Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Homefront leaked 10 days before its release

    Gamers out there, really BAD NEWS, Kaos upcoming shooting game title Homefront has been leaked to torrent sites, according to the reports both the console and PC version of the shooter is available for download.

    Homefront logo

    Many pirated sites are even carrying a screenshots for the PC installation wizard of the game. Neither THQ nor Kaos has commented on this.

    Homefront is officially slated to launch in United States on March 15, and in United Kingdom on March 18.

  • Shift 2: Unleashed new trailer shows revolutionary Autolog system

    EA has just released a new trailer for SHIFT 2: Unleashed in which they show all the customisation option availalble for the game's Autolog system. The Autolog in Shift 2: Unleashed brings players closer to their online gaming friends, giving them direct details and feedbacks regarding where they stand in battle against their friends.

    Shift 2 Unleashed

    Here is more details about this revolutionary Autolog system:

    Autolog system lets you keep the Driver’s Battle raging by dynamically tracking your career progress, personal best times, and how they stack up against your friends. Amp up and enhance the social competition and compare driver profiles and career stats both online and through the Autolog iPhone app. Then share and comment on pictures and videos of your biggest wins, hottest cars, and most twisted crashes

    You can watch the trailer below:

  • Nintendo 3DS to become UK Biggest Console launch

    Nintendo latest handheld console 3DS will have the most successful launch of any video game console in United kingom, and proof of this, its pre-order sales figure.

    According to the details Nintendo's machine has already cross the pre-order sales figure set by Wii, and is on the verge of crossing the 100,000 sales mark at launch.

    Nintendo 3DS

    "Our target was to get over 100,000 pre-orders - and we're in line with that," Andy Yates told in an interview to MCV. "So far, we've already beat our personal best for a console launch.

    "With three weeks to go we're in a great position, as pre-orders are still building. The message to retail right now is that availability is strong and stores can plan with confidence to keep the accelerator on."

    Nintendo 3DS will be coming out in UK on March 25 carrying a price tag of around £200. You can pre-order the 3DS directly from here(Nintendo 3DS).

  • Nintendo 3DS dominates Japanese hardware sales

    Nintendo's latest handheld console 3DS has dominated Japanese hardware as well as software sales during its week of release. According to the reports from Media Create 3DS ships a total of 374,764 units in first two days on sale. All thanks to its mega launch weekend, 3DS outsell all other gaming system combined.

    Nintendo 3DS

    The weekly software ranking too was dominated by 3DS titles, as it take five of top ten spot, however top two place went to PSP games. For more details check out the figure below:

    • 3DS: 374,764
    • PSP: 47,955
    • PS3: 23,654
    • Wii: 12,159
    • DSi LL: 9,093
    • DSI: 7,802
    • Xbox 360: 3,366
    • PS2: 1,773
    • PSP Go: 1,076
    • DS Lite: 663
  • Capcom: Next DMC game will be the greastest in the series

    Capcom on its official forum has assured Devil May Cry fans that the next game in the franchise titled DMC, will be the greatest in the series.

    The main cause of concern related to DMC was the redesign of Dante, now younger and a bit grungier. This decision of Ninja Theory caused some sort of blacklash, however one of the Capcom Staff know as "onlyonet" told fans not to worry at all.

    DMC screenshot

    Here is what he wrote on Capcom official forum:

    "Capcom are heavily involved in the development of all its IP being worked upon by outside parties."

    "The exact same concerns were raised over Dead Rising 2 being made by Blue Castle games, which were totally ill founded, on what was an excellent game that 'got' everything that made the first game so amazing."

    "[Ninja Theory] are renowned for the quality of their production everything from motion capture, scripting, design and performance, areas perhaps areas that Capcom have been criticised over the past few years?"

    "Capcom bring to the table years of experience with design of fighting systems, characters and the little things that make DMC, well DMC."

    "Combine all the best elements of Capcom and Ninja Theory you will have one of the greatest DMC titles ever created... and that people is what we're working towards."

