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  • Red Dead Redemption Achievement List

    Red Dead Redemption Achievements List is out and we have all of it listed below for you. Gamers will be having a task of getting a total of 48 Achievements and a total of 1000 Gamescore and out of these 48 Achievements there will be 12 Achievements which will be secret.

    Red Dead Redemption Achievement (Sorted in terms of Gamerscore):

    • Bearly Legal (5 Gamerscore) - Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears.
    • Fightin' Around the World (5 Gamerscore) - Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single  Player.
    • The Gunslinger (5 Gamerscore) - Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode.
    • Buckin' Awesome (10 Gamerscore) - Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-bred.
    • Clemency Pays (10 Gamerscore) - Capture a bounty alive.
    • Exquisite Taste (10 Gamerscore) - Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith.
    • Friends in High Places (10 Gamerscore) - Use a pardon letter with more than $5000 bounty in Single Player.
    • He Cleans Up Well! (10 Gamerscore) - Obtain the Elegant Suit.
    • High Roller (10 Gamerscore) - Win over 2000 chips in a hand of Poker.
    • Hit the Trail (10 Gamerscore) - Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.
    • More than a Fistful (10 Gamerscore) - Earn $10,000 in Single Player.
    • Most Wanted (10 Gamerscore) - Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session
    • No Dice (10 Gamerscore) - Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die.
    • On the Trail of de Vaca (10 Gamerscore) - Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.
    • Posse Up! (10 Gamerscore) - Create a posse and get the maximum number of members.
    • Red Dead Rockstar (10 Gamerscore) - Kill a Rockstar or someone with this achievement in a public multiplayer match.
    • Slow on the Draw (10 Gamerscore) - Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session.
    • Strange Things are Afoot (10 Gamerscore) - Complete a task for a Stranger
    • What About Hand Grenades? (10 Gamerscore) - Get a ringer in a game of Horseshoes.
    • Bullseye (20 Gamerscore) - Get 250 headshots in any game mode.
    • Frontiersman (20 Gamerscore) - Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge.
    • Go Team! (20 Gamerscore) - Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public  matches.
    • Have Gun Will Travel (20 Gamerscore) - Complete all Hideouts in a single public Free Roam session
    • How the West Was Won (20 Gamerscore) - Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience
    • In a Hail of Bullets (20 Gamerscore) - Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode.
    • Long Arm of Marston (20 Gamerscore) - Kill 500 enemies with any rifle, repeater, or shotgun in any game mode.
    • Mowing Them Down (20 Gamerscore) - Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode
    • The Quick and Everyone Else... (20 Gamerscore) - Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive FFA games in public matches.
    • Unnatural Selection (20 Gamerscore) - Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode.
    • Austin Overpowered (25 Gamerscore) - Complete Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach Hideouts in Single Player.
    • Evil Spirits (25 Gamerscore) - Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul Hideouts in Single Player.
    • Gold Medal (25 Gamerscore) - Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player.
    • Instinto Asesino (25 Gamerscore) - Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida Hideouts in Single Player.
    • Man of Honor / Chivalry's Dead (25 Gamerscore) - Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank.
    • People are Still Strange (25 Gamerscore) - Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.
    • Redeemed (100 Gamerscore) - Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.

    Secret Achievements (Sorted in terms of Gamerscore):

    • Three Secret Achievements each worth (5 Gamerscore).
    • Three Secret Achievements each worth (10 Gamerscore).
    • One Secret Achievement (20 Gamerscore).
    • One Secret Achievement (30 Gamerscore).
    • One Secret Achievement (40 Gamerscore).
    • One Secret Achievement (50 Gamerscore).
    • One Secret Achievement (90 Gamerscore).
    • One Secret Achievement (100 Gamerscore).

  • Protection Plan for PS3 and Sony PSP Revealed

    Sony has official launch a Protection Plan for the owners of Playstation 3 and PSP. This Purchase Plan of Sony is for those  owners who would like to extend their standard warranty period by buying the additional coverage from Sony themself. This  official pyrchase plan is only for new owners of Playstation 3 and PSP.

    What this Protection plan is all about exactly is listed below:

    For Playstation 3 Owners:

    • One Year Extension Plan: for $49.99
    • Two Year Extension Plan: for $59.99

    For PSP Owners:

    • One Year Extension Plan: for $29.99
    • Two Year Extension Plan: for $39.99

    So its all depend on you whether you want to have this official purchase plan from Sony but for us it seems a good deal to  get the standard warranty period extended rather than throwing your console if it get damage and cross the warranty time period.

