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  • Fix for Xbox 360 Slim Flashing red light on power button

    Xbox 360 Slim user faces a problem of red light been flash continously on your Xbox 360 Slim power button. This continously flashing of red light indicate the issue of insufficient ventilation.

    Here is the screenshot to give you a clear indication of the symptoms of this issue:

    Red light on the power button of Xbox 360 Slim blinks red:

    Following message may also displayed at your Xbox 360 Slim screen:

    Problem Cause:

    The continous falshing ofred light on the power button indicate your Xbox 360 Slim console has insufficient ventilation. The red light will continue blink until and unless the Xbox 360 Slim gets cools down.

    There are three possible solution to get this issue resolve.

    Solution 1:

    Wait for the console to get the cool down itself so that the flashing of red light stop, than turn ON the console. When you turn ON your console you will get a message give you the possible reason for the issue and the measure to be taken to prevent its occurence in future.

    Solution 2:

    If the Xbox 360 Slim doesn't get cool down itself, than turn off your console and move it to an open and well ventilated area.

    Here is some of the tips regarding positioning of Xbox 360 Slim:

    • Keep it in an open space and area, avoid keeping it in an enclosed area.
    • Avoid keeping other electronic devices on top or underneath ot against Xbox 360 Slim.
    • Avoid positioning of console nearer to heat source.

    Solution 3:

    If all the above solution fails to start your Xbox 360 Slim than the final solution is to send it for repairing at Microsoft Service Center.

  • Fantasy Football Manager South Africa Beta Released

    WeMade Entertainment has announced the beta release of their latest web-based football game title Fantasy Football Manager South Africa. This game title is free to play game title for every gamers and it can be played in any browser. In Fantasy Football Manager South Africa gamers will be able to select a team which will be have world football player playing in 2010 World Cup .

    Gamers will have a salary cap which they will use to built up their teams. There will be a total of 4 gameplay mode standard fantasy sports, group match, one-on-one match and score betting. For the help of the gamers an online tutorial will be there.

  • Sony List Out Move Launch Games for Japan

    Sony has reveal the game list for Japan which will be required Move, although there are not much unexpected in the list but it is expected that there are much more to come from Sony. Here is the list of titles along with its release details.

    • Eyepet – Coming out in October
    • Sing and Draw – Coming out in October
    • Sports Champions – Coming out in October
    • Shake! Shake! Bowling – Coming out in October
    • Echochrome II – Coming out in October
    • Kung Fu Rider – Coming out in November
    • The Fight: Lights Out – Coming out in November
    • Start the Party – Coming out in November
    • TV Superstar – Coming out in December
    • Sorcery – Coming out in 2011
    • Tumble – Coming out in 2011
    • The Shoot – Coming out in 2011
    • Heroes on the Move – Coming out in 2011
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior New Patch Update Available

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior new patch update has been released, City Interactive releases this new patch update for Sniper: Ghost Warrior which resolve many of the bug and other important issue face by the game. This patch update get automatically downloaded for the owners of the game when they restart their Steam Client.

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior is still not yet release in stateside hence this update is restricted to Europe, the game is slated to be release in North America on 29th June 2010 for a price of $30.

    Some of the important issue this new patch update resolve are:

    • Fixed several game stability problems
    • Fixed voice-over and texts errors
    • Fixed sound errors (i.e. sound of knife stab)
    • Fixed a few other minor gameplay bugs
  • The Settlers 7 Patch v1.06 Released

    Ubisoft today releases a new patch update for the Settlers 7, this new patch v1.06 for the The Settlers 7 will resolve various bug fixes and issues face by the gamers. The complete change log is given below:

    Changes in The Settlers 7 by Patch v1.06:

    • Fixed empire connectivity problems
    • Fixed some multiplayer connectivity problems
    • Fixed a problem with savegames that could not be deleted
    • Fixed tower issues on Sandbeken

    Known Issue: The game might freeze for a few seconds when joining an empire or multiplayer session

    Download The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Patch 1.06

  • Dead Rising 2 Release Date Delayed

    Finally, Capcom has announced the official date for Dead Rising 2, The anticipated sequel to the hit game of zombies.

    Although originally expected for the month of September, the truth is that it will take a bit longer to experience this second part, namely its 1st October this year.

    Previously Dead Rising 2 on Xbox 360 had a confirmed release date on Tuesday 31 August 2010, but now it will be release in month of October. No reason for the delay was given

    Dead Rising 2 wallpaper

    Dead Rising 2 have a high number of innovations, like the main character, which this time will be the Chuck Greene. In addition, the game is set in the Fortune City.

    This adventure game by Capcom will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

  • Xbox 360 Slim "System Error" and Power Button Red light Fix

    Getting a System Error on to your Xbox 360 Slim and want to know the solution for it? Then read the guide below which gives you a detailed explanation regarding the cause of the problem and many possible solutions for the same.

    Symptoms of the problem:

    On switching ON the Xbox 360 Slim it displays a message in many different languages "System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support." In addition to this a red light on the center of power button is illuminated (No blinking and flashing).

    Cause of the problem:

    On most occassions this error is caused due to poor connection of Xbox 360 Slim and the accessories connected. It is also caused if there is some problem with the console itself.

    Solution 1: Disconnecting the Accessories

    • Disconnect all the accessories connected to the Xbox 360 Slim even the power supply. After disconnecting everthing from the console wait for sometime and reconnect them.
    • After reconnecting switch ON the console, if the power light is green than it indicates that previously one of the accessory were not working or were not connected properly. To figure out the accessory which caused this problem turn OFF your console and add each accessory to the console one at a time. Switching the console ON and back OFF after each connection of accessory.
    • Suppose you connected a specific accessory switched ON your console and power light is Red, it implies that the accessory is faulty and requires a replacement.

    Solution 2: Remove Hard Disk Drive:

    Switch off your Xbox 360 Slim and remove your hard disk drive, then again switch your console ON. If your console now flashes a green light then it implies that your hard disk requires a replacement, if it still shows red light then switch to solution 3.


    Solution 3: Request a repair

    If all the above solutions do not work for your Xbox 360 Slim than it needs a repairing at the Microsoft Service Center.

  • Sega confirms the Yakuza PSP multiplayer

    SEGA has revealed that the new Yakuza for PSP will feature a multiplayer mode for two people through adhoc connection console.

    The game will offer both co-op and competitive mode. Little is known on the multiplayer mode but Famitsu promises that more information will be revealed on the next issue.

    SEGA also confirmed four of the fighting styles that will be in the game: street fighting, karate, boxing and wrestling.

    Yakuza PSP launch date is unknown yet.

  • Pokemon Black & White Release Detail

    Pokomon Black & White released details is finally out, an exclusively title for Nintendo DS will be releasing on 18th September 2010.

    However there were not much details regarding the release of the title in North America but NoA has guaranteed this that the title will be out in Spring of 2011 in North America.

    Here is a gameplay video of it.