.

    1: For PC gamers using AMD graphics cards:

    "Don’t use the current Rage perf. driver – package includes very old OGL files, that’s why you’re seeing corruption etc."

    2: For PC gamers using AMD/Ati card:

    "if you are crashing to desktop right away w/ ATI card you are using the BF3 preview drivers. CTD is 100% with those drivers. Need to update."

    AMD's Andrew D has announced that "Proper Rage driver should be up in a few hours"

  • Dark Souls patch 1.03 goes live for PS3 and Xbox 360

    From Software has released a new patch v1.03 for their recently released game "Dark Souls". So players who will pick up the game today on either platform will most likely get a patch while they are connected online.

    Dark Souls

    For PS3 version of the game, this new patch v1.03 is available now. For Xbox 360 version, players will be prompted to download the patch before they can continue playing the game.

    Dark Souls patch v1.03 carries fix for two glitches, check out the details of these glitches HERE.

  • RAGE PC version: Tips to adjust graphical settings (Updated)

    At present PC gamers are not happy with id Software's latest release RAGE, as it does not provide any in-game settings to adjust some of game's settings. Well PC gamers its time for you to get excited, as it is possible to tweak RAGE via console commands or config file, read below to find out more.

    RAGE logo

    RAGE3D's user JonasBeckman, has revealed some commands that will tweak RAGE. Although console command gives a better idea of what the following tweaks are affecting, however we strongly recommend you to create a configuration file named "rageconfig.cfg" and put it in "Rage\base\rageconfig.cfg".

    By following the above step, the file will be auto-loaded each and every time players launch RAGE, and so need to type the commands again and again is eliminated.

    Check out the commands below that can be used, once again thanks to "Rage3D's user, JonasBeckman.":

    com_AllowConsole 1
    com_SkipIntroVideo 1

    These two just allow the console to work and skips the logo videos.
    vt_qualityhdplossless 1
    vt_qualityhdppower 0
    vt_qualityhdpspecular 0
    vt_qualityhdpnormal 0
    vt_qualityhdpdiffuse 0
    vt_qualitydctpower 100
    vt_qualitydctspecular 100
    vt_qualitydctnormal 100
    vt_qualitydctchroma 100
    vt_qualitydctluma 100
    These set overall quality level, lower on the HDP and higher (percentage) on the DCT with lossless support. (However the textures are what they are so you can’t expect miracles.)
    vt_usecudatranscode 2
    This is the CUDA function but 2 enables all of it not just smart mode.
    vt_maxppf 1024
    vt_maxlockedpages 256
    These are what I’m struggling with now, a value of 2048 and 1024 respectively will cut down texture streaming to less than a second but will also cause possible glitches and stability problems so I’m testing various compromises here.(This is the number of paged\cached megatexture pages or what to call them.)
    vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 8192
    vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 8192
    vt_pageimagesizeunique 8192
    vt_pageimagesizevmtr 8192
    This is max texture resolution, again the textures are what they are and you can not get them to be better than that other than with some small tricks.
    vt_minlod -1
    Slightly negative LOD for a sharper image
    vt_uncompressedvmtr 1
    vt_uncompressedphysicalimages 1
    vt_vmtrcompression none
    Use uncompressed data (If available, it’s not.) instead of compressed and compression method. (Tab two times will cycle compression levels, that’s also how I found the CUDA = 2 thing.)
    vt_maxaniso 16
    Tell the megatextures to use full 16x AF filtering instead of 2x, sharper unless forced via CCC / NVCP already.
    Change anything with the virtual textures / vt and you’ll need to restart them, best is to execute the config (exec rageconfig.cfg for example.) in the main menu.

    More Tips:

    PC gamers who want to change FOV, all they need to do is add "+cvaradd g_fov 20" command to RAGE's launch option. By adding this players are telling the game to run at its default FOV that is increased by 20 degrees. The default FOV is 80, and so if player add 20, they will get a FOV of 100. Players can lower the number to find their sweet spot.

    In addition to this, players can edit "render_controls.xml" file, which is located at "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\LAG\data\settings" folder. By editing this file, players can easily turn on and off SSAO, Depth of Field, and other graphical options with simple "TRUE/FALSE" value.

    Hope all the above tricks works perfectly for you..


    Comparison screenshots: After applying the above changes:


    RAGE Comparison screen


    RAGE Comparison screenshot