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  • SongHi Music Making Game Launched

    SongHi Entertainment has launched the unique SongHi music making game that makes creating music easy and fun. With SongHi, anyone can become a virtual superstar! You can also turn your avatar into a fan of other artists. is a music making game that combines the fun of on-line games and the joy of creation. In SongHi, everyone can make their own music, whether or not they know anything about notes or playing music. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. By registering, you gain access to a free virtual studio with instruments, and you can style your own star avatar. You can also comment and share your music with your friends in social media.

    "It feels awesome to release SongHi to the public. We're excited to see how the game is received. We're hoping for as much player feedback as possible, so that we can make the game even better. We will reveal additional features during this summer," says Marketing Director Veli Palevaara at SongHi Entertainment Ltd.

    "In addition to beta test participants, SongHi has been received stunningly well by people in several fields of business. The first launch partner in Finland is Sony Music. More information about other collaborations will be forthcoming in the near future," Palevaara hints

  • Get Red Dead Redemption Warhorse Mount on Xbox 360

    Tips for getting yourself a Warhouse Mount for your Xbox 360 version of the game Red Dead Redemption is listed below with all the step wise procedure which will help you in getting the Warhouse properly mount on Xbox 360.

    Step 1:
      From the Main Menu Navigate yourself to Downloadble Content Screen.

    Step 2: Press "Y" button (Do not Press "X" as it has been misprinted on the card) for opening the Blade for inputting the code and redeeming the code so that Warhouse get unlock.

    Step 3: If your code get successfully accepted you will be getting an acknowledge message "Your R* Code was successfully validated and content was unlocked!"

    Step 4: Check the Content after getting the above message it will be listed in Downloadble Content Installed.

    Making use of this Warhorse require gamers to press the Back Button while in-game and choosing the "Deed" for Warhorse. After you select the Deed an confirmation and acknowledge message will be displayed. Now when you whistle for you horse it will be Warhorse.

    Note: One thing you have to keep in mind regarding the use of this ability that you may require to complete the "Political Realities in Armadillo" Mission for getting learning experience for calling your horse.

  • How to get The Deadly Assassin Outfit on Xbox 360

    Getting Deadly Assassin Outfit on Xbox 360 is easy if you have Read Dead Redemption and we will help you have this Deadly Assassin Outfit. The details and step by step procedure in this regard is explain to you below so just check it out.

    Step 1: When the game start booting (Read Dead Redemption), press "START" and navigate to "Download Content Screen" from the "Main Menu".

    Step 2: In the Download Content Screen (DLC Screen) press the "Y" (Do not Press "X" as it has been misprinted on the card) button for opening the Blade where you can input your code which will help you in unlocking the Deadly Assassin Outfit.

    Step 3: Enter the code correctly and if it gets successfully accepted you will be getting and acknowledge message reading "Your R* Code was successfully validated and content was unlocked!"

    Step 4: Quit the Blade and check the Deadly Assassin Outfit will be listed under "Downloadable Content Installed".

    You can make use of the Deadly Assassin Outfit only after completing the challenge given to you of collecting all the scraps pieces once done with it you can make use of this outfit at any of the safehouse.

  • UFC Undisputed 2010 Cheats Codes, Tips and Tricks

    Hunting for the cheats, code and tips for UFC Undisputed 2010 than you arrive at right place, well not much is yet out and available in his regard but we have some of cheats, codes and tips of UFC Undisputed 2010 which will make your gameplay a lots more slam bang experience.

    Cheats Code for Unlocking Character List:

    In Undisputed 2010 gamers can unlock a total of five characters, the details to unlck all this five character is given below along with the cheat code.

    • BJ Penn BLack Trunks: For unlocking Bj Penn Black Trunks gamers need to press the following key LB, RB, RT, LT, LT, RT, RB,   LB, Y, X, X, Y, Start.
    • Shaquille O' Neal: Unlock Shaquille O'Nell by pressing Right, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, X, Y, Y, X, Start
    • Unlock Tapout Character Mask, Skyscrape and Punkass: Unlocking the Tapout Character only reqiures pressing of   D,D,U,R,L,D,Back,Start.

    How to Get Honorable Fighter Achievements/Trophy:

    Gamers of Undisputed 2010 can get themselves a Honorouble Achievement/Trophy by touching the gloves of their opponent before the match beging, this can be done by pressing the D-Pad towards the opponent. If gamer do this total of 10 times than it will acquire a Honorable Fighter Achievement/Trophy.

