Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Get early access to UFC Undisputed 2010 demo

    Now you don't have to wait for the Demo of UFC Undisputed 2010 as THQ is giving gamers and early access to the Playable demo but for getting this gamers has to sign up to the Community site of UFC Unidisputed. Interested gamers just need to go to the community page and get themself register for which they will be receiving a code and using which they will be able to download the UFC Undisputed 2010 demo over a Playstation Network or over Xbox 360 on 29th April 2010.

    What this demo will have for you, it will enable players to get directly into Exhibition Mode or Tournament Mode (Battle With Friend offline), This demo will also feature a total of 4 Heavyfighter:

    • Mauricio Rua (Shogun)
    • Lyoto Machida (The Dragon)
    • Rashad Evans (Sugar)
    • Quinton Jackson (Rampage)

    So don't wait for the release for the demo get your hand on it before its release and get expert in it to have a edge with your friend for the battle.

  • Mega Man 10 DLC available for download at Xbox Live

    Capcom has released Mega Man 10 add-ons Endless Attack, Special Stage 2 and Stage 3 special available for download.

    Xbox Live Marketplace endless attack rates of 240 Microsoft Points ($ 3), while the two special stages of implementation only $ 1. From the endless description of attack:

    Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest.Results will be displayed in the Leaderboards.Not compatible with Achievements or Challenges. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

    For more details about released Addons check out our previous reported article : Mega Man 10 DLC this week - Pricing and Details

  • Google acquires casual games developer LabPixies

    Seems like acquring week is going on in the gaming world past two to three day we mention about Warner Bros. acquring a gaming studio,Google just now confirm and made an announcement they has acquired a causal game development company Labpixies form Israeli, it has been rumored that this acquistion has taken palce for a $25 million. LabPixies has been know for Flood-It! and Line Up title and also for providing various application to a wide range of different platform which include the likes of Facebook, Myspace, iGoogle and iPhone and many more.

    LabPixies has been among one of the developer who had work with incorporation with goole for providing and creating various gadgets for iGoogle, Orkut and Android. But what effect this acquisition will have on the activities of LabPixies for the platform like Facebook and iPhone which hold to give tough competition to Google is yet to be seen and confirm.

  • Street Fighter IV for iPhone at only $6.99

    Well a good and not to miss offer for the iPhone gamers as Capcom is giving away Street Fighter 4 to all the iPhone gamers  and user for only $6.99 that is a whoopnig 30% off on the actual price, but this offer is only available for only three days  and it is a offer to celebrate the launch of the title.

    So what are you waiting for leave all what you are doing and grab this offer of Street Fighter IV before time get over for  you.

  • Dead To Rights: Retribution released and GAC Pack DLC coming soon

    Dead To Right: Retribution is release today for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers and if you are a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 gamer than you can grab a copy of it for yourself as it is availabe now nationwide and that too only for a price tag of $59.99 only. Dead To Rights: Retribution a has been rated "M" mature.

    Apart form this we have one more good news from you as a GAC Pack DLC for this will be coming soon to be most precious with you on 1st of June that too only for 400 Microsoft Points or near about $5.

    This GAC Pack DLC will add new and an altogether different gameplay mode named as "Assault on the 87th Precinct" and "Riot Control Mode" anlong with an bonus option with core retail game for making the gamers gameplay experience more exciting.

  • No Splinter Cell: Conviction for PS3

    Splinter Cell Conviction has again got surrounding in rumors and speculation all around the world that the Xbox 360 and PC exclusive will be arriving on Playstation 3 also. This rumors and speculation has made Ubisoft to give a comment in his regard and they comment that Splinter Cell Conviction is exclusive for Xbox 360 and PC which will come out next week.

    For sometime now there has been report that Splinter Cell Conviction will be soon on Playstation 3 now Ubisoft has put all these to rest.

