Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Skate 3: After Dark DLC Trailer

    For the very first time in the Skate franchise you are now able to skate during the night with the upcoming  After Dark DLC.

  • Mythos: Introduction Trailer

    Frogster has just released a brand new trailer for the Hack-and-Slay Action-MMORPG, Mythos, which is due to be launched in 2011.
  • CarneyVale: Showtime Xbox 360 Achievements

    CarneyVale Showtime game that stars the circus acrobat Slinky. There are 12 achievements and will reward you with the usual 200 points. Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the number of points.

    Ace Performer    20
    Complete 5 objectives at one go in Levels 16, 17 & 18.

    Superstar    20
    Collect the Secret Star with special conditions in Levels 7, 8 & 9.

    Elite Mission    20
    Collect all specified collectables without losing a life in Levels 10, 11, 12.

    Monkey Business    20
    Complete Levels 13, 14 & 15 with minimal Monkeycopter use.

    Flawless Run    20
    Collect all Life-Ups without losing a life in Levels 4, 5 & 6.

    Stage Hand    5
    Design and save 1 level in the Map Editor.

    Star Dreamer    10
    Collect the Secret Star in 10 different levels.

    Perfect Runner    20
    Earn Perfect Run from 10 different levels.

    Over The Top    5
    Enter the Ring of Fire from the top.

    Time Saver    20
    Save 300 seconds worth of time.

    Life Saver    20
    Collect all Life-Ups in Adventure Mode.

    Up The Tempo    20
    Complete 5 objectives within 1 minute each in Levels 1, 2 & 3.

  • SOCOM 4 delayed into 2011

    If you are a die hard fan of SOCOM and were eargly waiting for the release of SOCOM 4 than bad news for you as the release of SOCOM has been pushed forward to 2011. No further details about when in 2011 early or late, Q1 or Q2.

    Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager said, “While we’re certainly aware that you’ve been looking forward to playing SOCOM 4 this year, we don’t want to take any shortcuts. Instead, we want to deliver the best and most immersive SOCOM game we possibly can and we’re going to use our extra time to do just that,”

    SOCOM 4 for PS3

  • Activision announces iCarly 2: All in a Click! for Nintendo DS and Wii

    It seems that Activision and Nickelodeon have been pleased with the success of first game of iCarly which was  released late last May,  as both companies have announced today the development of iCarly 2: All in a Click!, a sequel to it predecessor based on the famous TV series.

    iCarly 2: All in a Click will be coming out on DS and Nintendo Wii next fall.

    iCarly, iCarly 2, iCarly 2: All in a Click

    A Bit Detail About iCarly 2: All in a Click:

    In iCarly 2: iJoin The Click!, the adventure starts with the player as a newbie student at Ridgeway who begins to hang out with Carly, Sam and Freddie at locations from the show, such as Groovie Smoothie, the Pacific Place Mall, and even Carly's apartment. While exploring the locations and interacting with the cast, players get to compete in a series of fun challenges and mini-games to help out the gang.

  • Super Street Fighter IV on Nintendo 3DS won't feature 3D gameplay

    SSFIV coming out on 3DS will not have a 3D gameplay. Yoshinori Ono said that there won't be much difference between the console and 3DS version of the game and just because there are 3D visual in the 3DS doesn't means that there will be 3D gameplay.

    Yoshinori Ono said, "Gameplay will be the same as Super Street Fighter IV,". He also reveal that their 3DS wireless connectivity is in consideration for gameplay as well as for communication but what exactly will it be yet not sure.

    SSFIV for nintendo 3ds

  • Thor : The Video Game SDCC 10: Debut Teaser

    Feast your eyes on the debut trailer to the "Thor: The Video Game" trailer, set to hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS summer 2011.