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  • How to get Three Red Lights on XBox 360

    Xbox 360 a most popular gaming console of current time some times give glitches like overheating for example resulting into the non-working of Xbox 360. There are many other things which make Xbox 360 hang up and turn the four green light infront of the console to three red light.

    We have listed below four very basic thing which gamers do which directly affect the Xbox 360 resulting in to non-working of it. So read it carefully and don't do these things and if oyu have more than enough bugs to spend on repairing Xbox 360 do this things as many time as you can.

    1. Never put your Xbox 360 on carpet when it is on beause the heat generate will be more as compare to normal circumstance and the carpet will block it from getting disperse resulting into the failure of Xbox 360.

    2. When you finish your gameplay switch off the Xbox 360, don't leave it on for too much time like that only because leaving it on for too much time like that will cause it too hang and it might even damage it
    3. Never ever put your Xbox 360 near or even closer to item which generate heat like heater or other electronic item
    4. For cooling of Xbox 360 there are fans and vents in it take care of these fans and vents by properly cleaning it, and do not put Xbox 360 against the wall
  • How to use USB Headset with PS2

    For those gamers who don't have the USB headset for their Playstation 2 and are playing to buy one you can choose any of the following Labtech USB 711, Labtech 712, Logitech USB PS2 Headset or Datel USB Headset, apart from these there are other Headset which are compatible with PS2 you can choose any of your choice.

    Now coming back to step which guide you how you can use the USB Headset available with you,

    Step 1:

    First check with the game manual as well as on internet whether the available USB Headset is compatible with the game you want to play because at times it happen that your USB headset is compatible with PS2 but not with the gane you want to play however it is rarest of the rare cases.

    Step 2:

    Done with the checking, now plug your headset into anyone of the USB port that is available in the front end of the PlayStation 2. if you have a standard PlayStation 2 that it is easy for you to identify which port to connect headset because in standard PlayStation 2 headset port is blue in color, square in shape and will be on the bottom left side.

    Step 3:

    Now just start your game your headset will start working automatically but you might need to do some extra setting to use the mic of the headset as each game have its own set of setting for it so for this go through your game manual.

  • Connect PlayStation 3 to PC Wireless

    You all will agree with me that PlayStation 3 is more than a gaming console, apart from playing your favourite game you can play video files, music files and you can also keep you favourite picture store on it. Along with these things you can your Computer with your PlayStation 3 that too with a wireless connection or wireless network. Now how you can do this is illustrate below

    Step 1:

    Switch on your PlayStation 3 and unplug Ethernet cable if any connected to your playstation 3 and to Internet Router. After unpluging navigate to Setting option and then to Network Setting and then to Internet Connection Setting. Confirm that it will be fine if you are disconnect from any of the internet connection you have by clicking on YES tab.

    Step 2:

    Now click on Easy and then click on Wireless and then on Scan, After scan is complete identify and select the network connection representing your wireless router. Now the next step for you is to select the security setting for wireless router and entering the security key corresponding to the security setting which you select for wireless router. Save this changes you made, after saving, check and confirm whether your connection is proper by clicking on Test Connection Tab.

    Step 3:

    Now shift your focus to your Computer, Click on the lower right hand side corner of your Taskbar for opening the Menu for Wirless Connection. Now here also you have to select the wireless connection again so select the same wireless connection you selected in above step that is step 2 for your PlayStation 3, after selecting enter the security setting and security key corresponding to security setting.

    Step 4:

    Now open Window Media Player, from ther open Library and from there click on the option of Media Sharing, you will see many option with checkbox associated, check the Share my media option and after that click on Allow Tab.

    Step 5:

    Now navigate yourself to Setting and then to Media Server Connection on to youp PlaySation 3 and just choose Enable option.

  • Play UMD Games on Computer

    Want to know how you can transfer your UMD format games to your computer and play that game without any kind of interruption whatsoever, It is as simple as you like, given below are the step which will guide you to get your UMD games to your computer

    Step 1:

    Open your Internet Browser and search for UMD dumper in any of the search engine like google, and download UMD dumper

    Step 2:

    After downloading UMD dumper install it or if it is a zip file extract it.

    Step 3:

    Now transfer the ISO file from your PSP to the ISO folder through USB cable in other words upload the UMD ISO file from PSP to ISO folder.

    Step 4:

    Now you can transfer any of your uploaded PSP game to your computer through a USB cable.

  • Darksiders Patch fix for Screen Tearing for Xbox 360

    A patch to rectify the problem of screen tearing in Darksiders is released on Wednesday for the user of  Xbox 360. Now gamers who face the problem of screen tearing in Darksider can heave a sigh of reveal. The task of downloading the patch easy and simple, gamers just need to get connected to the Xbox live and fire up the game which allow the patch to automatically get downloaded.

