Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • A Shadows Tale Teaser Trailer

    A cool and interesting teaser of Shadow of Destiny revealing just a little bit detail of it and give a complete assurity that this is going to be one of the talk of the town game this Autumn season.

  • Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising Patch 2.2 Details

    Relic Entertainment and THQ has release the Dawn of War Chaos Rising Patch 2.2 and it is available for download for gamers. This Dawn of War Chaos Rising Patch 2.2 will solve many Bugs and will also update the game to version 2.2. The list of Bug fix and Upadte is giving below.

    Note: This Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising Patch 2.2 is available through Steam and gamers has to just launch there game and this Update will automatically take place, they don't have to get anywhere and download it.

    New Features


    •Users can now modify their keybindings, including camera controls, by changing values in the keydefaults.lua file in the Settings folder. The keydefaults.lua file will not exist until you first launch a multiplayer game after the patch. Please see the contents of keydefaults.lua for more information
    Bug Fixes


    •Variety of stability fixes
    •Fixed a crash that can occur when using driver-level anti-aliasing
    •Fixed a crash due to a memory corruption in the final mission
    •Fixed a bug whereby the blur rendering post-process effect would fail to work
    •Fixed a bug whereby the game would hang in windowed mode in Vista or Window 7 – Please note that windowed mode is still not officially supported with Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising
    •Fixed a bug whereby the game wouldn’t run in Vista or Window 7 when parental controls are disabled

    •Players will no longer receive invalid wargear in the original Dawn of War 2 campaign
    •Fixed an issue with right-clicking to pick up wargear causing the cursor to be locked in the facing position
    •Fixed a scar error during the Uprising at Angel Forge mission
    •Fixed an issue where the final boss of the Chaos Rising campaign would randomly regain full health

    •Fixed a crash that can occur during the kick voting process
    •Fixed a crash when attempting to capture a power node
    •Fixed a bug where wind-up weapons would unfairly fail to fire if the target leaves the range of the attacker during wind-up
    •Fixed a bug where ranks will be reset under certain networking conditions
    •Implemented an attempt to recover lost rank from old leaderboards
    •Added music to free for all matches
    •Fixed and issue where some power nodes did not have room to build all three power nodes in 2p Judgment of Carrion and 4p Calderis Refinery
    Balance Changes


    •2p Judgment of Carrion has had its strategic points rearranged.

    •Inferno Bolters damage has been reduced from 39 to 35
    •Chaos Predator max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2
    •Chaos Lord has had his armour type changed from Heavy Infantry to Commander
    •Removed melee resistance from the Bloodcrusher
    •Increased the in combat ranged modifier to 1 from 0.5 for the Bloodcrusher
    •Bloodcrusher size has been changed to Large from Huge
    •Bloodcrusher now has appropriate upkeep cost
    •Plague Marine Champion death explosion will no longer hurt invulnerable units
    Space Marines

    •Predator Tank max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2
    •Assault Terminators with Storm Hammers and Thunder Shield
    ?Increased damage to 90 from 75
    ?Increased special attack damage to 67 from 65
    •Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws
    ?Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee
    ?Decrease damage to 70 from 95
    ?Decrease special attack damage to 57 from 72
    ?Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20
    ?Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack
    •Force Commander Terminator Lightning Claws
    ?Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee
    ?Decrease damage to 70 from 100
    ?Decrease special attack damage to 53 from 72
    ?Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20
    ?Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack
    •Librarian’s Smite ability will no longer sometimes instantly cooldown after firing
    •Force Commander and Assault Terminator lightning claw special attack changed from a 0.5 second sweep to an instant pie attack.
    •Fire Prism max speed increased to 5 from 4.5
    •Wraithguard can no longer fire on the move
    •Shuriken Cannon Guardian HP has been reduced to 225 from 275 per member
    •The received range damage modifier while fleet of foot is active on a Banshee squad with an Exarch is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers
    •The received range damage modifier from Distortion field is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers

    •Looted Tank max speed increased to 5.5 from 5
    •Stikkbomb_pvp damage type has been modified to damage units in buildings

