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  • Sony Bend hunting for an Art Director for PSP2 version of Uncharted 2?

    At the start of this month a rumor surfaced from nowhere which suggested that Sony is developing a handheld version Uncharted for PSP2, however Sony neither confirmed handheld version of Uncharted nor did they confirmed PSP2.

    Bend Studio

    Now a new Job listing for a post of Art Director has come out for Sony Bend which points out that development work on a portable Uncharted title is on its way.

    However job listing in question has been removed now by Sony Bend, might be because they don't want to revealed any sorts of details about the handheld version of Uncharted 3 so early, but before they could remove it we got our hands on complete job description check it out below:

    Art Director (Job Number:02151)

    Primary Location: United States-Oregon-Bend


    The Studio Art Director is responsible for inspiring, leading and driving the artistic vision and development of AAA products utilizing a combination of traditional fine art skills and advanced artistic knowledge. The individual is also responsible for setting and maintaining the creative vision and quality bar for the product at a level that is amongst the top tier within the industry. They must also collaborate at a high level with a wide-range of development team members outside of direct discipline such as Directors, Designers, Technical Artist, and Programmers to achieve the highest artistic goals and fastest implementation as they relate to game design and technological considerations.


    • Drive the development of the artistic techniques and processes utilized to define and achieve a product's visual style and encourage artistic evolution within the studio to the highest standards. This entails expanding methods to improve the production pipeline, tools, art processes, and visual quality.
    • Creates and manages artistic goals and vision through all phases of the game development cycle from pre-production through final product release. This entails ensuring all art assets are of the highest artistic quality and uphold the integrity of the games design and artistic vision of the game as a whole.
    • Has a leadership role within the art team. This includes working with the production manager and contributing to schedule management needs, providing guidance to support the diplomatic resolution of complex artistic problems that enhance the gameplay experience, providing input on team performance reviews, facilitating career coaching etc. Tracks and reviews large amounts of data as they go through the art pipeline,
    • Trains and mentors the art dept in developing advanced artistic skills and abilities.
    • Responsible for directing the lighting and color palette throughout the game. This is integral to the entire game, and includes lighting the environments, characters, and cinematics. Developing color palettes that match the emotional intention of the game design and story beats.
    • Responsible for directing the look and feel of all Special FX throughout the game including particles (water, splashes, fire, smoke, etc.) This is integral to making the environments feel alive during game play. This also includes additional in game special FX such as environment settings and screen FX elements like motion blur, and depth of field etc.
    • Responsible for visual development of all game worlds and locations, working with the Creative Director to conceptualize world building, creating fictional consistency and a visual langue that helps tell the story and reflect the game play moments. This also includes incorporating vistas throughout the game providing opportunities for moments of pure visual splendor.
    • Responsible for directing the look and feel of the graphic interface, and anything that is 2D, or a 3D graphic element in the game.
    • New IP visual explorations for the future game titles, which includes developing multiple artistic styles and options to choose from during pre-production.
    • Responsible for directing and creating all studio promotional materials, PowerPoint backgrounds, development of presentation materials, logo design, ad mockups, art books, etc. Preparing and presenting at company meetings, production meetings, and producer visits.
    • Keeps aware of industry trends and techniques, evaluates competitive products, and determines areas to improve or innovate in to best the competition, communicates artistic innovations in a convincing way, and collaborates with the leadership team to develop plans for implementation.
    • Represent the Studio Art Team in Worldwide Studios information exchanges. Maintain a visible presence in the computer graphics and game industries, representing Worldwide Studios interests with a high degree of professionalism.


    • Mastery of traditional art skills like composition, painting, drawing, sketching, and color theory.
    • Expert in the use of Photoshop or Painter to create unique images or manipulate photo source to create realistic images that define the art direction.
    • Proven ability to create visually interesting 3D spaces. Some understanding of 3D modeling software to create initial mockups or manipulate existing 3D files.
    • Proven ability to direct game artist to match the look and feel of concept art in game.
    • Extensive portfolio with examples of current, hands-on work, including concept art, production design, storyboards and other visual images that demonstrate complex artistic goals in a simple to follow visual images.
    • Understands game production, design process, and methodology. Some previous experience with handhelds and next-gen video game platforms is desirable (e.g. PS3, X-box 360 etc.)
    • Excellent reading and comprehension skills to have a complete understanding of complex process documents, design documents, and written assignments.
    • The ability to communicate complex artistic goals effectively either individually with team members, or within group settings. The ability to write short reports and process documents when needed in a clear and concise manner.
    • Excellent time management skills, with the ability to break down tasks and assignments and prioritize them into workable pieces on a daily, weekly, and project length basis. Works independently and conscientiously with minimal supervision.

    Required Experience / Education:

    • 10+ years of game art production, TV, or film related experience.
    • Bachelor degree or Equivalent
  • The year 2011 will be the year of Kinect: Stephen McGill

    Nintendo was the first one to bring the motion controlled technology to gaming industry and at that time it was selling like a hot cakes, and today Sony and Microsoft has gone a step ahead with Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect.


    But the question on everyone's mind is that which one will be better among these two and who will be ruling the market in 2011?. Look like Stephen McGill of Microsoft has answer to this question.

