Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Fix for Red Dead Redemption Invisibility Bug Glitch

    A bug has been reported in Red Dead Redemption for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of the game. This bug is named as Red Dead Redemption Invisibility Bug. This bug causes the disarrering of items which include Players character, guns, hands and horses also. Rockstar has already given a words in this regard as the fix to this bug is development and it will be release soon.

    Here is look at what this Red Dead Redemption Invisibility Bug:

    Rockstar representative has told that "if you're having issues please email We are also actively on the forums helping people with any questions they may have about the game. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to getting a fix out as quickly as soon as we can."

  • Lie Detector Game From THQ

    THQ has announce a new game title for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii called Truth or Lies. Truth or Lies from THQ will be a simple and casual game which will use a microphone of gamers for detecting whether gamer is lying or saying the truth.

    The most important fetaure of the game is the multiplayer feature where at a time upto 8 gamers are allow to play. Each
    player will be ask some set of question and with the use of voice calibration system a stress level and other factor will be
    measure when the gamer answer the question and accordingly the result will be process and declare.

    There will be a total of 3000 question store in the game, and gamers will have a option of recording their own question and
    setting up the gameplay for their friend and family in a Hot Seat mode of the game.

    THQ press release:

    “Friends and family will be squirming in their seats as they answer some of the game's silliest and most provocative
    questions in the new Truth or Lies video game, the gameplay will lead to revealing and hilarious situations among friends and family".

    Truth or Lies will be release in the Autumn of 2010.

  • UFC Undisputed 2010 Needs Code To Play Online

    UFC Undisputed 2010 will now require a one-time use code for getting access to all the multiplayer modes and features of the game as the publisher THQ confirms this news. This policy will be applicalbe to both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of the game.

    Gamers can get the code with all the new copies of the game and if the game has already been bought and used that an access fees of $5 is required. UFC Undisputed 2010 is slated to be release next week and more details regarding the game will be out soon in coming days.

    Here is details of what THQ said in this regard:

    "THQ is delivering a truly unmatched online gaming experience for fans of UFC and across all fighting games in general, main enhancement of UFC Undisputed 2010's premium online content is the new "Fight Camp Mode" in which players can assemble ranks of up to 40 people and train together, this is a significant value-add to the game as players can continually improve their skills by training with their friends and bringing teams of MMA specialists together."

    This One-time access code seems to be some sort of trend in the gaming world as EA and Ubisoft has also plan to implementing this type of service.

  • My Empire Released On Facebook

    My Empire, a free to play game title from EA and Playfish was already release on 13th May 2010. Didn't aware of it well that is normal as the developer has not yet put any information on their official website. My Empire is release and is avaialbe for the gamers to start playing.

    My Empire is well a simple game title but more and more updates of it is expected in the coming days, as EA are not one of those developer who will not make any on its title goes unsuccessful.

  • ESPN to bring Social Games

    ESPN has enter his foot in to the gaming world by announcing their involvement in the social gaming bandwagon. ESPN along with their partner Playdom will be creating a set of games which will be available for the gamers to play on social networking site like Facebook, MySpace, Hi and many more. Even more good news is that this game will be available in mobile form also.

    This patrnership will sure see a great growth as Playdom is currently the third most successful distributator of social games just behind Zynga and Playfish and ESPN has seen a continues growth.

    Playdom CEO, John Pleasants, said that, "While new brands have been created in the social gaming category, we, at Playdom, believe working with existing intellectual property will become increasingly important over time and are pleased to be incorporating ESPN's brand and vast library of content into several new social games that are in development."

    So for those who has been waiting for some sort of more excitement and a wind of change in to social gaming than watch out for this partnership of ESPN and Playdom.

  • Ghost Recon: Future Solider Delay

    Ghost Recon: Future Solider got futher delay, slated to be launch durung the 2010 holiday season of the current year that is 2010, now Ghost Recon: Future Solider is expected to be release and launch in early part of 2011 in between January and March. Ghost Recon: Future Solider will be releasing on all console platform as well as handheld one.

    Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, in this regard said, " Due to a very competitive environment, we’ve decided to move the game out of the Christmas quarter into the March quarter. It will also provide additional time for our developers to realize their ambitions."