    •Ravener Tunnel HP has been reduced to 175 from 250
    •Ravener Alpha no longer reduces his AV damage modifier by re-equipping the corrosive devourer multiple times

  • Free Just Cause 2 DLC Download is Out

    Gamers who all where waiting for the first ever DLC of Just Cause 2, now can have it as the publisher of the game Square Enix has already release the DLC for Just Cause 2 that too for the platform that is Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Detail of this DLC is that it will gamers an access to a ice cream van called Chevalir Ice Breaker by use of which they can just smash and crash there way to all round of Panau. This Chevalir Ice Breaker will have low suspension along with slick alluminum alloy and body-stlye side skirts giving it capabitility to rip apart any thing in its way.

    There is no need for the gamers to download it from some site, this DLC of Just Cause 2 will automatically downloaded by the inline updater in the game itself and will also get automatically installed you will just hae to restart for this DLC to get install, SO don't wait for anything just have this DLC of Just Cause 2 and enjoy your gameplay.

  • F1 2010 Developer Video (PC / Xbox 360 / PS3)

    Codemasters F1 2010 is the first official Formula One game to appear for Xbox 360 and marks the return of F1 to the PC after an eight year absence.

  • Final Fantasy XIII Tips and Tricks

    Final Fantasy XIII Tips and Tricks , This video shows Final Fantasy XIII Tips for Easy Money Gain and  Weapon Leveling.

  • How to copy text from web pages on PS3

    Have you ever imaging what else you can do with your Playstation 3 controller apart from playing games, not many of you might be aware that you how you can copy or paste a text from web page to your PlayStation 3 with the help of a controller. Well this article will give you complete detail of how you can do this.

    Step 1:

    Before sarting with it i will advise you to check properly your internet connection is proper and working fine without any gltiches.

    Step 2:

    Now go to your browser and search for something and choose some text that you would like to copy and paste. Now next thing you have to do is make use of left stick and take the pointer to that position of the text that you have choose to copy  (in short you have to choose the starting position), and then pressing the "X" on the controller.

    Step 3:

    After selecting the starting position, you now need to select the complete text, for this, keep holding the "X" and keep moving the controller left stick for selecting the text from start to end.

    Step 4:

    After you finish selecting the text you want to copy release the "X" button, as you release it a menu will come up with various option select copy option from there, till this step ypu have successfully cory the text from the browser.

    Step 5:

    For pasting you just require to select the paste option from the onscreen keyboard, you might be able to see list list of all the previous copy and pasted lines or words, select the text from there which you want to paste.

  • How to Play Yahoo Online Chess Game

    There are various games which Yahoo offers to its users on its website for playing online that too in a multiplayer mode. But for playing these games you require a yahoo account for yourself which will be used to join the room where you can play games like arcade, puzzle, card and others. YOu can play Yahoo! Chess game according to your preference and setting. Now given below are the step which you can follow if you want to play Yahoo Chess game.

    Step 1:

    First go to the Yahoo game website which is "" and there you will see a "Board" option click on it. After this click on "Chess" option and from then on click on "Go Now"

    Step 2:

    You will be ask to enter Yahoo ID and password, enter your ID and passwaord and click on the Tab Sign in. if you not have a yahoo account click on Sign Up option.

    Step 3:

    Done with signing in process, Now click on "Play Now" and then "Social" or "Beginner" or "Intermediate" or "Advance" for getting the list of rooms. Click on the room of your choice and click on "Join" button to start your gameplay with another gamer.

    Step 4:

    You can have your own preference and setting, for this you have to use option of "Preference". You can use Preference option for changing any room or game or changing chat setting. You can start your own game by using the option of "Create Table" which allow other gamer to join your room and play it.

    Step 5:

    You need to click on "Start Game" button after you have successfully enter the chess table. For making your move you need to click on the your piece which you went to move after this will will see all the possible move which you can have highlighted in yellow color. For quiting the game and exiting anytime of the game you just need to click on "Exit Table".