    This news was published on official community of Darksiders. And according to them this patch fix for screen tearing issue will be live at 2AM on Wednesday and the Xbox 360 users can directly download and install it from Xbox Live. 

    More Details of the Patch will be release soon.

  • How to Install MSN Gaming Zone on PC

    Well are you looking for steps which can guide you properly on How you can install MSN gaming Zone then you are on Right Place. .

    First let me tell you what you get in MSN Gaming Zone:

    • More than 90 games you can play free
    • Can Download trails of various known games for free
    • 300 games for a subscription of a monthly fees of $14.99

    Follow the below the Steps and and you will successfully have MSN Gaming Zone install

    System Requirement for MSN Gaming Zone

    • Processor Required: 486 or a equivalent or higher
    • Space on Hard Drive: 8 MB minimum

    If you fulfill the above system requirement then follow steps give below:

    • Go to the official website of the MSN Gaming Zone there you will find various section out of which one will be Subscription click on it, if you want to download the complete retail version then it requires you to click on the Subscription link provided as a Button which read as "Subscribe Now".
    • Click on "Subscribe Now" button
    • Sign up with your MSN Email address and Give your Credit Card or Debit Card detail for paying the Subscription Monthly fees which is $14.99.
    • Then Click on Download tab and save the installation program that is file on your Hard Drive
    • Go to Hard Drive location and Start the installation program and follow the instruction to complete the installation properly.
    • Now as you finish your Installation launch the MSN Gaming Zone and enjoy yourself.
    • If your are still unable to install your MSN Gaming Zone please report your problem as a comment to this article we will help you in solving your problem. Enjoy.
  • How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

    Want to go ahead of your friends in terms of level of play in Multiplayer Mode of Call for Duty Modern Warfare 2. Just follow the simple steps given below and you will be ahead of your friends.

    But Keep one thing in mind don't you dare to cheat in an online play of Call for Duty Modern Warfare 2, if caught cheating you will be facing a ban.

    Follow the below step but yes at your own risk in an online play:

    Step 1: When you start the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 first thing you do is select the multiplayer split screen option available

    Step 2:  After this, log on with your profile or with the game profile whose level of play you want to move up.

    Step 3:  You need an extra profile which you can you will be using as your opponent or target. So log on with that also, if you     don't hae create a new profile and use it as your target.

    Step 4:  Now have your selection of guns which you need to upgrade. You have a option of change your selection at any time.

    Step 5:  Next select the death match team and do some these settings,

    • Kill Limit: Maximum
    • Time: Unlimited
    • Kill Cam: OFF
    • No respawn delay

    Step 6:  Now get ready to play by just choosing your desire map in which you want to play and get started.

    Step 7:  Target your opponent and destroy and kill him as many time as you wish and if got statisfied with your rank you achieve   stop.

    Step 8:
    Now upgrade your weapons and guns by selecting create a class and use them and repeat again.

    But again i am warning you don't use this tips in an online play of Modern Warfare 2 if caught you will be ban. Still have desire go ahead All the Best. Do leave a response to this article and post your comment

  • How to Communicate in Call of Duty 4 with Players

    You are playing Call of Duty 4 Online on Xbox 360 but suddenly feel the need that you need to have a communication with your friends or opponent who also playing online against you but you doesn't know how to do it.

    Don't worry we will tell how you can communicate with your friends or your opponent While Playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 Online. There are three ways in which you can send message or communicate with your opponent or friends while playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360.

    First way is Party Chat:

    • Simplest and fastest way of communicating while playing Call of Duty 4 online on Xbox 360
    • For Party Chat gamers requires to press Guide button
    • This Guide button will list all gamers playing Call of Duty 4 at that current instant
    • As you get the list of gamers, Press "A" button so that you can have a look at their profiles
    • After pressing A, select the option "Invite to Party and Game" which enables them to have a communication with you through Headset

    Second Way is Private Chat:

    If you want to have a chat or communication with a particular gamer or particular friend of your then this option is best for you. For Private Chat do the following thing:
    As you are viewing the profile of the gamers or your friend you need to chat then select the option " Invite to Private Chat". This enables you to have a communication or chat with that particular gamer or friend through Headset.

    Third Way Text Messaging:

    But at times you only require to just send a text message to gamers or friends instead of have a communication with him through Headset, in this scenario you can use Text Messaging. For Text Mesaging do the following,

    • As you are viewing the profile of the gamers or your friend you want to send text message then select the option "Send Message". The moment you select this option a keyboard appears on the screen, type the message you want send with the help of this keyboard and then click Start button and then Send Message button.

    Hope this has help you understand each and every minute detail of how you can have a communication with your friends and other gamers while Playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 Online. if you still have a problem please give write to us your problem as a comment to this article.

    This most simple and the fastest way to communicate with friend. For Party chat you require to press guide, as you press guide button a list of gamers playing the Call of Duty 4 will appear then press "A"  and after pressing A select option " Invite to Party Chat" .