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  • PokePark Wii: Pikachu's adventure coming on 9th July

    Get ready to run, jump, and smash your way through Pikachu’s latest action-packed adventure for all ages when PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure launches on Wii on 9th July.

    Playing as Pikachu, you must solve the crisis that has befallen a strange new place, the PokéPark. Along the way, you’ll befriend key Pokémon as you take part in Skill Games and the many challenging Attractions to be found in the PokéPark.

    Up until recently, the PokéPark was protected by an item called the Sky Prism. But the Sky Prism shattered, and its pieces were spread all across the PokéPark. In order to save this magical place, you, as Pikachu, will need to explore the PokéPark and collect all of the Sky Prism Pieces.

    PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure is the first Pokémon adventure title for Wii. As well as pulling you into a deep and engaging action adventure story, you will meet and talk to a wide variety of Pokémon.

    As you work your way through the story, you’ll explore various zones within the PokéPark, each very different to the last. Whether in Beach Zone, Iceberg Zone, Lava Zone or Haunted Zone, you’ll find various Attractions, which comprise the main challenges in the game.

    Each Attraction is a mini-game, such as a footrace, a test of strength or an obstacle course, designed to test your skills to the max. Beating the high score in an Attraction is often a way of receiving a Sky Prism Piece. Shake and tilt the Wii Remote to fly, swim and skate your way through a whole host of fun Attractions, such as:

    • Rhyperior’s Bumper Burn - Pokémon fight on a stage. You have to try to push opponent Pokémon off the stage!
    • Bulbasaur’s Daring Dash– What could be better than a Pokémon footrace! Shake the Wii Remote to accelerate.
    • Salamence’s Air Ace - Shoot airborne targets while flying high in the sky during this intense shooting game! Hitting targets while controlling the Pokémon is a serious test of your skills.
    • Venusaur’s Vine Swing– Timing is everything in this test of your vine-swinging skills. Get the momentum right if you want to achieve a long jump.
    • Gyarados’ Aqua Dash - Race against the clock, avoiding obstacles and using boosts to set the fastest time you can on this aquatic course!

    But Pikachu isn’t the only one who can challenge the Attractions! As Pikachu befriends other Pokémon, some will become playable in different Attractions, opening up a wealth of possibilities to make strategic use of different Pokémon’s specific strengths.

    Many of these Pokémon will also challenge Pikachu to a Skill Game, such as a simple Battle, a game of Hide-and-Seek, or a Chase– all games that will allow you to build friendships with the challenger by defeating them!

    Zip across land, sea, and sky to show off your speed and skill in the first ever Pokémon action adventure title for all ages on Wii when PokéPark™ Wii: Pikachu‘s Adventure launches on 9th July 2010.

  • Little League World Series Baseball 2010 Announced

    Activision Publishing announced today that Little League World Series Baseball 2010, this year’s entry in the acclaimed hit baseball series, will be released this July for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. This is the first time the perennially popular Little League franchise has“hit” these systems.

    “We felt it was time to finally bring the popular Little League series to gamers playing Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing.“Little League World Series Baseball 2010 is visually stunning and packed with tons of new content, while remaining an accessible pick-up-and-play game for the whole family.”

    Little League World Series Baseball 2010 is Activision’s third officially licensed Little League video game, and once again it is being developed by world renowned Japanese studio NOW Production. Players will have the chance to become a Little League World Series Baseball Champion, while online functionality offers the ability to upload records and leader boards. New features include an all-new Season and Career mode that leads players from chumps to champs on the way to the World Series.

    “Activision has been an outstanding partner because they listen closely to what real Little League players have to say about our videogames,” Jud Rogers, Sr. Marketing Executive, Little League International.“This commitment to evolution is what makes Little League® World Series Baseball 2010 an outstanding title of which our organization is intensely proud.”

    Little League World Series Baseball 2010 will be available this July for $39.99.

  • World of Battles Launch Trailer

    World of Battles, the free, massively multiplayer, real time strategy game, opens its doors today and shows its intense confrontations through its official trailer! World of Battles is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online real-time wargame in a fantasy setting, where up to eight armies, each one made up of as many as 16 units, clash in exciting player-versus-player battles.

  • All Star Karate - Available Now!

    All Star Karate available now. All Star Karate is the first game on Wii to integrate karate-based play and feature real karate moves.

    Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and with the option to utilize the Wii Motion Plus for enhanced gameplay, you can perform punches, kicks and blocks to progress in Career mode, spar with friends in Challenge mode or take part in mini-games.

  • Runes of Magic New Set Skill System

    Since the main release of the third chapter of Runes of Magic -The Elder Kingdoms last week, a range of new features have been available to players, including the new 'Set-Skill System'. This system allows players on level 50 and above to add new and diverse skills to their characters by collecting armor sets.

    The coveted pieces of armor can either be won in Taborea's dungeons, or purchased from a special trader in the city of Dalanis. The single pieces do still offer classic attributes and automatically add to characters' stats. But once a player has collected all of the pieces of an armor set, special set-skills can now be activated through the new set-skills section on the function menu and then moved to the action bar. Currently players can simultaneously activate a maximum of two set-skills, but three additional slots will be added in the near future.

    The main expansion of Runes of Magi c , 'The Elder Kingdoms' , went online on May 18th and expanded the virtual world with a new continent, additional regions and dungeons amongst other features. The updated game client can be downloaded through the official website.

    Chapter III - What's New?

    • Level cap raised to 58
    • Two new zones with new dungeons and world bosses
    • Siege wars enabling battles between entire guilds
    • Expanded monster compendium
    • New party search tool
    • New crafting system to create fusion stones with individual stats
    • Newly-expanded skill system linked to armor sets
    • Dual difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons
    • New token system allowing the trading of exclusive armor sets
    • Guild buffs now available in guild castles
    • New guild mini-games

    Still to come in Chapter III

    • Additional level cap raise to level 60
    • Two-player mounts
    • Role-play elements including a marriage system
    • New dungeons
    • New regions
  • Disciples III - Empire Faction Unveiled

    Kalypso Media today unveiled the first in a series of three updates focusing on the unique factions that inhabit the world of Nevendaar in Disciples III: Renaissance. The first update, available today, examines The Empire, a powerful and devout race of warriors led by the heroic Lambert. Read more about The Empire and prepare yourself to do battle in Disciples III: Renaissance, the upcoming tactical-RPG for Windows PC from Kalypso Media, which is set for a release this summer.

    - Download the Empire update and accompanying art and screens.

    Disciples III: Renaissance is the next title in the award-winning Disciples series and represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of the turn-based RPG/strategy genre. Building on the successes of the first two games, Disciples III: Renaissance introduces a host of new features as well as the compelling gameplay that made the previous titles so popular.

  • Autosave Glitch Bug Fix for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

    Many gamers has been reporting a bug in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands at the end of their gameplay, this the detail about the bug is that gamers are getting stuck in a room with axes in the hallway that too in the middle this mostly happens when gamers missed out a jump with a vultures when the game nears its end and suddenly gamers find that autosave is restarting the game in the same room.

    A temporary solution for this is given out by Ubisoft for both Xbox 360 version and PlayStation 3 version of the game:

    Fix for Xbox 360 version of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands:

    • Select My Xbox option from the dash board
    • Navigate to System Setting by scrolling it will be on the right side a bit far away
    • Select Memory option
    • Open your storage device
    • Select Game
    • Select this "Prince of Persia:TFS"

    Fix for Playstation 3 version of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands:

    • From XMB navigate to games menu
    • Go to save data utility folder
    • Select Prince of Persia: TFS

    Best possible solution for this we can give from ourside is to run the game from Backup Autosave file which you will be mostly like having. You will be having two file one Auto Save file and other Backup save file try running the game from Backup Autosave file.

  • New Free PSPgo Games Offer

    If you were thinking of buying a new PSPgo from Sony than this one is for you, as Sony will soon be announcing a new incentive scheme to boost the sale of PSPgo. This offer will be available for all of those who register their PSPgo after 1st April 2010.

    The actual offer of is that those will register PSPgo after April 1st 2010 will get 10 full game download, the game which will be there involves Grand Theft Auto, 2010 FIFA World Cup, LittleBigPlanet.

    SCEA Sales Director (UK) said that, “On PSPgo we’ve decided to innovate with that particular business model, Next month we’re launching a free ten game offer. And this isn’t just older titles – we’ve worked with third parties and there’s some really  good core products. We’re using it as a method to drive the hardware as well by making the whole proposition much more appealing".