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  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel announced for PSP

    Square Enix has announce a sequel to Dissidia: Final Fantasy in Jaoan Shonen Jump magazine.

    The sequel has been title as Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy and will be release in 2011 for PSP. The game will feature Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII and Kain from Final Fantasy IV.

    Dissidia: Final Fantasy screenshot sequel

    Apart from the above detail nothing is reveal. The original Dissidia game title was release in 2008(Japan) for PSP which was followed by its European release last September.

  • Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed For Xbox 360

    It now officially confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will be releasing on Xbox 360 in Japan. According to the details (Leaked) from Famitsu the game is set to release at the end of this year December 16.

    Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360, Final Fantasy

    Xbox 360 version of the game will be called "Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International" and will be available for a price of ¥4,980 (around $60). More details about the game is expected to reveal today as Microsoft holds pre Tokyo Game Show press conference in Central Tokyo.

    So Stay tunned for more on it.

  • Brink Minds on the Brink Developer Diary

    Check out some real development footage of video game design with the developers (Splash Damage) in this behind-the-scenes look at Brink.

  • Ubisoft confirms Outland

    Ubisoft has officially confirmed Outland for Xobx 360 and Playstation 3. Outland is developed by Housemarque Studio of Super Stardust fame HD fame.

    Apart from official confirmation not much details was reveal but it is said that the Outland is inspired by Prince of Persia and Ikaruga, it tasks gamers with eliminating the gap between the ancint worlds of balance and chaos.

    Outland comes out on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in early 2011.

  • Tales of Graces F Dated for Japan

    Namco Bandai announced the release details for Tales of Graced F.

    Tales of Graced, Tales of Graced F

    The game will be coming out on Playstation 3 on December 2. Gamers has to shell out ¥8,379 for the game which comes with a special DVD kit as well as costume and custom theme download codes.

  • Actors and a Hollywood screenwriter involved in the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Activision and Treyarch studios announced today that renowned actors Gary Oldman and Ed Harris have joined the cast of Call of Duty: Black Ops, along with David S. Goyer, who will be responsible for reviewing the script.

    Gary Oldman, known for his work in films like The Professional, Dracula, Batman: The Dark Knight or The Book of Eli, repeated in the role of Viktor Reznov, already known thanks to Call of Duty: World at War. For its part, Ed Harris, with leading roles in The Abyss, A History of Violence, Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff, will play one of the stars of the game, the CIA spy Jason Hudson.

    Call of Duty : Black Ops

    The Screenwriter David S. Goyer has worked on films such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Blade and the upcoming Superman : The Man of Steel.

    "Harris and Goyer are keen talent in Hollywood, and perfectly represent the experience of playing the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops," said Mark Lamia, head of Treyarch. "With his work expanding the boundaries of history and character of our characters beyond what has never been seen in the franchise."

  • Dead Rising 3 - depending on the success of Part 2

    The colleagues from IGN had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Keiji Inafune of Capcom , who is responsible for the development of Dead Rising.

    Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 3

    Of course , the question was whether to be expected after Dead Rising 2, a further part .

    Inafune commented to the fact that they will not talk about it before you have seen the sales figures of Part 2. But if that were the case , you would like to work again with the Canadian developer Blue Castle Games.

  • Brian Wood dies of Relic Entertainment, in a traffic accident

    Brian Wood, 33 years youth who holds on to an important position in Relic Entertainment and also has a major role in the development of the saga of Company of Heroes strategy and was currently working on the upcoming Company of Heroes Online.

    Last Friday, when returning home by car with his wife, pregnant, suffered a terrible accident that cost him life, while his wife came out almost unscathed, except for some minor problem in the neck due to the intensity the coup.

    According to the police report, the accident was caused by a young man named Jordy Weichter 21, who under the influence of drugs tried to remove his sweater while driving, while his companion, Samantha Bowling, holding the wheel lost the control of the car at high speed.

    The result of the accident was the death of Brian Wood and the two occupants of the backseat of the car that caused the accident, 25 and 26 years respectively.

    A few days after the accident, the deceased's wife, Erin Wood, declined to talk about the last heroic act of her husband and by which both she and her child in her womb, were able to save their lives.

    "In his final act, he did what he could do to save us," said Mrs. Wood.

    "All police officers have told me that if the car had given us full in front, we'd all be dead. At the last second, Brian braked very sharply to turn the car towards the right, so he took all violence of the impact, not me or the baby. This was the only thing that saved us both."

    Beyond this noble act, Mrs. Erin wanted to end with the following, "He was the most amazing and of good heart who never have known, loved his job, loved his family . I'm not quite sure how they are supposed I live the rest of my life without him. He truly was a gift, and not change anything about any of our moments together. The baby is due in November, so come quick, look to the future and know I'll see a bit of what Brian was our baby and that's what gives me strength at this time."

    We do our modest but sincere tribute to Brian Wood. Rest in peace.