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  • Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Gameplay

    A trailer of much awaited Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer is out now which will showcase all new gameplay mode in  the game, each and every mode is just only the Western version of already available multiplayer game including Gang Shoot  Out, Gold Rush to name a few among many.

  • Xbox 360 Console 40 Million Sales Tops Worldwide

    Remember when Microsof xbox 360 was launch and release, in November 2005, now since its launch Microsoft has sold over whooping 40 million unit of it till date all around the world. In the early hour of today Microsoft release it third quater Sales result which show a increase of 2% in the sale of Xbox section generating a total revenue of $1.67 billion. A total of 1.5 million unit of Xbox 360 was sold in the third quater period Starting from January till March.

    It is been predicted that the sales of this unit will see a radip growth as Microsoft will be shipping Project Natal soon. There are heavy rumor donig the round also that the Microsoft will soon be revealing Slim  Model of Xbox 360 might possible at the E3 event this year.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing - Official Promo Video

    After a couple of hour Left 4 Dead 2 - the passing will be release for the PC and Xbox 360 gamers, before that we already had a new official promotional trailer for it.

  • Star Hammer Tactics on PSP soon

    To the excitement and anticipation of fans across the universe, Black Lab Games has announced the development of Star Hammer Tactics for the PlayStation platform, and the game will be available soon as a download through the PlayStation PSP (mini-games) store.

    Star Hammer Tactics is a futuristic, fast-paced tactical battle game that anyone can learn to play in minutes. In the single-player campaign mode, players will assume the role of a naval strike group commander as they defend the planet Novus from the marauding alien menace known as the Nautilids. Alternately, challenge a friend to a duel to the death in the local multiplayer mode - customize your fleet, then compete for glory and bragging rights! Featuring a rule set that is deliberately simple whilst still allowing for maximum strategic depth, Star Hammer Tactics is sure to engage and entertain gamers of all persuasions. Achieve victory by outwitting your opponents, and then blasting them to little pieces!

    • Engaging tactical battles : individually control each ship in your fleet
    • Easy-to-learn rules; learn to play in minutes!
    • Single-player campaign mode
    • Skirmish modes : create your own custom fleet, then duel against a friend in local multiplayer, or take on the challenging AI
    • Use missiles to devastate your enemy from afar, or engage in close quarters ship-to-ship combat!
    • Crisp graphics and sound!
  • MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack Pack on April 29!

    April 29 will see a release of free MAG DLC: Fast Attack, so keep your eyes wide open on 29th April for this free MAG DLC: Fast Attack. Apart from this news we have some more detail about this DLC, it will offer gamers three new sniper rifles, these three sniper rifles are Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M, and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR havng a capability of making adjustment in the performance and visual according to requirement of the gamer.

    This does not end here you might get your hand on the large collection of different armor type, improved light armor can be added to the loadouts of all three faction that too only for a in-game credit of 400. So wait patiently for 29th April and as it come get your hand on this MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack.

    Read out previous released details:  First MAG DLC pack will be free

  • Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo at PSN

    PlayStation Store Updated Today that the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo will be available on PSN. Meet up to 16 players, take some weapons, jump in a vital game and compete in Elimination, Team Elimination, or post Grab data modes. This is just a sample of the various modes and maps Ten may play when the full game ships on May 11.

    From PlayStation Blog:

    But wait, there is more! Downloading the demo does more than just let you get a first taste at Lost Planet 2. Capcom has started an exciting charity campaign called, “Kill Big for Charity”. We are partnering with Music for Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster relief and disaster risk mitigation, to contribute $20,000 to charity if one million demos are downloaded across both PSN and XBL before May 5, 2010. An additional $5,000 will be added to the pot if an extra 500,000 demo downloads can be achieved.

    To celebrate the launch of Lost Planet 2, we will be throwing a tournament on May 6 in Los Angeles. Select members of our community, Capcom Unity, will compete in the tournament with celebrities and press members. For information and how to enter, visit the details page on Capcom Unity.

    The winning team in the tournament will choose which Music for Relief program will receive the donation. Help us achieve our goal by downloading the demo and spreading the word to your friends today!

  • Xbox LIVE to have a TV Channel?

    Rumors like this are good to listen, now there is a rumor in the gaming world that Microsoft will soon bring a TV channel to Xbox live. A source close to BLoomberg reveal that the company Microsoft is in talk with Peter Chernin a former employee of Fox for bringing a TV channel to Xbox Live where all new shows will be telecast.

    Well for getting this Micrsoft will be panig have hefty sum so they will be increasing the price of the Gold Membership by a few dollar per month, So get ready to bare this hole in your pocket for viewing a TV over a Xbox Live.

    We are yet to have a confirmation whether this service will be particular to US or not, we will get you soon on this as we get inform in this regard. We want to know whether you like this rumor or not so for this do leave your opinion as a comment to this article.

  • Nintendo 3DS coming in October?

    A much awaited Nintendo 3DS will be launching soon but i has been said that it will be launch in month of October 2010 for UK gamers. Nintendo 3DS a gaming console is been under development for sometime now which will give gamer a chance of playing their favourite game in a n 3D environment that without use of any kind of the special sunglasses. However it is yet to be confirm official that it is releasing in October so wait till it get confirmed form Nintendo.

    CVG, citing industry sources, says 3DS will be released in October. The sources are from the United Kingdom as it is unclear whether that was when Americans can expect too.On the other hand, Nintendo has been very tight. Only have stated that the 3DS come before March 2011.

  • Dead Rising 2: Case Zero details revealed

    Now after we have waited so long, the official announcement comes from Capcom of regarding all the things about Dead Rising 2: Case Zero we heard these day. The game will be set after two year of time period of Willamette incident. Gamers will be having an altogether new gameplay experience where they will be able to make their own combo weapons, rescue survivor and a battle will take place betwwen them and dangerous Psychos before they can ake teir escape. Capcom main intention is to minimize and bridge the gap its previous two title.

    Well but what still remain to confirm by Capcom is the release date and price detail. But after this detail we have been more and more excited about Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

    Dead Rising 2 screenshot