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  • Two Worlds II Release Date Announced

    Zuxxez has finally given out the release details of Two Worlds II, they also unveil complete content details of Royal, Premium and Standard edition of the game. The game will be coming out in Europe on 21st October.

    Giving out the detail here is what Aleksandra Constandache said:

        "We have decided on the new release date, because we want to make sure that Two Worlds II enters the market the way we imagine it. Fortunately, we do not depend on any financial investors' backing, and are in such a position that we are able to put creativity before commerce."
    Two Worlds II Royal Edition Details:

    Two Worlds II, Two Worlds II Royal Edition, Two World II Royal Edition Detail

    • The game itself (jewel case)
    • Box with a tray
    • Hardcover artbook (72 pages)
    • Cassara (the Dragon Queen) hand-painted figurine with a socket, ca.27 cm high
    • Bonus disk
    • Playing cards (55 cards/deck)
    • Textile mousepad
    • Map of Antaloor
    • In-game bonus items: Dragon Scale Armor, Elexorien the Sword, Labyrhinth map (location in-game), unnamed exclusive in-game quest.

        Two Worlds II Premium Edition Detail:

    • Box
    • Game (jewel case)
    • Playing cards (55 in a deck)
    • Map of Antaloor
    • Swarovski(tm) Crystal dragon-pin (4cm)
    • Bonus disk
    • In-game item: Black Legion Battle Axe.
  • Privates for Xbox 360 Cancelled: Zombie Cow

    Zombie Cow has announced that their shooting game title Private which was slated to release on Xbox 360 and PC, will now be coming out on PC only.

    Privates, Zombie Cow's Privates, Privates for PC

    The developer has cancelled the release of the game on the console, giving out the reason that the game wouldn't have passed for its sexual nature. The news was confirmed on the offical website of the developer which reads as:

    “The guys at Xbox have been amazing,” said Zombie Cow’s Dan Marshall. “They’ve been really supportive and helpful throughout, but ultimately have advised that the game wouldn’t pass the Indie Games Peer Review process, purely due to its inherently sexual nature.”

    Microsoft has already hinted in the past that they would refuse the certification to game for its release on XBLA Indie Games.

    About Private:

    Its a shooting game title where a group of little marines (Wearing Condom) goes inside humnan beings private areas.

  • PS3 Firmware 3.50 update additional features announced

    The new PS3 firmware update to release next week on September 21st, will bring many new features. First interesting and primary feature included in this update (3.50) is 3D feature for Blu-ray movies.

    Thus, the Facebook expanded support and allows the player now tell others what game to play on the social network site. [PlayStation Network]-> [Account Management]-> [Facebook], and select Permissions from the added game.

    Moreover, from now private messages can be reported in order to prevent spam. Means If you receive a spam message, you can now report.

    PlayStation 3, firmware update, Ps3

  • Ridge Racer 7 gets 3D support update

    During the Tokyo Game Show, Namco Bandai has announced a 3D update for Ridge Racer 7th. However, the update will not be free.

    For the price of ¥500 (about 6 USD) the update will be available at PlayStation Network on October 1st in Japan. This 3D update is named as "3D License Ver.".

    Ridge Racer 7 screenshot

    When the update be available to US and UK gamers is yet not known. We will update you as more info comes on it.

  • Vanquish to get Second Demo on September 22

    SEGA has announced that it will release a second demo to Vanquish. The second demo is designed specifically for hardcore gamers and is called "Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo".

    Vanquish screenshot

    A release is planned for 22 September in Japan.When will the second demo will appear in US and UK is yet unclear.

    As the full game will be release on October 19 in US and on October 22 im UK for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Sony confirms 30.5 million PSN Accounts

    Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai has now published the latest figures of PlayStation Network users. And accordingly its now 30.5 million registered PSN users.

    At the same time he said that the goal of selling 15 million PS3 units in this fiscal year is quite realistic. Currently there 38.1 million consoles are worldwide, of which 80% are connected to the PlayStation Network.

    PlayStation Network

    The Hirai said PSP won't get 3D technology. He believes that this technology has not progressed far enough and you can only have the best 3D experience with an eye on the big screen.

    Hirai said, "We want consumers to enjoy 3D in the best possible environment, At this stage, this is only possible on the big screen, with glasses."

  • Microsoft Reveal Seven New Games at Tokyo Game Show

    It was all Microsoft at Tokyo Game Show last night when at their keynote, they announced a total of seven game titles to be release over next year.

    Going by the list of the game it is very clear that Microsoft is focusing more on Kinect as four of the seven games are exclusive for it.

    Here is game titles announced by Microsoft, all the below game title is slated to release sometime in 2011.

    • Fire-Pro Wrestling
    • Radiant Silvergun
    • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (Kinect)
    • Haunt (Kinect)
    • Codename D
    • Rise of Nightmares - (Kinect)
    • Project Draco (Kinect)
  • Homefront Release Delayed

    Homefront release date has been pushed forward. The first person shooting game title which was slated release in February 2011 will now making its way only in March 2011.

    THQ just a while ago confirmed this development.

    Homefront, THQ Homefront

    Although the delay period is not too long but this is not the first occasion from the publisher that a release date of the game has been pushed forward, Red Faction: Armageddon release pushed ahead to May 2011.

  • Runes of Magic gets new update - The Mystery of the Temple

    Runes of Magic one of the most popular online role-playing game title updated has gone line. Developer has release the update for the game 3.0.4 "The Mystery of the Temple".

    The new update to the game will give gamers access to all new content as it will open the doors of Raksha Temple which will be full of challenges and new features like Juice festival.

    Runes of Magic Update, Runes of Magic Patch, The Mystery of the Temple

    The main objective of the gamers is to explore the sanctuary so that anger of the god calm down which is threating to Northern Janost Forest. For first time a total of six player group can select from 3 difficulty level easy, normal and hard with the most difficulty level of gameplay to be implemented for the next update, and no price for guessing the harder the level of gameplay, the better the reward receive by gamers.

    Many other interesting features and mini games has also been added with this update to the game.