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  • Soul Calibur V details revealed

    Famitsu has revealed few new details related to recently announced Namco Bandai's Soul Calibur V. According to details leak by magazine source, development work on Soul Calibur V is just 10% complete, and the game will have new battle system.

    Soul Caliber V logo

    Check out full list of details below:

    • 10% complete
    • New characters, old characters
    • Guest characters to be included
    • Staff wants at least as many characters as in Soulcalibur IV
    • New battle systems
    • Dev. team has been given new blood, could be some differences from past games

    Soul Calibur V will launch in 2012, check out the first teaser trailer for the game, HERE.

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming to PC in July

    Capcom has just confirmed that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will launch on PC in the early part of July, however the exact launch date hasn't been announced yet.

    SSFIV: Arcade edition logo

    On Unity publisher said, “Trust me, nobody wants to get the PC version out as soon as possible more than us, we still have some logistical hoops to jump through before we can set a hard and firm date, but the goal is to definitely be in the earlier part of July. Scout’s honor!”

    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will launch on PS3 and Xbox 360 in the form of DLC on June 7, it will be available in retail on June 24.

  • New Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC announced

    Tecmo Koei has announced more DLCs for Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Dynasty Warriors 7. This new DLCs for the game will be similar to the previous one, and it will b a mixture of maps, costumes and weapons.

    Dynasty Warrior 7 screen

    It will be released on PSN and Xbox Live on May 24, check out the details below:

    • Stage Page 1: Yellow Turbans & Hulao Gate stages with three playable scenarios per stage, based on levels from Dynasty Warriors 2 ($3.99).>
    • New Weapon pack 2: Short Pike and Mace ($1.99).
    • Costume Pack 2: Costumes from Dynasty Warriors 5 ($0.99).
    • Original Costume Pack 1: School uniforms for the Wei kingdom characters ($4.99).
  • Sagat to feature in Street Fighter X Tekken?

    A screenshot of character select screen from the highly anticipated Capcom figther Street Fighter X has been leaked online. The important thing is that the screenshot feature Sagat, one of the main villains of the Super Street Fighter franchise.

    Street Fighter X Tekken logo

    Now it has been rumored that Sagat will be featured in the Street Fighter X Tekken along with previously confirmed characters. Capcom has yet to confirm this. Check out the screenshot below:

    Street Fighter X Tekken Sagat screen

  • Rumor: Wet 2 Canned

    According to report from Siliconera, Wet 2, a sequel to 2009 third-person shooting game title "Wet", is no longer in developemet. The sequel was officially announced last November.

    Wet 2

    The report gives reference to two LinkedIn profile that shows that Wet 2 is now a past project. In an interview to Joystiq, Bethesda confirmed that the company is no longer publishing the sequel.

  • Xperia Play to launch in US next week

    US network provider Verizon has confirmed that Sony's Playstation licensed phone "Xperia Play", will launch in the country on May 26.

    Xperia Play will launch with seven games pre-loaded, and it will carry a price tag of $199 (two year contract with $30/month data plan).

    Xperia Play

    There will be a total of 50 games available for download at launch which includes PSone classics, selective andriod titles and many more.

    Check out the list of Pre-loaded games below:

    • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
    • Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior
    • Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation original)
    • Madden NFL 11
    • Star Battalion
    • The Sims 3
    • Tetris

    In UK, Xperia Play will launch in next month (June) on O2 network, more details HERE.

  • BioShock 2: Minerva's Den PC launch date announced

    The launch date of Minerva's Den DLC for PC version of Bioshock 2 has been revealed. The DLC will be released on PC on May 31.

    Bioshock 2

    2K Games confirms that "Minerva's Den will be headed to Games for Windows Live! Within the next day, some of you may notice new achievements appearing - and on May 31st you'll be able to download the final chapter of BioShock 2's story,"

    In Minerva's Den players will control a new character who teamed up with Dr. Tenenbaum to liberate a district in Rapture.

  • L.A Noire Outfits Guide

    In Team Bondi's L.A Noire there are a total of 9 outfits that detective Cole Phelps can wear as he solves cases in Los Angeles City. Some of these outfits are achieved through downloadable content whereas others are obtained after by players after reaching a certain rank.

    LA Noire

    We have listed below all outfits that Phelps can wear along with the hint to achieve it.

    NOTE: Gamers can only access these outfits for Phelps when he becomes a Detective.

    List of Outfits:

    The Outsider
    To Unlock: Reach Rank 13

    Sword of Justice
    To Unlock: Reach Rank 3

    Golden Boy
    To Unlock: When you start the Traffic Desk cases.

    To Unlock: Reach Rank 18
    Effect: Take an extra dose of damage and stay standing

    Sunset Strip
    To Unlock: Reach Rank 8

    Chicago Lightning
    To Unlock: Sign up to the Social Club
    Effect: Shoot “straight” with the Thompson and the Shotgun

    The Broderick
    To Unlock: via DLC
    Effect: Hit harder and take more punches before going down.

    The Sharpshooter
    To Unlock: via DLC
    Effect: Shoot “straight” with the Garand and the Colt .45

    Button Man
    To Unlock: Collect all DLC Hidden shields.
    Effect: Carry extra ammo for all weapons, just in case.

    Want to know more about L.A Noire then check out our review for the game HERE.

  • Crysis 2 Retaliation DLC available today

    Crytek will be releasing today a brand new map pack for their sci-fi shooting game Crysis 2. The DLC is called "Retaliation", and it will feature four new maps that introduce new locations to explore, additcive and fast-paced multiplayer campaign.

    Crysis 2 screenshot

    The four new maps in Retaliation are "Park Avenue", "Transit", "Shipyard" and "Compound". It will be available today on Xbox 360 and PC for a price tag of £7.99 (800 MSP). For PS3 gamers the map pack will be available at later date.

  • Codemasters: F1 2010 sold more than 2 million units worldwide

    Codemasters has just announced that F1 2010 surpassed every expectations, as it sold more than two million units globally, with 540K units sold in United Kindom alone.

    F1 2010 box art

    Andy Gray, Communication Manager said, “It’s fair to say that it surpassed expectations,”

    “Hopefully we’ll keep this up for this year’s game.”

    Gary went to said that the feat achieved by F1 2010 is even more impressive given the challenges of reaching the target audience.

    “There is a disconnect between the games market for games and that of F1 – although the sport itself is attracting a younger audience now,”

    “There was also a perception that F1 was in freefall as a games franchise as sales of the Sony titles had tailed off over the years.

    “We have some cool things up our sleeve [this year]. We have learnt a great deal in the couple of years we have been working with the licence which can only benefit the game.”

    The next game in the franchise F1 2011 is schedule to release on September 29 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and NGP, check out the official box art of it HERE.