  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP Announced

    PSP owner will get excited and thrill by hearing this news, God of War: Ghost of Sparta has been announce for PSP, the gameplay of God of War was last time seen of PSP in God of War: Chains of Olympus which was fill with stunning and amazing graphics and it is still been rated as one of the top most PSP title of all time, we can expect much bigger thing from God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

    The development of the game is in the hand of same developer which develope God of War: Chains of Olympus and it is been said that God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be crossing all the limit and barriers of PSP in terms of visual effect, graphics and many more things like 25% more gameplay etc.

    The list seem to be never ending, for time being we have got this much update for you and we expect more as we get closer to the E3 event. Here are some screenshot we have for you for time being to enjoy.


  • Free City Management Educational Game by IBM

    IBM has announce a Free City Management Educational Game name CityOne, the announcement was made at Impact Conference held at Las Vegas. CityOne from IBM will be a learning thing for gamers rather than a game. CityOne will fall into a free strategy game that will put forward a challenge in front of the gamers as they will be put in the scenario where they have to address various problem regarding energy water retail sector and management etc. Gamers has to approach each and every scenario with a best possible solution in terms of growth, economic and other such factor.

    "Serious games allow professionals to inherently comprehend system interactions, and accurately model the potential business outcomes that can result, in a way that no other medium can do," said Nancy Pearson, IBM vice president of SOA, BPM and WebSphere. "CityOne will simulate the challenges faced in a variety of industries so that businesses can explore a variety of solutions and explore the business impact before committing resources.

    IBM CityOne is slated to be launch in the fall of 2010.So wait for it patiently until it gets launch because it seem like
    giving a diferent taste to the gamers who have been a fan of hardcore game title.

  • How to read PDF files on PSP

    Ever imagine what else or How else you can use your PSP for apart from playing games and listening to music.

  • How to use Wii Points on Wii Shop Channel

    You all will be aware that if you want to buy something from Wii online shop channel you are require have Will points which act as a actual online currency for shopping at Wii shop online. You can get yourself Wii points from Wii shop channel directly by means of a credit/debit card or you can directly transfer the Wii points from Points Card of Nintendo. Now this article will give you knowledge of how you can use nad transfer Wii points from Wii which you can use for shoppimg on the Wii shop online.

    First i will give you the detail step by which you can buy Nintendo points.

    •  Go to the Wii shop Channel icon and make use of "A" button for seecting it.
    •  A User Agreement will appear read it and select the "I Agree" Tab and than "Okay" Tab.
    •  Now choose the option of "Start Shopping" and than choose "Add Wii Point".
    •  Now you will be require to select the option of "Buy Wii point with Credit Card"
    •  In the next step you will ask to specify how much Nintendo or Wii points you would be interested in buying, specify this detail.
    •  Give your card detail which ou will be require to provide detail such as card number, three digit code and expiration  detail will be ask to provide. Provide each detail correctly and click on "OK" tab.
    •  Give your mailing detail like city, state and others thing as ask and select "OK" tab again.
    •  In the last step you will have a summary of your shopping detail and transaction have a look at it completely and select yes if you get satisfied with the detail.
    •  Now your transaction will be process and Wii ponits you shop for will be transferred to your Wii account.

    Now i will tell you how to use Nintendo points card

    •  Go to the Wii shop Channel icon and make use of "A" button for seecting it.
    •  A User Agreement will appear read it and select the "I Agree" Tab and than "Okay" Tab.
    •  Now choose the option of "Start Shopping" and than choose "Add Wii Point".
    •  After you select the Add Wii points, than select Redeem Nintendo Points Card.
    •  You will be ask to provide Activation number,scratch the silver security lining which is on the back of the card for     getting the activation number, provide this activation number and then select OK tab.
    •  Now choose the Reedem option and whatever value of the card had will be transfer into your Wii Shop Account and you will receive a confirmation for the same reading "Transaction is Complete".

  • Alpha Protocol PC DRM Details by SEGA

    SEGA has provided information relating to the protection system that they have added to the upcoming PC version Alpha Protocol. As commented The system has been chosen Uniloc: SoftAnchor, replacing Steamworks Valve System, which had been used SEGA in one of its latest PC games.

    This system will require to activate the game via the Internet (of course, no permanent connection to the Internet), which may be activated at a specified number of PCs (five), but we can "disable" at any time in case we need reinstalling, change or our PC machines suffer some kind of unexpected. Perhaps most interesting is that SEGA is committed to launch within the next two years, a patch that removes this protection system, So that in future we will not have to worry about if you decide to activate the game install. Remember Alpha Protocol will be release on 28th May.

