Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Shaun White Skateboarding Transformation Diary

    Learn more about the genesis of the Shaun White Skateboarding project, and how the developers came up with the original concept that makes this game so unique: TRANSFORMATION.
  • Split/Second - First DLC coming next week

    The recently announced DLC for Split/Second will be published from next week 31st of August at PSN and Xbox Live, as Black Rock is announced via Facebook.

    Then you will see the 'High Octane' Super Pack, which includes three of the most refined Split/Second Cars. As a thank you to the community, the other two DLC are completely free and These packs consist of a new set of liveries for the Elite vehicles to help you stand out from the crowd and a reworking of the classic Ryback Cyclone.

    Split/Second DLC Ryback Cyclone

  • New Dragon Age: Origins DLC "Witch Hunt" announced

    BioWare has announced a new DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, titled "Witch Hunt". This will release on 7/8 September 2010.

    Dragon Age: Origins screenshot imageYou will be able to download Witch Hunt for $7 (or 560 MS/BioWare points) on PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. The content will allow you to create a new, high-powered character or import your hero from Dragon Age: Origins and the Awakening expansion. "But whether you seek answers, revenge, or reconciliation with your lost love,"

    BioWare warns, "you may find more than you bargained for."

  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Demo Now Available

    Namco Bandai announced today, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 playable demo available now. Demo is now available for download from Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and from the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3.

    This show features the fight against Kakashi, the first boss of the game, and you can embody Naruto with Sakura as support character. Remind you that both the standard edition and the collector will be available throughout Europe on October 15.

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 image

  • Kinect first official Accessories announced

    As often happens with each new console or peripheral, a series of additional accessories also comes that can make life a little easier.

    It is not going to be different in the case of Kinect, for which the U.S. company announced the first PDP official accessories, with which we can place the device in various locations such as walls or other types of TVs.

    Kinect Accessories Addons Tools

    The announced accessories include:

    • Wall Mount for Kinect, SRP: $14.99 - The Wall Mount provides a quick and easy solution for mounting your valuable Kinect for Xbox 360 to the wall
    • TV Mount for Kinect, SRP: $39.99 - The TV Mount uses the VESA spec standard as a one-and-all solution for mounting Kinect for Xbox 360 to any size TV (from 26” to 60”)
    • Cable Extension for Kinect, SRP: $49.99 - The Cable Extension for Kinect will allow you to extend your connection by over 9 feet, allowing you to place Kinect for Xbox 360 virtually anywhere in your living space
    • Floor Stand for Kinect, SRP: $29.99 – With a large tripod base and secure locking mechanism, the Floor Stand is designed to allow the Kinect Sensor to be elevated above the floor  to help protect the Kinect for Xbox 360 from foot traffic and dirt

    So far not confirmed the release of these accessories in Europe.

  • Dead Space 3 to come "only if people want it"

    Visceral games focused on developing Dead Space 2 whose is set for 28 January 2011. Visceral games spoke on the possibility that in future there will be a Dead Space 3, Ensuring that they will develop it only if the people demands it. According to executive producer Steve Papoutsis said, "I think right now it feels that [EA] is 100% behind what we're doing, but ultimately the thing that everyone needs to remember is that we make games when people want them."

    According continued commenting, "I think we're going to take it one step at a time. The development team and I would LOVE to make lots, lots and lots of more Dead Space but we're only going to do it if people want it and if it makes sense. We do not want to saturate the series and reach a time when people do not care or are not interested in what we are doing. We are very protective of Dead Space and want to make something out of Dead Space excellent."

    Dead Space 3

    He also promised to unveil the first details of Dead Space 2 multiplayer "very soon."

  • Valve would "love" Steam to come on Xbox 360

    Valve surprised all and sundry with the announcement that Steam would come to PlayStation 3, which allows automatic updates to the community, downloadable content and more.

    Erik Johnson of Valve, admitted that the company would "love" to do the same in the console of Microsoft. "Yeah. We think customers would like Steam on Xbox 360, We think, anyway. We'd love to try that."

    However, Valve wanted to make clear that the decision "not up to us". They would like to speak with Microsoft to relax the strict rules that apply to Xbox Live, for example, not allowing external to add own content to the service (for mods, patches and updates, etc).

    These statements XBL closed structure joined the Final Fantasy developer Square Enix XIV, Sage Sundia, who asked Microsoft to relaxed the rules.