    "But we haven't handed over the family silver to some strangers we are working with Ninja Theory on this together. We believe that by going down this route we can breathe new life into the franchise and make a game that sits above DMC3 for this generation."

  • Andrew House: SCEE looking to sell Playstation Network titles at retail

    Good news for gamers in Europe, soon they will be able to buy Playstation Network games at actual retail shops. Currently SCEA has a similar program in working with GameStop across United States, however SCEE not yet implemented this in European shops.

    Playstation Network

    In an interview to MCV SCEE president Andrew House said, "We actually already have the same programme in place with GameStop in the US,"

    "We would like to work with the right retail partners in Europe under the right model, to undertake the same sort of activity."

  • UK Charts: Pokemon Black and White on top, Bulletstorm beats Killzone 3

    This week UK charts data is out now, Chart-Track's just a while ago announced that Pokemon Black and White has taken top two position. Another new release, EA's Fight Night Champion comes in third.

    Pokemon Black & White

    Last week topper Killzone 3 slips to fifth spot, whereas Epic's Bulletstorm leapfrogs its Guerrilla counterpart and is currently placed fourth.

    You can check out the top 10 list below (week ending March 5):

    • Pokemon White
    • Pokemon Black
    • Fight Night Champiom
    • Bulletstorm
    • Killzone 3
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops
    • Just Dance 2
    • FIFA 11
    • Dead Space 2
    • Wii Party
  • Dark Souls gameplay details and new screenshots revealed

    Namco Bandai has announced some new gameplay details regarding their upcoming game title Dark Souls, The developer revealed some screenshots for the game which showcase some of the boss character (gaint wolf, boar plated, enormous raven and dragons) that will feature in the game. Check out the screenshots below:

    DarkSoul Wolf boss

    The most important gameplay details that was revealed was the addition of campfire. The campfire in Dark Souls will operate as a healing point and also as a save point. Its a completely different dynamics in comparision to Demon's Souls were saving points take place on the battlefield.

    Dark Soul screen Dark Soul wallpaper Dark Soul pic Dark Soul picture Dark Soul screenshot

  • Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2 vs PS3 HD screenshot

    Crystal Dynamics, developer of Tomb Raider has revealed some preety cool comparison screenshots of Tomb Raider for PS2 versus Tomb Raider Trilogy HD PS3. The screen clearly demonstrate the graphical differences between the two. You can check out screen below:

    Tomb Raider PS2 vs Tomb Raider PS3 screen

    The Tomb Raider Trilogy will launch as Playstaiton 3 HD classic on March 25

    Tomb Raider PS2 vs Tomb Raider PS3 screen Tomb Raider PS2 vs Tomb Raider PS3 screenshot Tomb Raider PS2 vs Tomb Raider PS3 wallpaper Tomb Raider PS2 vs Tomb Raider PS3 pic Tomb Raider PS2 vs Tomb Raider PS3 picture

  • World Cyber Games 2011 will be held in Korea

    World Cyber Games 2011 (WCG), the biggest game festival, will be held in Korea. WCG selection committe has added a total of nine online games in various genre as the official games of WCG 2011, the most noticable entry is WoW, the first MMORPG in WCG history.

    World Cyber Games 2011

    You can check out the list below:

    World Cyber Games(WCG) 2011 official games:

    • Sports: FIFA 11
    • RTS: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, League of Legends,
    • FPS: Special Force, Counter Strike, Cross Fire, Warcraft 3
    • Action: Tekken 6
    • MMO: WoW

    “This year’s official games are selected in pursuit of both satisfying global fans, audience, and sponsers and globalizing Korean e-sports games,” said SiWon Lee the selection committee of WCG. “WCG 2011 will bring all the eyes over world to Korea the hometown of e-sports.”

    List of Promotion games as well as that of mobile games will be revealed in coming days, so stay tuned for more updates on it.