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  • Happy Birthday PlayStation - 15 years in Europe

    PlayStation is now 15 years old in Europe. 15 years back on 29th September 1995, Sony released the PlayStation 1 and established it as one of the most known successful brand worldwide.

    Sony PlayStation Evolution

    PlayStation is not just for pure enjoyment. Countless engagements, social projects and events from Sony. PlayStation has now become more than just a game console.

    Since then, 102 million PS1 consoles, over 140 million PS2 consoles and  38 million PS3 consoles and 62 million PSP consoles are sold. The very first PlayStation game was Ridge Race followed by other titles such as Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto or Resident Evil, all of which were established on PlayStation platforms.

    Great 15 years. We congratulate PlayStation and hope for more in coming years.

  • The Last Story Japan Release Date Announced

    The Last Story release date has been announced. Nintendo at their 3DS event has reveal that The Last Story will be coming out in Japan on January 27, 2011.

    The Last Story

    No more details were reveal in this regard at the event, not also the European release date.

  • Nintendo 3DS Release Date officially Announced

    Nintendo has officially announced the release date for 3DS, it will be launching in Japan on February 26.

    Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo Japan has said that the handheld will cost fans 25,000 yen (£264), intially Nintendo 3DS will be available in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black

    No details about the western release date has been announced but it is expected to reveal today by the Nintendo Overseas branch.

  • EA Enlists composer Ramin Djawadi for Medal of Honor

    EA announced today that the composer Ramin Djawadi has wrote the music for Medal of Honor.

    Ramin Djawadi

    Ramin Djawadi is known for his work on the movie Iron Man, the television series Prison Break and the remake of Clash of the Titans and has his unique style brought in the soundtrack of EA's intense war game. 

    The original soundtrack of the game Medal of Honor is now available on select digital service providers for online purchase.

    Steve Schnur, EA Executive of Music and Marketing said, “The new version of a landmark game always requires a next-level soundtrack,”

    “But this ‘reinvention’ of Medal of Honor demanded a composer who could create an epic score that brings the game into a whole new era.

    “The intuition and skill that makes Ramin Djawadi one of Hollywood’s top young talents in film scoring is exemplified in Medal of Honor. This is an incredibly intense score, and we’re tremendously proud to have him in the EA family.”

    “The fact that it is modern day with various locations asked for a completely different approach both stylistically and thematically,” added Djawadi. “The score is very widespread from emotional orchestral to edgy modern action. Western and ethnic instruments are used to represent the different cultures.

    “Designing a score that captures both the scalpel-like quite professionalism of the Tier 1 Operators and the sledge hammer action of big military has been a unique challenge. The music is designed to dynamically ebb and flow, complementing the big action sequences with thundering electric guitar and bass, and the quiet stealth with haunting strings and hymns. It is like a Hollywood action movie score on steroids.”

  • Dice Confirmed Post Launch Multiplayer DLC for Medal of Honor

    DICE has announced that there will be post launch DLC coming out for Medal of Honor specially for the multiplayer mode of the game.

    Medal of Honor

    In an interview to one of the site Patrick Liu said "We certainly have room for that, and we have plans to patch the game and balance things, and we also have plans for PDLC - more maps, more game modes etc."

    Many gamers are hoping that a free DLC system similar to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be used in Medal of Honor but it is not yet known, But most likely it seems that gamers have to shell out some extra bugs for the DLC.

  • Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition Details Revealed

    To celebrate the huge success of Uncharted 2, Sony is going to release the Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition on October 2 in North America for a price of $49.99.

    Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition

    According to the US PS Blog, Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition will be available with regular Blu-ray Edition of the game along with a “super voucher” which allows gamers to download the following DLC:

    • PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack
    • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack
    • Un charted 2 Siege Expansion Pack
    • Currency Multiplier which grants Double XP up to level 10 in Multiplayer
    • Golden Guns option for the AK-47 and the 92FS 9mm pistol for use in Multiplayer
    • Early access to “Revenge” Booster – you still have to purchase it with in-game cash!
    • Uncharted: Eye of Indra – Motion Comic Bundle (which includes Episodes 1-4)
    • Uncharted: Eye of Indra – Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton Character Skins
    • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Avatar Pack 1
    • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Avatar Pack 2
    • Uncharted Avatar Pack 3
    • Uncharted Avatar Pack 4
    • Pinball Heroes – Uncharted for the PSP

    All those gamers who want to download some DLC pack seprately than for this they have to shell out $35 for the same. 

