Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Nintendo: Wii U controller to have built in Web Browser

    Nintendo’s Miyamoto has confirmed that Wii U touchscreen controller will have a built in browser. Miyamoto confirmed the news in an interview to Brian Crecente from Kotaku.

    Wii U controller

    Miyamoto said, "You have a screen available at any time that you can check. This dedicated second screen, and the ways people may use it not just for gaming, but to do things like browse the Internet is the Wii U’s single biggest design accomplishment."

    "When you look at most TVs in home nowadays it takes awhile for them to turn on," he said. "That becomes a barrier for people."

  • Sonic Generation 3D demo will launch tomorrow on PSN and Xbox Live

    Suprise to all Sonic fans, SEGA will release Sonic Generations 3D demo on Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow. The taster will allow gamers to their get hands on game's first act called "Green Hill Zone" making use of "Classic Style". The demo will also have support for 3D televisions.

    Sonic Generations logo

    According to the details revealed, the demo will be available only for 20 days, this implies that demo will disappear from PSN and Xbox Live on July 12.

  • Madden NFL 12: Ultimate Team video released

    EA has released a new video footage of Madden NFL 12 in which they explain game's "Ultimate Team Feature". The next game in the Madden NFL series will feature a very important improvement in the Ultimate Team feature i.e trading. Gamers will have a set of cards which will allow them to swap players among their opponents.

    Madden NFL 12 screenshot

    According to the Madden NFL 12 development team, this feature was requested by fans of the franchise for quite sometime now. You can check out the video below:

  • Activision announce new Kinect Hunting game

    Activision has just announced a new Kinect Hunting game title for Xbox 360. The announcement was made by the publisher on its official Twitter account.

    Check out below what Activision said, just a while ago on Twitter:

    Activision Tweet

  • Fallout: New Vegas "Old World Blues" DLC launch date revealed (Updated: Screenshots)

    Bethesda has just announced the release date of Fallout: New Vegas's third DLC titled "Old World Blues". The developer also announced that prior to the DLC launch, a title update will for the game will be released which will bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas.

    Fallout: New Vegas cover

    Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues DLC will launch on July 19 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Check out below what Bethesada said:

    We've received plenty of inquiries asking when we'll be releasing Fallout: New Vegas's third DLC, Old World Blues. Today I can confirm the content will release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, July 19th.

    Prior to release, we will release a new title update for New Vegas. Along with adding support for Old World Blues, the update will bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas. We'll also be releasing a new trailer for Old World Blues in the coming weeks.

    UPDATE: Screenshots

    Old World Blues screenshot Old World Blues screen Old World Blues pic

  • FIFA 12 launch date announced

    EA has announced that launch date of next game in the FIFA franchise, FIFA 12, it will arrive in US and Europe by the end of September 2011.

    FIFA 12 will launch in US on September 27, and in Europe of September 30 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The publisher also confirmed that the new Impact Engine which was previously introduced only for console, will be implemented for PC versionb as well.

    FIFA 12

    This new engine will allow gamers, "experience the way real-world players challenge each other for the ball, win possession and test each other physically"

    FIFA 12 executive producer, Kaz Makita said, "This is the moment all PC gamers have been waiting for, as they are finally going to fully experience the award-winning FIFA gameplay on their preferred platform,"

    "PC fans are going to enjoy the highest quality gameplay, deepest game modes and truest graphics ever developed for the platform, including our new live service EA SPORTS Football Club."

  • Crysis 2 DX11 patch coming out next week, patch v1.9 detailed

    Crytek has just released the complete details of Crysis 2 patch v1.9. The developer also announced that the much awaited DX11 patch for PC version of Crysis 2 will launch at somepoint next week.

    Crysis 2 screenshot

    Crysis 2 patch v1.9 details are below. Check them out:

    • Added DX11 benchmark level
    • Added DX11 support for Crysis 2 (the following features only work when downloading the optional DX11 package here):
    • Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
    • High Quality HDR Motion Blur
    • Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra
    • Sprite Based Bokeh Depth of Field
    • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
    • Particles Motion Blur, Shadows and Art Updates
    • Water Rendering improvements and using Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
    • Added Realtime Local Reflections
    • Added support for Higher Res Textures Package
    • Added various new console variables to whitelist
    • Fixed bullet penetration, which had been broken by a bug introduced with the DLC 2 patch
    • Fixed issue in MP where player stats weren’t always saved at the end of a game
    • Fixed issue in MP where player stats would sometimes randomly reset
    • Fixed issue with MP time played statistic, which would sometimes be too low on leaderboards and in stats
    • Fixed issue with JAW rocket not firing through window’s containing broken glass
    • Fixed rare issue where a user could not access MP with a valid CD key if they had previously used an invalid CD key
    • Improved advanced graphics options menu
    • Improved anti-cheat measurements: fixed exploit which could prevent vote kicking working against a user
    • Improved multi-GPU support
    • Improved Tone Mapping
    • Re-added possibility to enable r_StereoSupportAMD via config file (unsupported)

    Earlier today Crytek released the First Crysis 2 DirectX 11 screenshots, you can check it out HERE.

  • Activision reveals Call of Duty: Elite free features

    Activision just a while ago released the list of Call of Duty: Elite free features that will be available when Modern Warfare 3 launches in November.

    COD: Elite

    The list revealed includes several features with many more to be announced at a later date. We have listed below some of the important free features:

    1. Theater function (uploading 30 second videos to YouTube)
    2. Heat maps
    3. Facebook friend importer
    4. Career stats
    5. Clan support
    6. Groups
    7. Cross device messaging
    8. Personal leaderboards
    9. Loadouts

    You can download complete list HERE.

  • PS3 hacker "Graf Chokolo" thank donators for support

    Earlier tody infamous PS3 hacker "graf_chokolo" wrote on his official website that he might have to go to jail soon probably since he cannot pay court costs. He also asked for donation to foot the bill of his legal expenses.

    PS3 Jailbreaker Graf Chokolo

    graf_chokolo just a while ago worte on his website, "Wow, guys, just took a look at paypal, got money again. Wanted to thank you all very much, will continue my work as i promised"

    He further claimed, " And to answer some of your questions and attacks, i do not do GameOS development nor PSN hacks, my goal is OtherOS and nothing else."

  • WWE All Stars second DLC coming soon

    WWE Games Community Manager has confirmed his personal Twitter account that the second DLC pack for WWE All Stars will launch soon. The first DLC for the game was launched several weeks ago, and included Dusty Rhodes, Honky Tonk Man, The Million Dollar Man, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.

    WWE All Star

    Marcus Stephenson said, "WWE All Stars DLC is coming sooner rather than later. Won’t have an exact date, because some things are out of our control."

    It has been reported that WWE All Stars DLC Pack 2 will include extra superstars such as R-Truth, Mark Henry and Chris Jericho.