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  • New Assassin's Creed: Revelations details

    A bunch of new details related to Ubisoft's upcoming game title "Assassin's Creed: Revelations" has been revealed by Game Informer. The information revealed are related to story and gameplay. Be warned that some of the points below contain spoilers for those who haven't completed Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

    Assassin's Creed: Revelations screenshot

    • Revelations isn’t Assassin’s Creed 3
    • Revelations is supposed to clear things up to this point
    • Closing to the stories for characters
    • There is a great deal of Templar activity in Constantinople, battling the Ottoman
    • Constantinople is more populated than Rome
    • Game kicks off as Ezio heads to Masyaf
    • Ezio is trying to find information on Altair/the Creed
    • Ezio learns that Masyaf has been overrun by Templars
    • He later finds out that there is a very powerful artifact hidden in Masyaf
    • Needs 5 ancient seals to get access to the artifcat
    • Templars are interested in the artifact as well
    • Ezio will have new friends in the game such as Suleiman, Yusuf Azim, Sofia Sorto
    • Yusuf Azim: master assassin
    • Sofia Sorto: Sorto makes Ezio question what his life would be like if he wasn’t an assassin
    • More in-depth assassins
    • You can participate in the random events (girl asking for help, someone being robbed, etc.), or you can ignore them
    • Cinematic camera is getting changed
    • Desmond is in a coma following the events in Brotherhood
    • Desmond is essentially trapped in his own mind once the assassins place him into an animus
    • While Desmond tries to put his mind back together, he looks for a “nexus” which explains how Ezio, Altair, and himself are connected
    • Expect an improved multiplayer mode
    • Multiplayer focusing more on the story-side of things now so that players can get a more detailed look at the Templars and what they stand for
    • New game mode features multiplayer story quests
    • More customization as well as more characters
  • GTTV's Sony reveal will feature first gameplay footage

    Geoff Keighley just a while ago confirmed on Twitter that next week on GTTV a new and PS3 exclusive game will be unveil, and first gameplay footage will also be revealed.

    Starhawk logo

    Geoff wrote on Twitter:

    “And yes: Next week on GTTV we will be announcing and showing first gameplay from a new PS3 exclusive game. E3 is going to be nuts.”

    Many reports are claiming that this “mystery” is none other than Starhawk.

  • Total War: Shogun 2 second patch include DirectX 11 support and four new multiplayer maps

    Creative Assembly on Total War official forum has announced that the second patch update for Total War: Shogun 2 is completed, and it will be released on Monday.

    Total War: Shogun 2 packshot

    This new update for the game will feature a DirectX 11 support, along with extensive fixes. In addition to these, patch will also include a total of four new multiplayer maps.

    According to the patch notes, DirectX 11 provides “very high quality shadow maps”, “high quality depth of field” and “up close to the camera rocky terrain surfaces are visibly more detailed and realistic”.

    Check out the complete patch notes HERE.

  • COD: Black Ops PS3 bundle coming this May?

    Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 bundle coming this month?, if reports coming out from Kotaku is anything to go then a a Playstation 3 bundle is on its way it three week.


    The bundle will be available on May 24 and will carry a price tag of $299. Niether Sony nor Activision has confirmed this, and so we might take this as a rumor.

  • Sony: Data stolen by hackers removed from database and posted online

    Sony just a while ago announced that the company has removed personal details of 2500 subscriber that had been stolen by hackers, and posted it on a website.

    Sony logo

    Sony spokeswoman confirmed that the personal details revealed includes name and some addresses, which was there in company's database created way back in 2001.

    It was also officially confirmed that PSN restart won't be possible this week, and that no date had been fixed for the restart.

  • Development work on Test Drive Unlimited 2: Exploration DLC completed, release soon

    Eden Games has announced that the development work on upcoming DLC "Exploration Pack" for Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been completed, and it will be released soon.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 screen

    The DLC is already available for PC version of the game, console gamers can expect it soon. The Exploration Pack includes:

    • 20 new events, each event on a new wreck free
    • 2 new race types (extreme Convoy, Convoy Times)
    • 20 new wrecks, unlock the two new cars (Lancia Stratos rally version, Dodge Charger 1969)
    • 3 new exploration level
    • 1 set of new clothing for men and women
    • 2 new multiplayer races, which are specially tailored version of Lancia Stratos Rally
    • 3DSupport for PS3 and PC
    • TV Media: Help Channel (explains new features and content)
  • Bungie will not attend E3 2011

    Bungie's has officially confirmed that the company won't attend E3 2011. The company confirmed the news on its official website.

    Bungie Logo

    Bungie said, “Oh, and while we’re on the subject of clarification, we won’t officially be at E3 this year,” Bungie said in its weekly update on its website.

    “Remember the Band-Aid approach I talked about last week? This is what it feels like in practice. Sorry for the sting. We wanted to make sure you didn’t get whipped into a rumor-fueled frenzy only to have your expectations unceremoniously dashed during expo week.”

    E3 2011 will begin on June 6 (Monday).

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend extended till May 10

    Activision has just extended that "Double XP Weekend" time period for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Fans can now take advantage of bonus until May 10. Gamers who all take part in online multiplayer matches can earn double XP rewards and level up.

    Black Ops

    Check out what Activision said:

    “To celebrate their 10 millionth Facebook fan milestone, Treyarch is hosting a Double XP multiplayer weekend starting now and extending it through 8:00am Pacific, Tuesday, May 10. Anyone playing in multiplayer matches of Call of Duty: Black Ops will earn double XP rewards and level up.”

  • Portal 2 new patch available now

    Valve has released a new patch update for Portal 2 on their Steam platform. This new patch carries fix all the minor issues that were found in the game, and is currently available for download. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

    Portal 2

    Check out the complete patch note below:

    • Fixed rare crash when painting hard light bridges while moving them
    • Localization fixes for Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish
    • Improved VPK loading speed
    • Fixed install failing on FAT32 drives.
    • Fixed problems when Steam is installed at the root of a drive.
    • Fixed console font being unreadable on Mac.
    • Fixed VPK caching.
    • Fixed some Russian audio playing as static
    • Fixed Turkish fonts
  • Rumor: Call of Duty Major Announcement coming soon

    It has been reported by many gaming news site, that Activision is preparing to make a major announcement related to Call of Duty, according to the details the announcement will be made at Activision's event later tonight.

    Modern Warfare 3 logo

    Many reports goes a step ahead and claims that the next major installment "Modern Warfare 3" will be officially reveal tonight. How far these rumors are true we will come to know within few hours time, so stay tuned for more updates on it.