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  • Kaos Studio commented on 5 hour Homefront campaign report

    Kaos Studios has commented on the PSM3 report which claimed that Homefront campaign only 5 hours long. David Votypka, creative director and general manager in an interview to Eurogamer said only expert gamers can complete the FPS in five hours.

    Homefront logo

    "We've done a lot of focus testing on the game," he said. "We've seen really expert players race through it pretty quickly – five hours, a little less. We've seen players take eight to 10 hours to play it. So it's a range, there. It depends who you ask."

    David Votypka further added that Homefront campaign length is comparable to those of its direct competitors like COD, Battlefield and MOH.

    "It's competitive with the lengths of the other top shooters out there right now, especially the ones with the big multiplayer components,"

    "Where there's a lot of game time in the multiplayer, the single-player doesn't tend to be 12, 15, 20 hours long. The Mass Effects, those types of games where it's all about the single-player, then they put all their time and content into that."

  • Naughty Dog: Uncharted 3 multiplayer will "compete with the big boys in the online space"

    The multiplayer portion of Uncharted 2 was one of the best experience for PS3 fans, and now developer Naughty Dog has said that the next game in the franchise Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will compete with the big boys in the online space.

    Uncharted 3

    In an interview to GT at GDC 2011, Evan Wells, Naughty Dog co-President said, "We really, really want to push multiplayer to the forefront of Uncharted. We feel like we have a good grasp on the single-player experience but we really want to compete with the big boys in the online space and actually have a very competitive game."

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is slated to release on November 1 for PS3

  • Kaos Studio jazzed to begin development work on Homefront 2

    David Votypka, Kaos Studio GM has said that the studio is very much eager to start the development work on Homefront sequel. He further goes on to say that the development team has tons of new ideas for Homefront 2 and they just need to figure out which ones can fit into sequel.

    Homefront screen

    In an interview to Gamerzines David Votypka said, "We've always viewed Homefront as a franchise," said Votypka talking to us yesterday at a Homefront event in London, "and I think everybody in the studio is pretty jazzed to start on the next one to improve and expand on what we've done in the first.

    "The world of Homefront is so rich and fertile with the idea of occupation; not only occupation in the USA but occupation as a philosophy in a video game and experiencing the human/civilian side of it.

    "And then there are all the new systems that we brought to multiplayer and just experimenting on those. We're super excited about all the ideas we have. In fact, there are so many ideas that we have to try and figure out which ones we can fit into Homefront 2."

    Check out the first details regarding Homefront 2 here.

    Homefront will launch in United States on March 15, and in United Kingdom on March 18.

  • Blizzard: Next Generation MMO "TITAN to be next big thing from us" after Diablo III

    Blizzard Entertainment COO Paul Sams has said that the company's next generation MMO, codenamed as "TITAN", will be the next big thing following the launch of Diablo III.

    Blizzard Entertainment

    Speaking to Gamasutra Paul said, “I believe [it's] the most ambitious thing we’ve ever attempted,” he said to the site. “And I feel like we have set our company up to succeed on that. We have some of our most talented and most experienced developers on that team. Many of the people that built World of Warcraft are full time on that other team.”

    Paul insistend that even though key members of the development team are focusing on TITAN, WOW is still very much on company's radar

    “We’ve spent a lot of time over the last number of years transitioning those people off [of World of Warcraft], and having great people below them that were trained up by them to run World of Warcraft. Those people have been doing it for the last couple of years without the assistance of those people that created it.”

    Paul further added, “I see World of Warcraft as having many more years in front of it. We have over 12 million subscribers. We’re continuing to grow and we feel very good about them. We’re going to continue to support that product for many, many years to come.

    “As it relates to that other [MMO], we think that it’s going to be very impactful in our industry and, we hope, very impactful to the world. We think that that will be, after Diablo III, the next big thing from us. The thing that we hope will happen is that it will not stop World of Warcraft but we believe will eclipse it.”

    Blizzard has not yet announced the release date for Diablo III, and previously it was confirmed that Diablo III will not release in 2011.

