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  • Split/Second : Velocity DLC hitting this month

    Black Rock Studios confirmed three downloadable contents for Split/Second : Velocity during the month of August. These new DLCs consist of a pack of visual enhancements for more powerful vehicles that are already available and two new vehicles to be launched individually (one of them is free). In turn, in September is expected to broader DLC with a new stage.

    • The first DLC pack will provide new liveries for turbo-powered Elite vehicles.
    • The second DLC pack named "High Octane" Supercar Pack will offer a new vehicle see screenshot below.
    • And 3rd DLC contains FREE special edition vehicle based on the original classic Ryback Cyclon.

    Split/Second Velocity High Octane Supercar Pack

    This announcement made trhough facebook:

    Hi everyone, the wait is almost over for Split/Second downloadable content! Coming later this month will be three new downloadable packs. The first DLC pack will provide new liveries to really make your turbo-powered Elite vehicles stand out from the rest of the crowd! The second DLC pack will be a entirely new vehicle offering called the “High Octane” Supercar Pack (see screenshot below).

    Finally, as a way of saying thanks to our awesome community, we will be giving away a FREE special edition vehicle based on the original classic Ryback Cyclone! These packs will be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the next couple of weeks along with a major DLC pack featuring a new environment coming in September.

  • How to Fix ERROR: delete of steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 Access is denied

    This is the error we face mostly when we install Steam and we start updating the installation via steam online. I got an email of user asking regarding the solution to this problem, so i thought to make this article to help all Steam gamers to get rid of this problem.

    You may face issues like:

    • Unable to load library Steam.dll, because of Steam.dll absence in Valve\Steam folder.
    • Steam attempts to update repeatedly by restarting update after coming on some progress, like 27%.
    • And similar error is Steam.exe (main exception): ERROR: deleted Steam.exe, but the file is still there!!!

    Cause: Main reason of this error is lack of user permissions, like you can face this errors if your Steam.exe is set to Read Only permission. And it can also happen if some program is interfering with Steam installation process.

    Solution: For all above cases you have to perform the actions mentioned below:

    1) Make sure that you have Login in your PC with Admin user permission to install the Steam.

    2) Check Steam.exe permissions:

    • Right-click on the Steam.exe and then go to -> Properties
    • Look for the 'Read Only' check-box and make sure that its Unchecked, if its checked then make it Uncheck. Now click on Apply -> Ok.
    • Now run your Steam.exe and see if the problem is resolved or not.

    3) Check your firewall settings:

    • If you have installed any firewall or antivirus program in your system then make sure that Steam.exe is not added in the block list of those programs.
    • For default Windows Firewall go to Control panel -> Windows Firewall -> Exceptions and then check the Steam.exe and Click on Ok.
    • The procedure to check the block programs list is different for all firewall programs.

    Feel free to ask any doubts and sending your issues to us by our contact form, we will try to help you best from our side.

  • Vanquish GC 10: Sam Gideon Trailer

    Meet the hero with more than a few secrets in this trailer for release at GamesCom 2010 in Cologne, Germany.
  • Capcom to bring more DLC for their games

    Through the Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in an interview their future intentions with respect to additional downloadable content. Ensures that seek to add more DLC to their games, with the intention to prolong their life.

    "Once a game has been purchased, it's not the end, It's essential that we create a system to get players for a ling time."

    The first game that will have a series of downloadable content is the upcoming Dead Rising 2 that is scheduled for release this Fall on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    Several of the new forms of business Capcom are downloadable prologue Dead Rising 2, Called Zero Case, or paid subscriptions with those already experienced in Monster Hunter Frontier.

  • Tekken 6 sales crosses more than 3 million copies

    Namco Bandai published official figures, overall sales of the latest installment of one of its most popular fighting title, Tekken 6.

    The sixth installment, and the first in history to be multi-platform has surpassed the 3 million sold.

    Tekken 6 screenshot cover image

    Apparently, the saga Tekken amount among all deliveries worldwide, over 39 million copies. The next appearance of the characters in this saga will be in the crossovers with Capcom, Tekken Street Fighter X.