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  • EA announces My Garden for Nintendo 3DS

    EA has announced a new game title exclusive for Nintendo 3DS. The game has been title as "My Garden" which let its player play a role of expert gardener.

    Rod Humble, EA Play Label Vice President said, "With My Garden, our aim was simple: to make something beautiful that comes to life on the Nintendo 3DS like no other platform,"

    "We hope to offer a game that's so immersive that it truly brings the delight of owning a garden to life through a visually stunning 3D experience."

    My Garden, My Garden for 3DS,

    About My Garden:

    My Garden is said to feature a total of 6 garden environment which include Brook, Desert ad Jungle, and apart from this it will also include a whooping 300 collectable plants which can be used to attract various visitor to your garden.

    There will be a guide character in the game called Tanuki for helping the gamer became an expert gardener. Tanuki will be possessing many abilities and unique powers.

    My Garden is slated to release alongside Nintendo 3DS.

  • PSP passes 15 million sales in Japan

    Since its launch in Japan, PSP has cross a sale figure mark of 15 million.

    According to The Enterbrain figure, Sony's handheld console has touch the dream mark of 15 million in just a time period of almost six year (Between December 12, 2004 to September 12, 2010).

    PSP, Sony PSP, Playstation Portable

    Currently the global sales figure of PSP is 48.6 million and PSP software sales is 214.1 million units, as per Sony's Q1 figure which was released in July.

  • Capcom announces sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration

    Capcom official announced a sequel to their CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration.

    The film has been title as Resident Evil: Damnation and it will be coming out in the early part in 2012, the only details know about the film is that it will be produce by Sony Picture and the lead role will be of Leon Kennedy.

    Resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil, Resident Evil Film, Resident Evil: Degeneration Sequel

    Going by the sales record of the earlier Resident Evil films they have done an exceptional great job, first film Resident Evil: Degeneration cross the sales figure mark of over 1.6 million and the latest release in the series Resident Evil: Afterlife collected $27.7 million in its last weekend collection.

  • Vanquish Limited Edition Announced for UK

    Platinum Games today announces a Limited Edition for their upcoming third person shooting game title Vanquish.

    Vanquish, Vanquish Limited Edition

    It is listed for the gamers of United Kingdom for a price tag of £54.95 (for those who pre-order it), the normal retail price is of £69.99. No details about whether this Limited Edition will be coming out in North America or other union territories.

    Vanquish is slated to release on 22 October for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Demo for the game has already released.

  • Hustle Kings gets Move & 3D support patch

    Sony has released the 3D and Move patch 2.0 (53MB) for Hustle Kings, which will install automatically on next game start. You can now experience the game to a whole new way. Thanks to Move the game will now give even more realistic experience and will also feature  3D.

    Hustle Kings screenshot

    In addition, soon a new DLCs and additional stuffs are coming:

    • PlayStation Move support
    • Stereoscopic 3D support
    • UK 6FT table (with smaller, accurate balls)
    • Carom billiards (incredibly tactical)
    • Hardcore trickshot pack
    • Two US 8-Ball ball sets
    • Six UK Black Ball ball sets
    • Two very snazzy cues
    • Funky Hustle kings related PSN icons
  • DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue PS3 Trophies

    DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is an action role-playing game sequel to  DeathSpank. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue holds the total of 13 Trophies can be unlock in game. In total of 13 Trophies there is 7 bronze, 4 silver, 2 gold trophies. Well DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is expected to release on 21 September at PSN.

    Orque Imposter (Bronze)
    Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque

    Death of a Penguin (Bronze)   
    Kill the Evil Nun

    Primp V.I.P. (Bronze)   
    See all 20 of Madame Primp's Outfits

    Well Educated (Bronze)
    Get an Engineering Degree

    Raise Your Mast    (Bronze)
    Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship

    Konichiwa (Bronze)
    Learn to Speak Japanese

    Mystic Transport (Bronze)
    Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses

    Dispenser of Justice (Silver)
    Kill 3000 enemies

    To Serve Men (Silver)

    Kill Wortten

    Ruin Christmas (Silver)
    Kill Santa Claus

    A Tale of Two Endings (Silver)
    Watch Both Game Endings

    A True Hero (Gold)
    Reach Level 20

    DLC: The Snowy Mountain Dungeon (Contains 1 Trophiy)
    Frozen Justice (Gold)
    Kill the Talking Tree

  • DSi XL SKUs coming to Europe in 3 new colors

    Three color line up of Nintendo's DSi XL SKUs which was announced way back at the start of the summer in Japan, will now be coming out in Europe in the early part of next month.

    All the new units Yellow, Blue and Green will be available from October 8. It has already been release in Japan in June and saw a great response which resulted in the hardware sale graph of the handheld console in the country.

    Nintendo DSi XL yellow, blue, green

  • No new releases for Geometry Wars

    After becoming one of the most pleasant surprises of digital download services in recent years, many expect that Bizarre Creations will surprise us with a new release of Geometry Wars.

    But it seems we have to wait more, it have been commented by their creators.

    Geometry wars screenshot

    Peter Collier, Bizarre, "It's just a great thing having titles that people love, that they associate with our studio -- and Geometry Wars is one of them. t's very close to a lot of fans' hearts. I guess it's just one of those things, that it's a great and very proud feeling having something that the fans adore so much, but we don't want to oversaturate it by carrying on with it. It's may be something that we keep as something we love, and move on to other things, you know?"

    According to Mr. Collier went on to explain, "There's nothing on the current horizon, but we can't rule anything out.

    As of now Bizarre Creations is working on James Bond: Blood Stone for PC, Xbox 360 and Wii.

  • NBA 2K11 demo available at Xbox Live

    2K Sports has surprised us today with the release of the NBA 2K11 playable demo, which is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360.

    This demo offers you the chance relive the 2010 NBA Finals game between the Lakers and the Celtics while experiencing NBA 2K11’s all-new breathtaking visuals & innovative controls.

    NBA 2K11 cover image

    The demo for PS3 will be available tomorrow on Wednesday.

    However that the game will be released on October 8 for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC and Wii.