  • Undead: The Last Refuge coming to iPhone

    The much awaited Undead: The Last Refuge will be soon coming to iPhone user, We have got you some of indept detail about the game what it is all about along with a actual gameplay Video of it.

    What Undead: The Last Refuge is all about:

    Announcement of coming of Apocalypse has been made very long ago, but you were not have any knowledge that it is coming so soon. The dead has woken up from the very ground and has made their target to whatever thing that came in their way but except you and now you are left for the battle of your survival how long and far you can survive ?


    • 3D modelled environment with awesome graphics for gamer
    • Battle with dozens of zombies who are on their way to drink your blood, well a new thing for iPhone/iPad gamers
    • Provision for posting your score on Facebook and Twitter and many more..

  • Guinness World Records Reveals Football Video Game Records

    Did you ever imagine how popular these football games are, if you don't than read this figure given out by Guinness World Record which wil give you a very clear idea of how pouplar these football games ar among the gamers all round the world. The 2010 gamer Edition version of Guiness World Record hails FIFA as the Best Selling Soocer Franchise as a total of more than 65 million copies has been ship since its launch way back in 1993. Now take a look at individual sales detail of FIFA game, FIFA 2009: FIFA 2009 acclaim two title for itself the Largest Ever Multiplayer Sports game and Fastest Selling Title in all the FIFA series as it cross the sale of 1.2 million copies just within a week of its release in October 2008. 

    Football Manager 2009: Football Manager 2009 also bags two title for itself, a very first Video gametitle which was licensed by a Everton FC itself that too for a purpose of Recruitiment and the second title was for the Most Real Life Player to Appear in any of the Sports Game. Championship Manager Series: Guiness World Records 2010 Game Edition refers it as a Longest-Running Soccer Series as it is still around since way back in 1992. The first Soocer Game that use a stadium viewpoit was NASL.

  • X2 Football 2010 Gets Licensed Soundtrack

    X2 Games has today finalised an exclusive licensing deal with Trouble Over Tokyo to supply the soundtrack for X2 Football 2010. The deal will see music from the enigmatic one-man outfit’s forthcoming album "The Hurricane" featuring throughout the football simulation title; a first for Trouble Over Tokyo. Four instrumentals have been selected, each of which comprise a unique blend of Indie guitar-pop sensibilities, electronic synths and classic video game soundtrack pacing, which together form a unique, yet perfect, sonic canvas for X2 Football’s 2010’s definitive implementation of handheld football on the iPhone and iPod touch.

    The deal falls in line with X2 Games’ previous soundtrack licensing initiative, which saw Brighton’s Tru Thoughts Recordings provide music for X2 Snowboarding. This further underlines X2 Games’ commitment to marry industry-leading video game production and design with real-world licensed properties to produce unique meshes of lifestyle and technology for modern handheld gaming consumers.

    Toph Taylor, singer and producer for Trouble Over Tokyo, comments: "I'm delighted about the collaboration for X2 Football 2010, in particular I think it's a great opportunity to introduce gamers to independent music that they may not have heard before. As a result, the game has real indie-appeal that other, larger developer's games do not. Also, for Trouble Over Tokyo fans, it's a great chance to hear previews of an album which won't be released until Summer 2010, which I believe is a first for a video game; so I really think we're doing something very new and exciting."

    Des Gayle, producer, X2 Games adds:“Trouble Over Tokyo’s exclusive soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment for X2 Football 2010. It’s a step beyond traditional gaming soundtracks and, in particular, the kind of tunes you’d normally associate with a football game. As such, we’re very proud that Trouble Over Tokyo is part of the extensive line of real-world brands and properties we’re seamlessly integrating into the X2 Football franchise.”

    Trouble Over Tokyo's third album "The Hurricane" will be released in August/September 2010, on Vienna indie-label Schoenwetter Records, and features musicians from the bands Velojet, Garish, Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost, No Head on my Shoulders and acclaimed American drummer, Darren King.

    X2 Football 2010 will be available from the App Store in May.