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  • Ubisoft and Nintendo Wii U E3 roundtable video leaked

    An anonymous user from YouTube has posted a hour long video of developer's roundtable from E3 2011 between Ubisoft and Nintendo. The video features Nintendo president Satoru Iwata begining the proceedings for the event.

    Wii U

    Check out many more stuffs in the video below includng Assassin's Creed game for Wii U.

  • Modern Warfare 3 PC to have dedicated server support?

    The next game in the Call of Duty franchise, "Modern Warfare 3" might have a dedicated servers support of PC. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has hinted this in an interview to GameFront at E3.

    Modern Warfare 3 logo

    "I can't confirm anything yet, but right now we're having conversations about dedicated servers, mod tools and post launch support,"

    "In Modern Warfare 2 we added IWnet, which was all about matchmaking, with the plan to eventually add in dedicated servers.

    "My ideal philosophy on the PC is to have matchmaking for the mass - have matchmaking for the guys who just want to jump in, hit play game and start enjoying that. But let's not lose that dedicated core audience that wants the dedicated server experience.

    Bowling added, "We're looking at ways on how we can incorporate that into Modern Warfare 3,"

    "We've been listening a lot to our PC guys who have been very vocal since Modern Warfare 2 about what they want to see come back to our versions of the franchise."

  • Platinum Games not working on Metal Gear Solid Rising

    Platinum Games has denied the reports which claims that the studio is working on next game in the MGS franchise, Metal Gear Solid Rising. The news was confirmed by Studio producer Atsushi Inaba in an interview to Kotaku.

    Metal Gear Solid Rising logo

    Atsushi Inaba said, "I am aware of the rumor that says [Devil May Cry and Bayonetta Hideki] Kamiya is working on Rising,"

    When quizzed if the rumor was correct, Atsushi Inaba replied, "It's not true."

  • E3 2011 attendance rises slightly, E3 2012 dated

    According to E3 2011 organiser, Entertainment Software Association, 46,800 people attended this year's show. The organiser also dated the next year's event.

    In comparison to the last year attendance figure its is slightly on the higher side but not by much (In 2010, 45,600 attended).

    E3 2011 logo

    Next year's event, E3 2012, will again take place at Los Angeles Convention Center next year, from June 5-7.

    ESA CEO Michael D. Gallagher said: "This year's E3 propelled video games to the pinnacle of the entertainment world. The industry's innovation, creativity, and excitement combined to show the world the ultimate entertainment experience."

    "The positive news generated by the event reached all parts of the world, and we are looking forward to building on this great momentum in 2012."

  • Saint Row 3 launch window announced

    Volition has confirmed that Saints Row: The Third will launch in the month of November for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The release window was confirmed in an interview to GameSpot at E3. Exact launch date will be revealed in coming days.

    Saint Row 3

    Volition’s senior producer Greg Donovan also confirmed some new features in the game like over-the-top kung fu attacks, flame-throwing jet fighters, firing pedestrians out of cannons and many more.

  • Infinity Ward reveals reason behind not showing MW3 multiplayer

    Infinity Ward has finally revealed the actual reason behind why the firm is not showing anything related to multiplayer element of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. According to Robert Bowling, the multiplayer element of MW3 is currently in development stage, and "its changing everyday".

    Modern Warfare 3 logo

    In an interview to NowGamer, Bowling explained, “It’s up and running. We play it every night but multiplayer is that thing that at this point in development, it’s changing every day. We’re constantly putting something in, trying it out, taking it out, reshuffling things for balance… it’s changing every day."

    "That’s why I always think it’s funny because you always get multiplayer questions. We are far from finished! We don’t want to say anything about multiplayer because it could be completely different the next day.”

    It has been rumored that the multiplayer section of MW3 will be detailed at Gamescom in September.

    Source: NowGamer

  • Catherine launch date for US announced, demo also confirmed

    Atlus has announced a United State launch date for their erotic horror puzzle-platformer adventure game "Catherine". It will launch in the country on July 26.


    The publisher also confirmed that english demo for the game will also be coming to PSN and Xbox Live Market place, more details about it will be revealed in coming days.

  • Tekken 3DS version runs at 60 FPS in 3D mode

    Tekken 3DS was among one of the new Nintendo 3DS games announced at E3 2011. Harada-San, the man behind Tekken series, discussed the 3DS version of the game in details in an interview to Gamespot.


    The most important details Harada-San revealed was that 3DS will be running at an  60 FPS, even with 3D enabled. Regarding the character roaster Haradan-San stated that all the usual characters will be there in the 3DS version of the game, but he “also has a few surprises planned”.

    The launch date for the 3DS version of Tekken is not yet revealed, Harada-San promises it will be out as soon as possible.

  • Cliff Bleszinski: Gears of War 3 campaign 10 to 12 hours long

    Epic has confirmed that Gears of War 3 campaign is the "longest and thickes" in the studio's history. In an interview to CVG at Los Angeles, Cliff Bleszinski said that the lenght of the game's single player campaign will be around 10 to 12 hours long.

    Gears of War 3

    "I can tell you this is the longest and thickest campaign Epic has ever produced." Bleszinski said.

    "Gears 1 and 2 were roughly about eight or nine hours for the average person, it's at least a few hours more than that. It's thick - and it's not just copy and paste level design. There's all this unique combat, all these story elements; there's a lot of stuff going on. It's quite a journey."

  • Sony: No internal memory storage in Playstation VITA

    Playstation VITA has a long list of features that excite every fans of Sony such a high level of graphical prowess, large enhanced resolution screen. However in a recent FAQ posted by Sony, an minor flaw has been discovered that may disappointment many fans.

    Playstation VITA

    Sony has confirmed that their upcoming handheld console Playstation VITA will not have a internal memory. The firm however confirmed that the handheld will have a storage media slot, and gamers can buy a memort card of their own according to their needs and planned memory usage.