    According to Stephen McGill, Kinect is going out to be queen of 2011 as they have a very strong 2011 kinect line up. Here is what he said in regards to the performace of Kinect in 2011:

     “As for the future, we’ve got a brilliant line-up for 2011 but it’s ultimately all about Kinect. Kinect is going to blow people’s minds. They’re [already] buying it, but we’ve got a line-up of Kinect games that will blow people away.”

  • Dynasty Warrior 7 Dated for United States

    Tecmo Koei earlier in November announced a release date of Dynasty Warrior 7 for Europe (March 25), and now they also given out the official release date for the game in North America.

    Dynasty Warrior 7

    The game will be coming out on North American retail shelves on March 25 for Playstation 3 (Move Support and 3D display) and Xbox 360. Check out other interesting details about Dynasty Warriors 7 here.

  • John Riccitiello: Playstation 3 to rule international market in future

    According to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello Sony's Playstation 3 in future will going to rule the international market and will be way ahead of its competitor Microsoft's Xbox 360.

    John Riccitiello

    John Riccitiello put forward this view of his by looking at the sales figure for both the console in international market, he also give out one example which is explained as follow:

    In United States Sony's PS3 has almost taken over most months Microsoft's sale, and in Japan Xbox 360 has been a huge failure, whereas talking about European market both consoles registered almost similar sales figure.

    Here is what John Riccitiello said:

    “Microsoft’s brand, the Xbox, does not really compare to the PlayStation brand outside the US. I believe the international market is very important, so no matter how much Microsoft is able to increase sales in the US, it is still on an impossible mission because Sony’s brand is so strong”.

  • Pre-Order Bulletstorm for Xbox 360 and get Exclusive Epic Edition Content for Free

    Earlier it was reported that all those gamers who will be buying the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm will get their hands Gears of War 3 beta.


    Now here is one more good news for all, Tanya Jessen, Bulletstorm Producer, has said on his twitter account that anyone who preorder the Xbox 360 version of game will get all the exclusive content of Epic Edition that the free of cost.

    These exclusive content includes:

    • Multiplayer Experience Point.
    • Upgrade to Weapons and Gadgets
    • New Costumes
    • Last but not the least Code in order to enter in exclusive multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3.

    So preorder your copy before its too late. Till than check out the official boxart for Bulletstorm Epic Edition which was revealed earlier.

  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Action Trailer

    In this new trailer you'll find out how the LittleBigPlanet 2 makers have created some real action game.

  • Pokemon Black & White Coming Out in US on March 6

    Nintendo American body has announced the official release date for the much awaited game title Pokemon Black and White. According to the details given out in a press release Pokémon Black & White will be coming out in US on March 6.

    Pokemon Black & White

    It carries a price tag of $34.99.

    About Pokemon Black & White:

    Pokemon Black & White will give gamer access to more than 150 new pokemon and will feature an entire new region to explorer and have fun.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops adds another milestone to its name

    Last Week Activision announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops had recorded a revenue that exceeded a whopping $1 billion, and now today Treyarch has revealed that Black Ops has set another record and this time its for online level (number of registered gamers).

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    No exact figures is revealed, but it is specified that the number of registered players in Call of Duty: Black Ops exceeds the population of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Chile, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

    Since its launch Black Ops have recorded a total of over 600 million hours of gameplay (equivalent to 68 thousand years), with average gamer playing over 87 minutes a day.

    These numbers are huge, isn't it?

  • New Images of Playstation Phone Revealed

    The latest issue of Frontline Magzine revealed a latest and fresh image of much talked about Sony's Playstation Phone. The image gives out a clear details about the front and back end of Playstation Phone.

    Here is the images for you have a look, check it out below:

    Playstation Phone

    Playstation Phone

  • Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition Challenge Kicks off today

    The Signature Edition Challenge of Gran Turismo 5 (Prize: real-life Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG) which was announced by Sony kicks off today.

    As detailed earlier the challenge is exclusive for gamers who owned a Signature Edition Copy of game and will be run entirely in the game's B-Spec mode.

    Gran Turismo 5

    For entering the challenge all you need to is redeem the voucher code which is included on the Signature Edition's leather wallet in the PlayStation Store. After this you will get access to the challenge in game's Seasonal Event which was introduced in the game by patch v1.05.

    Here is the complete details about how the Signature Edition Challenge will works check it out:

    Once they have completed these steps they will be able to access the Signature Edition Challenge from within GT5. The Challenge takes place in Gran Turismo 5’s innovative B-spec mode – where players take the role of team director with their own AI drivers doing the racing. The Challenge is being held over a series of five, five-lap races on different circuits. The choice of B-spec mode opens the competition to more than purely the fastest GT5 racers as players, and there will be no limit on the number of times entrants can complete the races.  In-game leaderboards for each region will display the top 50 race times for each circuit, as well as the top 250 combined times across the five races.

    Entrants with the fastest total time from each region [2] at the closing time (23:59 (GMT) on  31 January 2011) will be invited to take part in the second phase of the competition – the Mercedes-Benz Driving Event. Winners from each international region will compete against each other in a series of real driving challenges under the scrutiny of judges. Points will be awarded for each challenge with the winner taking home the stunning SLS AMG