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  • Transformers War for Cybertron Final 3 Characters Details

    Activision upcoming game title Transformer: War of Cybertron was in the news and now its final three playable character is also out. The release date for Transformers: War for Cybertron is slated to be on 22nd June 2010 in PC version, Playstation 3 version and Xbox 360 version. We also have a price detail for all the three version of Transformers: War for Cybertron Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version has a price tag of $59.99 whereas PC version has a price tag of $29.99

    The three new character whose detail out are:

    • The Autobots Sideswipe
    • Jetfire
    • Decepticon Thundercracker

    We have got you a complete detail of all the three playable character:

    JETFIRE - Autobot

    • Class: Scientist
    • Chassis: Jet
    • Primary Weapon: Neutron Repeater
    • Abilities: Whirlwind, Dash

    Description:  Jetfire is dedicated to the pursuit of science and believes technology will ultimately give the Autobots victory over the Decepticons. Jetfire keeps himself completely cutting edge and up to date, making him the fastest Autobot ever created. Jetfire became an Autobot after disagreeing with the methods used by the Decepticons and Starscream in particular.

    SIDESWIPE - Autobot

    • Class: Soldier
    • Chassis: Car
    • Primary Weapon: Neutron Repeater
    • Abilities: Spawn Sentry Turret, Hover

    Description:  Sideswipe is built for speed. Whether that’s in combat or out of it, he moves fast. Very fast. He enjoys the thrill of battle, but more for the sport and competitiveness than the end goal. Being very competitive, Sideswipe will do anything he can to win, cheating notwithstanding.  Nothing is out of the question when everything is on the line. Some call him reckless and brash, but he does what it takes to win. Every time.

    THUNDERCRACKER - Thundercracker

    • Class: Scientist
    • Chassis: Jet
    • Primary Weapon: Neutron Repeater
    • Abilities: Spawn Sentry Turret, Barrier

    Description:  Serving alongside Starscream and Skywarp, Thundercracker is a part of the main force of the flying fleet of the Decepticons. Thundercracker despises those that cannot take flight and views himself as being superior to those that cannot. He reigns supreme in the air, having excellent skills in aerial combat and maneuvers.  Thundercracker sometimes questions the Decepticon cause, but imagining Megatron’s wrath always quiets his discontent.

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  • Call of Duty Black Ops dedicated servers confirmed

    You all might be aware of the frustration you face when PC version of Call of Duty: Mordern Warfare 2 was not have a dedicated server, and also the action by infinity in this regard s they thought that it is a great idea for not having a dedicated server for PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Now as per the report coming out it is hope that the same frustrated experience will not be repeated with upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    Mark Lamia saidd in an interview, "I think dedicated servers are excellent. I don't see any reason not to see them unless... well, I just don't see any reason not to.

    There was also a hint given by Mark Lamia that there is evry possibility that there can be a mod support for Call of Duty: Black Ops which was no where to be seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

    Mark Lamia further added, "We do work very hard to reconcile the desire to manipulate and modify those dedicated servers with offering them the persistent experience and benefits that the console system provides," added Lamia.

    "We're working very hard to marry those two things, so people can run dedicated servers and also participate in the communal experience the console players get to have, given they're all on first-party servers."

    So it is now somewhat confirm regarding the Call of Duty: Black Ops dedicated server.

  • LEGO Universe pricing details revealed

    LEGO Universe pricing details have be reveal and it's now available for pre-order. Users can buy the retail copy of LEGO Universe at LEGO store for the $39.99 price. 

  • The Heavy PC Version Releasing in North America

    The Heavy PC version will be releasing exclusive for the gamers in North Ammerica. This news was confirmed by Frazer Nash, Ceo of Frazer Nash Communication, he stated that they are thrill and excited with working Little Orbit LLC(Publisher of the game) for getting The Heavy for PC version.

    The exact release date is still not out but The Heavy PC and Xbox 360 version will be coming in the third quarter of 2010, we will update you with all the detail of it when it is available.

  • 'Happy Island' Coming Soon To iPad and iPhone

    Happy Island will soon be coming to iPhone and iPod, now you can have access to Happy Island on your iPhone and iPod apart from Facebook. Some modification is expected in Happy Island as it will now enable to switch on any of the platform.

    What Happy Island is all about:

    In happy Island gamers has a task in front of them of managing their own island, they have to look after their inhabitants by keeping them health and fine. They also get a chance to visit other player island where they can buy many of the item they wish to in foreign shop.

  • PS2 Under Threat from Nintendo

    PlayStation 2 is loosing it ground which it hold for almost 10 years or so that too to a Nintendo. A total of approximately 135 million of unit sold and has been crown Best Selling Console of All Time, Now this crown is under threat and that too from Nintendo which has cross the mark of 129 million unit sold till Mach 2010.

    It is been predict that within a year or so Nintendo will take over all the crown hold by PlayStation 2. But one thing to keep in mind is that the sale of Nintendo includes DSi, DSi XL and 3DS will also get included in that when it release. In terms of best selling console Nintendo holds the seventh place so it will be worth a watch will Nintendo get place and crown hold by PlayStation 2 if yes within how much time.

  • Lost Planet 2 bringing Something Special for PS3 Fans

    Lost Planet 2 now something special for its PlayStation 3 fan, slated to be release in June 2010, all the PlayStation 3 owner
    can get them self a two exclusive skin of Helghast characters from Killzone by downloading them free of cost, this is with addition to the Monster Hunt skin announce for the release later this month for PlayStation 3 owners only.

    The Launch of Lost Planet 2 is on Tuesday but this skin will only be available for free download only after end of the month of June. So get all the update for it from us regarding the timing and availability of the skin.

  • Gears of War 3 Details Revealed

    Gear of War 3 details are out and this time it is going to be different from its previous two version, Gear of War 3 will be set in total different environment of underwater and might possible in Jungle and apart from this on also on heavy location.

    Apart from set in different location there will be an upgradation to Loctusts as well with the use of tentacles which will help knocking the gamers from there cover. A special and different will be there to help countering protagonists, this special explosive will have the capability of traveling under the ground to the location of enemy.

    The official confirmation is yet to be out in this regard and it is said the official announcement will be made in sometime on Moday. But who care about all this detail to confirm when we have a confirmation that Gear of War 3 is going to be out.

  • Mafia II Developer Diary 2

    The second episode of the Mafia II Developer Diary series joins the devs as they talk about gun fights, car chases, and melee combat in Empire Bay.