Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Tecmo Koei Announced their Q1 2011 Line Up

    Tecmo Koei has given out the details about the list of game title that they are planing to released in the Q1 of 2011.

    Tecmo Koei

    Here is the details list along with the game release date and platforms

    • Trinity: Souls of Zill ‘Oll: February 8 (Playstation 3)
    • Warriors: Legends of Troy: March 8 (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)
    • Dynasty Warriors 7: March 22 (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360)

    Dead Or Alive Dimensions and Samurai Warriors Chronicles is also slated to come out in March for Nintendo 3DS.

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets new trailer

    Namco Bandai released a new trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which features Heihachi in his younger years along with none other than Kazuya.

  • EA Revealed Official Boxart for Portal 2

    EA has revealed an official boxart for their much awaited and most anticipated game title Portal 2. The boxart revealed is for PC/Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game. Check them out below:

    Portal 2 PC Boxart:

    Portal 2 PC boxart

    Portal 2 PS3 Boxart:

    Portal 2 PS3 boxart

    Portal 2 Xbox 360 Boxart:

    Portal 2 Xbox 360 boxart

    Portal 2 the first person puzzle game is slated to come out on April 21, 2011.

  • Korean company Gamebase acquires Emergent and Gamebyro engine

    A korean based Company named Gamebase has acquired the assests of Emergent including all the rights to their well known game engine Gamebryo.

    Other details revealed regarding this development is that Former Emergent sales VP David Brame will be the new CEO.

    Emergent Game Technologies

    Gamebase present JY Park said in a press release addressing to the consumers that the company plans to focus on the company's roots i.e working closely with customers and providing excellent customer service.

    It won't be that easy for Gamebase as it sound as they will be getting a stiff competition from Epic Games' Unreal Engine. Unity 3D and more.

  • Report: Nintendo sending 3DS development kit to smaller studio in January

    According to reports doing around Nintedo is planning to provide the development kit of 3DS to smaller studios in the early part of next year.

    Nintendo 3DS

    The upcoming handheld from Nintendo which is slated to launch in March 2011, has already seen many big publisher and developers developing games for the device. Included in the list are the likes of Capcom, Kojima and Level-5 to name a few.

    The reports goes on to say that the licensing to 3DS development kit to smaller studios will kick off in January.

  • Buy PC Version of Super Meat Boy and get Mac Version Free

    Team Meat today revealed bulk of details about the upcoming game title Super Meat Boy.

    Super Meat Boy

    On their twitter account the very first details Team Meat announced is that gamers who will buy the PC version of game will get the Mac version free of cost.

    Attention all: Mac version will be out in a few months. editor 1st than mac version. anyone who buys the pc on steam gets the mac one free!.

    Second detail is regarding the paid DLC for Super Meat Boy and new character for Xbox 360 version of game.

    Attention: there will NEVER be paid DLC for smb on any system. there will never be new character for xbla, but there will be free levels

    Last but not the least Super Meat Boy won't be coming out on Wiiware.

    Attention: there will not be a Wiiware version of SMB. we are looking in to retail Wii, bit its also looking grim. still looking though.

  • Tomb Raider reboot to have multiplayer mode: Rumor

    One thing which is widely discussed now a days about Tomb Raider reboot is its main character which is getting a complete overhaul with its new look.

    The other details also points out that the reboot is going out to be the best game of the franchise.

    Tomb Raider Reboot

    However there isn't any details or mentioning of a multiplayer mode, but according to a job listing on Gamasutra, developer Crystal Dynamics is on a look out for a Project Manager to look after a multiplayer mode for one of their action adventure game title.

    The action adventure title in question here is Tomb Raider is merely a speculation and rumor, however if its turn out to be true than it will be one of the best thing that Crystal Dynamics will do to the game.

  • NeverRealm Studios answers all the questions from fans in a new Mortal Kombat Video

    NeverRealm Studios has revealed a new video for Mortal Kombat and in that the answer to the question asjed by fans of the game through Twitter and Facebook.
    The video also carries a bit glimpse of some gorgeous and excellent gameplay footage. check it out you will definitely love it.

    Mortal Kombat is schedule to release in April 2010.

  • Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Version Records poor sales figure in Japan

    Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 version which was released in Japan a full year after its Playstation 3 counterpart has fallen flat on its face as it records a poor sales figure in Japan.

    Iit sold only 22,579 units in its first week and it also fails to break into top 20 in this week chart.


    Square Enix hoped many wonders with Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 edition as they released it featuring English speech along with a new Easy Mode of gameplay, but there expectation dishes out most probably because gamers might be too busy buying PSP's and Monster Hunter games in the region.

    After looking at these sales figure developer officially scrapped the DLC which was earlier planned for the game.

  • Newzoo: In 2010 Video Game Industry Generated revenue of $25 billion

    2010 has been one of the best year for gaming industry, as it generated a revenue of a whooping $25 billion.

    According to market research firm Newzoo, in 2010 consumer spending on video games touches $25 billion mark leaving its competitors the movie industry and music industry way behind.

    Details about the breakdown of $25 billion is given below in pie-chart, check it out:

    2010 video gaming revenue detail

    The pie-chart clearly shows that PC retail gaming sector has seen a drop of 19 percent in comparision to last year whereas spending on console is down by 29 percent. Check out the complete report of Newzoo here.