Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Blur Multiplayer Beta Walkthrough Trailer

    The Blur multiplayer beta will only be available for a limited time on Xbox Live, so download it now to see what all the hype is about.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Video Documentary

     This documentary trailer shows off over six minutes of narrated gameplay footage from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the upcoming MMORPG from Bioware set in the Star Wars universe.

  • Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Mode DLC Video

    A video for Super Street Fighter IV Tournment Mode DLC, the announcement of Tournament Mode DLC was made at the 2010 Captivate, What happen in this mode is that gamers will be competing and battling with other top gamers onlnie all around the world with a maximum of 4 or 8 players.

  • Activision Register new GoldenEye and BloodStoneGame domains

    According to Activision has recently register for themself two domain, and, ther are much speculation surrounding the domain name as a new james bond game.

    The speculation look more promising as Activision last year had made an announcement about a new James Bond game and target 2010 for it so is it this that they are talking about or might possible two title for one title or is really all about James Bond game too many qustion and many speculation but no answer yet, and we won't have any answer until and unless Activision confirms anything.

  • Sony PS3 Slim CECH-2100A Revealed

    Sony has once again show that the what are mean in this game console world, Sony has just now release a new version of PlayStation 3 name PS3Slim consisting of low on cost and energy efficiency graphics chip as RSK GPU has been reduce from 65nm to just 45nm, what this reduce in size will do is it will cut short the electricity consumption to almost 15 percent.

    Apart from the changes in the RSX GPU chips there are other modification also done, these important modification are, now for RAM 2X128MB XDR chips from previous 4X64MB again resulting into reduce in size and power consumption and much much more simple and efficient cooling system. All this important modification just take you to only one conclusion only a awesome PS3 with fewer components which are cheap and easily available, which might directly effect the overall cost.

    Given below are details in the power consumption from the slim version CECH-2000A to CECH-2100A

    CHECH-2000A Power Consumption Detail:

    • XMB Menu with still wallpaper: Consume 76W of power
    • XMB Menu with Main Theme: Consume 83W to 83W of power
    • FFXIII game event scene: Consume power in between 96W to 107W.
    • FFXIII game menu: Power Consumption is 83W to 84W
    • BD playback: Consume 88W to 91W of Power.

    CHECH-2100A Power Consumption Detail:

    • XMB Menu with still wallpaper: Consume 67W of power (Saving 9W)
    • XMB Menu with Main Theme: Consume 71W (Saving 12W-15W)
    • FFXIII game event scene: Consume power in between 78W to 83W (Saving 18W-24W).
    • FFXIII game menu: Power Consumption is 74W (Saving 9W-10W)
    • BD playback: Consume 77W to 78W of Power (Saving 10W-13W).

  • Get 400 Microsoft Points for free

    We have one way by which you can get yourself a whooping 400 Microsoft Points that too free, after reading this you will be  itching your hand to and head to know how you can get this.

    Ok i will tell you how you can get this 400 Microsoft Points, You  just need to Download the Red Dead Redemption Trailer and Rockstar will give you 400 Microsoft points but one point is there  to note it is only available for the UK gamers and only first 5000 people will be getting this free points.

    There will be a token which will be contain wih the download and will be sent to the email address and a time limit of 4 to 6  weeks will be there to signed up to Live. This promotion activity from Rockstar will be ending on 10th May. So be quick as soon as possible.

  • DJ Hero Domination Pack coming next week

    DJ Hero Domination pack will be releasing soon by Activision, it is slated to be release on 29th April and will be available  for the gamers on the from very same date. This Domination Pack will be consisting of three tracks whose detail is given  below.

    The Track that will be included in the Domination Pack:

    • Darude's "Sandstorm" mixed with Josh Wink's "Higher State of Consciousness"
    • Wolfgang Gartner's "Wolfgang's Fifth Symphony" (Beat Juggle)
    • Byrd's "ReDanny d Mist VIP" (Beat Juggle)

    A price detail for this DJ Hero Domination Pack is yet not out.

  • First PS3 3D games to be Visually Downgraded

    Just past week Sony release some sort of update regarding its preparation of its Playstation 3 for 3D gaming, now there is some more updates in this regard, Euro gamers has reported that the when the frist set of 3D games release they will be a bit low on graphics as compare to 2D gameplay of the very same game.

    There are lots of detail giving by Euro gamers in this regard with all the technical details, but the reason for this degradation given is that a gamnig console has to give out two image for 3D one each for both eyes for getting that much power there has to be compromise on resolution and frame rate.

    The first wo game out in 3D for playstation is going to be WipEout HD and MotorStrom: Pacific Rift, WipEout currently run in 1080p and 60fps.

  • F1 2010 Developer Diary Video

    Taking FORMULA ONE fans further behind the scenes of F1 2010, the Handling developer diary also features new gameplay footage and former FORMULA ONE test driver Anthony Davidson, discussing the development teams aim to create the most authentic experience possible.