    Here’s the official statement on what to expect:

    The system chosen for Alpha Protocol is Uniloc: SoftAnchor. The system will allow the user to activate Alpha Protocol online immediately out of the box and once activated the user never needs to worry about activating again. The activation can be used on a limited amount of PCs, and can be deactivated through our online servers allowing the user full control over their license – should they need to re-install, swap machines or suffer a catastrophic hardware failure on their normal PC.

    In the future, SEGA will be releasing an unprotected patch of the game to alleviate any fears of not being able to play the game when the Uniloc servers won’t be around anymore.

    We also do not use Steamworks – the Steam released version will use Uniloc DRM.

  • 'StarCraft 2' Release Date Confirmed

    Blizzard today announce and confirm today that the much awaited StarCraft: Wings of Liberty will be available from 27th July 2010. The game was announce way back almost three years back and in the time being we have seen many of its gameplay video, massive multiplayer beta and many more.

    StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty will be the first installment in the StarCraft 2 series. So wait eargely and patiently for it release and don't forget to get your hand on to it on 27th July 2010.

  • Mastering Multiplayer in GTA : Episodes from Liberty City Tips

    Searching for tips for Grand Theft Auto: Episode from Liberty City in a multiplayer mode of game, here it is we have all the tips which will help you to have a edge in your gameplay. You can make use of this tips in the multiplayer mode of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

    Gameplay Tips:

    • Use NOS wisely in The Ballad of Gay Tony when we start GTA Races.  Watch your map on your radar and be prepared for every turn, especially with the APC!
    • Master the art of tossing sticky bombs from vehicles.  This gives you the armor of a car plus plenty of speed.  Practice by throwing sticky bombs onto parked cars.
    • During our events, find and defend a spot in Deathmatch between a health spawn and a weapon spawn.  This will give you the opportunity to gather health and ammunition each time you take down an enemy.
    •  Set waypoints for other teammates when in vehicles.  This is especially helpful in modes like Witness Protection.  This will allow the driver to concentrate on the road.
    • Use your parachute to your advantage during our matches.  Land on the roof of a building to take the high ground.  This not only gives you a better view of the action but also makes it more difficult for enemies to use any kind of weaponry against you.
    • If you're being followed by an enemy and blips are set to Shooting, Team, Far or Off, crouch behind cover.  Your player name will disappear and you'll gain the advantage.

    Blips Guide:

    • All - All players are shown on the radar, regardless of team or side.
    • Near - Only those close to where you are will appear on your radar.
    • Far - Only those far away from where you are will appear on your radar.
    • Leader - Only the current leader's blip is shown.  No mercy!  Take the player down.
    • None - No blips are shown.  Watch your back.
    • Team - Only blips for the players on your team show up on your radar.  Not available in all modes.
    • Shooting - Introduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony, this selection will show a blip for a moment after a player uses a weapon.

    Preferences Guide:

    If you want to have a preference for yourself in a knid of game you want to get into you should navigate yourself to Multiplayer->Peference, were you can have a particular preference for the knid of match.

    • Auto-Aim - As you may be aware, allowing Auto-Aim usually creates more on-foot action and intense cover-based gunfights.  Disallowing Auto-Aim often provides more vehicle-based action.  Matches with Auto-Aim may not be necessarily easier because all players receive the same advantage.  Settings include Allow, Disallow and Don't Care.
    • Police - Turn this on and the cops will act as they would in the single player mode.  Break the law and the cops are going to crack down on you.  Settings include On, Off and Don't Care.
    • Friendly Fire - In team matches and co-operative missions, you can increase the level of realism and difficulty by turning Friendly Fire on.  Your bullets will now cause damage to your teammates and vice versa.  Settings include On, Off and Don't Care.

    The PC version of the game has a larger set of parameters to customize the multiplayer experience for Custom Matches.  Open the in-game phone and navigate Multiplayer > Player Match > LIVE > Custom Match > Yes.  Here you can filter to the exact game match you want with these options: Race Class, Location, Duration, Track, Laps, Auto-Aim, Weapons, Friendly Fire, Gamertag Display, Respawn Distance, Respawn Time, Police, Traffic, Blips, Voice Chat, Join In Progress, Time of Day and Weather.

    Source: RockStar Games