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  • Very First Images for Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS version out now

    At E3 2010 it was officially announced by Konami that they are developing a Nintendo 3DS version of Pro Evolution Soccer, and today we got our hands on the very first image of the game.

    Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the launch games for Nintendo's upcoming handheld console in Japan, so hopefully Europe also get same kind of treatment, but till than check out the image for the below.

    Note that the images below are not excessive quality and obviously do not show one of its main feature which is 3D effect.

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

    Pro Evolution Soccer for 3DS

  • RIFT Collector Edition Details Revealed

    Trion is gearing up really high for their upcoming MMORPG "RIFT", as today they give out the complete details about the Collector Edition of the game.


    According to the press release RIFT Collector Edition will feature the following bonuses:

    Exclusive in-game digital items:

    • Ancient Tartagon Mount: Available at level 20, this turtle mount increases player speed by 60%
    • Collector’s Satchel: Increases the size of your primary backpack to 24 slots
    • Bogling Wastrel: This unique pet sets you apart from the other Ascended

    Exclusive in-box premium items:

    • 8GB USB Drive: Exclusive flash drive branded with the Rift logo
    • Official Rift Soundtrack: Featuring 17 epic tracks from acclaimed game composer Inon Zur
    • SteelSeries gaming mouse pad featuring detailed art of a blistering Fire Rift 
    • Telara Chronicles Trade Hardcover: All five issues of the gripping graphic novel miniseries based on the Rift universe in one limited-edition hardbound book
  • Namco Bandai Revealed Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Poster

    Namco Bandai has revealed the official poster for their upcoming game title Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which feature Jin and Kazuya on it. Check out the poster below:

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Poster

    Apart from poster no more details were revealed not even the release date, however report suggest that it will be coming out next year Summer.

  • The Most Pirated Game Of 2010 is Call of Duty: Black Ops

    We all are very much aware of that Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the fastest selling video game titles of all time, but what we are not aware of is that it is also the most pirated game of 2010.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    According to figure revealed by TorrentFreak Black Ops PC version was pirated more than 4.2 millio times leaving behind Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which was downloaded 3.96 million time.

    Xbox 360 version of the game was pirated 930,000, however the crown for the most pirated game for Xbox 360 was grab by Dante's Inferno.

  • Two New Uncharted 3 Gameplay Videos Revealed

    Two new gameplay video of Uncharted 3 is out now.

    Uncharted 3

    These two new video takes over from where the very first gameplay video left that is Drake and Sully continue their escape from burning chateau.

    Check out both the video below:

  • SOE: DC Universe Online will receive monthly update

    SOE a few days ago revealed the price and release details for DC Universe Online, and now today in a press release SOE said that DC Universe Online will receive a monthly update which will feature new characters, instances and many in-game events.

    DC Universe Online

    The press release from SOE reads as follow “Sony Online Entertainment will update the game every month with new episodes featuring iconic DC Comics characters. New instances and major in-game events are scheduled to be added to the game every three months.”

    DC Universe Online will be releasing on PC and PS3 on January 14.

  • Project LovePlus for Nintendo 3DS to make use of Facial Recognition Technology

    We are all aware that the next game in the Project LovePlus will be for Nintendo 3DS, but what we are not aware of is that the game will be making use of Facial Recognition Technology in form of "Boyfriend lock" button.

    Project LovePlus

    The game is going to implement this facial recgnition technology called as "Boyfriend Lock" feature in the game with the help of 3DS's front and rear facing camera.

    Now the question arise here is how this Boyfriend Lock works, it has a very simple working, if anyone else gets their hands on your Project LovePlus 3DS game, your imaginary girlfriend will not recognise their faces and question them in return like: "who the hell are you!?".

    Sounds really interesting.. can't wait for this one.

  • Amazon holding "Buy one game and get another for 50% off" offer

    Online retailer Amazon is teasing gamers with a new "Buy one game and get another for 50% off" promotion offer for a selective Wii, DS, PS 2, PS3, PSP and Xbox 360 games.

    Amazon logo

    Under this offer a total of 600 games are eligible, its for a limited time period only. Check out the official description for the offer below:

    For a limited time, buy one game and get another for 50% off. Select from over 600 qualifying titles.

    Offer good while supplies last. Eligible product must be sold and shipped by All items must be added to cart. Shipping and taxes may apply. reserves the right to terminate or modify this promotion at any time.

    For more details click here.