Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Plants vs. Zombies also coming for Nintendo DS

    After convincing PC and Mac and a version for Xbox Live Arcade just around the corner, PopCap Games has surprised us today with the announcement of a  Plants vs. Zombies for Nintendo DS. Its launch will occur in early 2011 and the idea is to sell at a lower price than normal about $20.

    Plants vs. Zombies for Nintendo DS Screenshot

    The DS adaptation will feature all of the engaging gameplay featured in the original version, including Adventure, Survival and Puzzle modes, and mini-games, as well as new and exclusive game content.

  • Forza 3 Ultimate Edition outed by OFLC

    OFLC has announce a Ultimate Edition of Forza 3, however apart from just announcing the ultimate edition of the Forza 3 no other details was reveal.

    It is assume in the gaming world that it will be coming out this holiday season with all the DLC packed in a shiny box. Microsoft neither deny nor confirm this.

    Forza 3

  • Kinect on PC is 'a possibility'

    Microsoft has commented Computer video games to see Kinect PC Video games is a "possibility", as the new accessory also has a great potential in other non-gaming industries, such as music and film.

    Also commented on the possibility of Kinect to work with mobile phones in the future.

    According to statements by Kudo Tsunoda : "We're very focused on Kinect for the Xbox, and launching that. I think it's cool though - and this is just from me - I've been in the video game industry for a while now, and I know that in the games industry lots of times we'll take things from other industries and bring it into games.

    We take stuff from movies, or take technology from PCs and put it into games, and Kinect really is the first time that the video game industry is pioneering something that I really think has widespread application outside of just video games.

    "So, hypothetically, if I worked at a company that didn't only make games, but also did things with PCs and phones, I think there could probably be some possibility that the tech might get used in other places. But, at least for now, [Microsoft is] focused on Kinect for Xbox."

  • DeathSpank Sequel "Thongs of Virtue" will release in September

    Following the launch of Deathspank Episode 1: Orphans Of Justice in mid-July, Electronic Arts and Hothead Games reveals the details of the second episode, which will be titled as Deathspank Episode 2: Thongs of Virtue,will go on sale on 22 September at Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 and at PlayStation Store for PS3. It is priced for 1200 Microsoft Points or €14.99.

    DeathSpank Episode 2 Thongs of Virtue sreenshot

    According to its makers promise, this new episode Thongs of Virtue will have 50% longer gameplay than the first one, adding new weapons and invited us to enter into a land devastated by war, have to explore the sea and the North Pole, all accompanied by their characteristic sense of humor and an interesting off-line co-op.

  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter at Xbox Live on September 22

    With a little lagging behind the PC version (which is already available since late April), Majesco has announced that HD Serious Sam: The Second Encounter will be available on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 from September 22, priced as 1200 Microsoft Points.

    Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter screenshot

    This action arcade game in first person is a remake of the second installment in the saga, which continues to direct the history of its predecessor and in this release includes new game modes and improved graphics and makes use of the Serious Engine 3.

  • FIFA 11 Demo Dated

    Electronic Arts on the official FIFA page announces the demo for the game to be appear on 15 September 2010 at the PlayStation Network.

    Fifa 11 screenshot

    Here, players can already on the quality of the new FIFA's try and convince the new features. In the demo, you'll be able to play with the following teams:

    • FC Barcelona
    • Real Madrid
    • Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    • Chelsea FC
    • Olympique Lyon
    • Juventus Turin