  • DICE: Battlefield 3 multiplayer capable of handling upto 256 players

    It has been confirmed by DICE that Battlefield 3's multiplayer will support upto 64 players on PC and a total of 24 players on consoles, but according to DICE CEO Patrick Soderlund Battlefield 3 multiplayer portion is capable of handling upto 256 players.

    Battlefield 3 screenshot

    In an interview to Atomic MPC, Patrick Soderlund said, "A lot of people ask us about 64 versus 128 or 256 players. Technically, we can go to 256, we've tried it,".

    "We play tested with 128. You've got to make a game that's fun to play and, arguably, we think that the most fun you can have is when it's between 32 and 40 players."

    He further continued, "We've done substantial research into this and tested 128 and that it's not fun,"

    "Maybe we haven't done our design work good enough, but we just feel like there's no point in going higher than 64."

  • Ubisoft announces PAX East 2011 line-up

    Ubisoft has announced its complete line-up for upcoming PAX East event to be held in Boston. Attendees will have a chance to sit down and play Child of Eden on Kinect, they will also get their hands on Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Beyond Good and Evil HD and Outland.

    PAX East

    Ubisoft booth will carry some special pre-order promotion offer for Call of Juarez: The Cartel, if a totol of 200 gamers pre-order the game then they will b receiving a GameStop gift card for $20. Pre-ordering Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier will fetch them T-Shirt designed specially for PAX attendees.

    Pre-order Child of Eden at PAX East and get light-activated T-shirt along with a chance to win a pair of light-up glasses, for this all you need to do is "Like" the game's facebook page.

    PAX East will begin on March 11.

  • Pre-order Darkspore and get Dragon Age: Origins for free

    If you are residing in US or Canada and planning to pre-order Darkspore, then do from EA oline store. A limited-time period offer is currently going on for Darkspore pre-orders, as bonus content for EA is giving out free copy of Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition.

    Darkspore limited edition

    The offer expires on March 9 midnight, and is only applicable to the new pre-orders of Darkspore: Limited Edition. For more details on the offer click here.

    Darkspore is slated to launch at the end of this month for PC.

  • Modern Warfare 2 patch for PS3 goes live

    Infinity Ward’s community manager/creative strategist Robert Bowling has announced on twitter that the patch update for COD: Modern Warfare 2 is now available for download for Playstation 3.

    This new update for the game will address security issues that have affected online play. In addition to the security updates, this patch will also address a small geo exploit on the map Fuel, which players exploited in order to get inside a rock on the outskirts of the map

    Modern Warfare 2

    Check out what Robert Bowling just a while ago tweeted:

    “The Modern Warfare 2 patch to address hacking is now live on Playstation 3. Other platforms pending. Have any problems, please let me know.”

  • Catherine Easy patch now available for PS3

    The much awaited easy patch update for Catherine is now available for downlaod on Playstation 3. One of the biggest feature in this update is game's Super Easy Mode. Gamers need to choose "Golden Theater" story mode from the title screen and hold SELECT, this will add Drink Assist feature in easy mode.


    This new Drink Assist feature in the game will make special drink items appear in the stage, gamers can drink this to have an ability to climb a total of three levels step at once.

    The patch will also effect the pillows that players pick during the action stage. Earlier pillow gave gamers one continue, it will remain the same in hard mode however in normal mode pillow will now give two continues whereas in easy mode it will give three.

    If gamer wish to block the effect of this new patch update on the game, all they need to do is press R3 and L3 simultaneously, this will take the game to its original state.

  • Nyko Power Pak+ doubles 3DS battery life

    Are you bit worried after reading many reports that says 3DS has low-battery life?, then keep all your worried aside as Nyko has a solution for it in development, its called "Nyko Power Pak+" a third party battery which will double the handheld's power life.

    Nyko Power Pak+

    “The Nyko Power Pak+ for Nintendo 3DS is a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack that offers double the battery life of the original 3DS battery”.

    The battery will be available on handheld launch day (March 27) carrying a price tag of $20 (battery alone), a combo pack of it (battery and charging dock) will be available for $30.