  • 2K Games Release Four Mafia II DLC Packs

    Four new DLC pack for Rockstars successful game title Mafia II is available for download on Steam, Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Gamers has to shell out $2.99 (240 MS Points). 

    Mafia II

    Here is the details of each pack that is on offered for Mafia II:

    Vegas Pack: Get a taste of old school Vegas in this new downloadable content pack from Mafia II. Bring a taste of Vegas to Empire Bay as you cruise through the town in 2 new cars with smooth handling and timeless lines. Vito shows his Vegas style in 2 new suits.

    War Hero Pack: The ‘40s wouldn’t be complete without a war hero. Vito plays the role well in the War Hero add-on pack. Drive two military style vehicles and notice the superior handling in all weather conditions. Vito looks sharp in two new military outfits including fatigues and a dress uniform.

    Renegade Pack: Show off your inner renegade in this new add-on pack. Start with two new cars, one with the slick styling and tight handling of a small sports coupe and the other with the revved up engine of a ‘50s hot rod. Outfit Vito in two new suits including leather and lettermen’s jackets to fit his renegade persona.

    Greaser Pack: The Mafia II Greaser downloadable pack is all about speed. These two new hot-rod speedsters will win you pink slips every time. Pair that with two new suits for Vito, one with leather jacket and heavy boots, the other a leather racing suit, and get ready to start your engines

  • Front Mission Evolved PS3 Trophies

    Front Mission Evolved PS3 trophies list. This upcoming Third Person action game said to be released on September 28 for US and October 8 for EU. Front Mission Evolved has 28 trophies which includes 13 bronze, 8 silver, 6 gold and 1 platinum trophy.

    Bronze Trophies:

    Amplified Warrior   
    Equip a Mark III battle skill in the single player campaign.

    Complete 'Promise'.

    Around the World   
    Win a multiplayer match on every level.

    Diversity Rocks   
    Win a multiplayer match of all 4 types.

    Fort Monus   
    Complete 'Fort Monus'.

    Gritty Competitor   

    Play 10 multiplayer matches.

    Infinity Plus One   
    Clear the landing zone while firing from the gunship at Fort Monus.

    Looking Well   

    Find 15 hidden emblems.

    Complete 'Apollo's Chariot'.

    Petals of Edelweiss   
    Defeat a player who has the Petals of Edelweiss in multiplayer.

    The Canyon   
    Complete 'Call of the Chariots'.

    The Show   
    Complete 'Long Island Research Facility'.

    Wicked Shot  
    Break all body parts on a single opponent in the single player campaign.

    Silver Trophies:

    Complete 'Tower of Babel'.

    Complete 'Defense of Constantine'.

    Complete 'Chorus of Destruction'.

    E.D.G.E. Master   
    Kill 50 enemies while in E.D.G.E. mode.

    Lead by Example   
    Get the top score in Team Deathmatch.

    No Borders   
    Complete 'No Borders'.

    Team Player   
    Accumulate a total score of 10,000 while playing Domination and Supremacy.

    Ultimate Zephyr   
    Purchase all 4 of the Zephyr EX parts in the single player campaign.

    Gold Trophies:

    Easy Logistics   
    Earn $75,000 total cash in the single player campaign.

    Great Shot   
    Destroy all Sensors in the game.

    Looking Great   

    Find all 42 hidden emblems.

    My Hero Zero   
    Reach Rank 70 in multiplayer.

    Power of Device   
    Complete the game.

    Power of Human Ingenuity   
    Complete the game on hard difficulty.

    Platinum Trophy:

    Wanzer Commander   
    Collect all other Front Mission Evolved trophies.