    How to Cocky S.O.B Achievement/Trophy:

    Acquiring the  Cocky S.O.B Achievement/Trophy in Undisputed 2010 require pressing of D-Pad away from your opponent, gamer need to do this 5 times that too in the middle of a match for acquiring the  Cocky S.O.B Achievement/Trophy.

    How to Break Easy Submissions Applied by CPU Opponents:

    The one thing that the CPU opponent keeps doing in Undisputed 2010 is it keeps doing the easy submission on you gamers so you have to be alert and keep one of your eyes on the Stamina or energy meter if it reflect Red than the CPU opponent will sure and short will apply a submission on you and if they do like this you need to rotate the Control Stick for breaking it out.

  • Two Worlds II Exclusive Mighty Montage Gameplay

    Two Worlds II Mighty Montage, Five years have passed since the dramatic events in Antaloor brought the whole world to the edge of the abyss and the hero's strength is finally exhausted.
  • How to Reset Playstation 3

    Resetting your Playstation 3 is an easy task and it is done when gamers want to troubleshoot the gaming console after having some issue with it or after an hard disk freezing issue. Its is recommend to all the gamers and user for backing of all the important data bfore resetting as it will restore the Playstation 3 to factory setting and there are every chances that it might get erased.

    Step 1:

    Switch off your Playstation 3 from the switch which is on the back side of the system.

    Step 2:

    Wait for sometime and than switch ON the Paystation 3 from back.

    Step 3:

    Keep holding the power button and lets the Playstation 3 power ON, kee holding power button until you hear three beeps. This three beeps signal ill be an indication for you that the Playstation 3 has received a reset command.

    Step 4:

    Completing the Prompt formality through the intial stages so that resetting the Playstation 3 continue.

    Step 5:

    Choose the Format option form the main system menu to start the formatting and ultimately finishing the resetting process of Playstation 3.

  • Play PC Games with Xbox 360 Controller

    Nowadays many gamers play most of the game on console platform like Xbox 360 and others but gamers can also get the same gameplay experience as they get on console because they can use their Xbox 360 controller to play PC games also. The Details of Xbox 360 controller can be use to play PC game is given below:

    • First thing you need to do is download the software from Microsoft which enables and allow you to use the Xbox 360   controller for playing the PC game.
    • There might be possibility that your Windows will automatically detect the controller when you plug it into your PC your might only require to install it drivers for its efficient working, check out this steps first before downloading the software. 
    • After you plug Xbox 360 controller to your computer you can check whether it is working properly or not by selecting Game  Controller from the Control Panel.

    The game you are might possible did't support the controller you first check with the game manual whether it supports the use of Xbox 360 controller.

  • Music on: Electronic Keyboard for Nintendo DSi - Abylight

    Music on: Electronic Keyboard for Nintendo DSiWare  will be available for the European and Australian users on June 4, and for the Americas on June 14. It is priced at only 200 Nintendo DSi Points.

    This application, first of the Music on series, will transform your Nintendo DSi  in a complete electronic keyboard with a great variety of instruments and rhythms.

    Music On: Electronic Keyboard

    An electronic keyboard to take everywhere with you! Get creative and relaxing moments transforming your Nintendo DSi in a complete electronic keyboard with a great variety of instruments and rhythms.

    This is the perfect way to have fun and impress your friends with your musical creations!

    Either if you are already an expert or if you are taking your first steps, Electronic Keyboard will help you capture your inspiration wherever you are.


    • Automatic accompaniment function with chord recognition
    • Up to 8 user definable chords
    • 5 different styles, each one with 4 variations
    • Independent drum, bass and chorus parts
    • 6 octave keyboard (2 visible) with pitch bend function
    • 16 different instruments
    • Integrated sequencer
    • Metronome
    • Up to 8 sessions can be saved and loaded

  • Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage available for PC

    Iceberg Interactive and Zoetrope Interactive announced that the horror adventure game for PC Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage, is now available at all major UK retailers and good independent game shops, as well as in several other European territories such as Belgium and Scandinavia.

    The Iceberg webshop also has stock for worldwide delivery and has shipped out all pre-orders last week. Iceberg direct download partners such as Gamersgate, Impulse and Adventureshop are also„live? since last Friday. The German and French localized releases for the game will take place by mid June 2010, distributed by Koch and Mohican respectively.

    Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage Exclusive Demo