    So it means due to competitive environment Ghost Recon: Future Solider got delay and this reason holds true as we see lots of shooters making it ways in to the market which includes like of Activision Call of Duty: Black Ops, Electronic Arts Medal of Honor and not to forget SOCOM 4.

  • Call of Atlantis Available for iPhone

    Playrix Entertainment, a top-tier casual games developer and publisher of such titles as Royal Envoy, Fishdom, 4 Elements, Gardenscapes and others, confirms that its award-winning match-3 title, Call of Atlantis adapted for iPhone and iPod touch is now live on the App Store and open for players to try either of the two versions the game is offered in, Lite and Full. Lite is available free of charge but is limited in terms of game levels, and the Full version is offered for a discounted price as the developer's way of welcoming all iPhone and iPod users to the new game. The price is currently set for $0.99.

    Playrix's first internal adaptation of their own title for iPhone, Call of Atlantis is fully optimized for the touch screen with both landscape and portrait display. It features Facebook Connect and a number of other iPhone-specific characteristics.

    "We didn't simply create a "clone" of the original hit title, which would have been easier, but far less interesting", said Igor Bukhman, Playrix's President, Products. "iPhone and iPod users will see a game that was crafted with them in mind. From new exciting mini-games designed for touch screen to advanced quality standards as far as game graphics are concerned, Call of Atlantis promises to be a rewarding gaming experience for anyone who decides to give it a try."

    Call of Atlantis for iPhone, a mix of Match-3 and Adventure, takes players on an exciting new quest around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean. Players' goal is to acquire 7 mysterious crystals of power by swapping adjacent tiles and driving the pieces of artifacts to the bottom of the game screen. Collecting all the crystals of power and bringing them back to the Altar of Poseidon, will appease the patron god of the Atlanteans and return peace and prosperity to the fabled sunken continent.

    The features of Call of Atlantis for iPhone include:

    • Unique mix of Match-3 and Adventure
    • 54 addictive levels with endless replay value
    • 7 ancient lands to explore
    • Fun facts about fascinating places to learn
    • Spectacular cut-scenes furthering the storyline
    • High quality of graphics
    • Impressive visual and sound effects
    • Facebook Connect
  • Heroes In The Sky Storyline Revealed

    Leading online game publisher,, today announced the details behind the intriguing back story of the upcoming MMOTPS, (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) WWII flight combat simulator, Heroes in the Sky. The online game, scheduled to launch mid summer 2010, will hold a closed beta test in early June.

    The compelling Story behind Heroes in the Sky begins on September 1, 1939, when the German Axis power invaded Poland leading to the greatest conflict in human history: World War II. With newly developed bombers and air craft carriers, these advanced instruments of war provided a massive scale for death and destruction. Amidst the devastation of war, we find a young courier pilot living in the thick of bloodshed and warfare. The young pilot, Emmanuel, is thrust into the conflict with the horror and reality of this nightmare right before his eyes. The sky overflowed with steel birds peering down like hawks on a mission for complete annihilation.

    Emmanuel then came to understand the concept of fight or flight; he pressed down hard on his accelerator and fled as fast as he could. His will to live overpowered his desire to kill, driving him to break away from the pack with considerable ease.

    Emanuel raced home, fearing the worst upon his arrival, and as he slowly approached his hometown, his acknowledged fear assumed reality. His town was ablaze below him and endless gunfire thundered around him. Everything that he once knew was gone, and what lay before him were alien battleground. Numb to his sensibility, he landed his plane and wandered amongst the carnage and destruction. Stricken with anguish and vengeance he wandered aimlessly until a mysterious figure approached him. Emmanuel is recruited to hone his flight skills. Though hesitant at first, Emmanuel accepts the proposition and enters training to avenge the lives of those he loved and lost. Through training, Emmanuel came to learn his village was a ploy to bait the Axis by the Allies. This newfound truth created conflict in his allegiance; the Axis who started the war, or the Allied Nations, who treated his people as pawns. Emmanuel struggled with the notion that he would become another tool of hate. He came to understand that war was the cause of his strife and the true force behind the suffering of the perished. Emmanuel departed camp and set on his mission; to bring peace to all those who had fallen.

    "World War II is one of the greatest and most powerful events in history, and this compelling account of a young pilot will grip players as they re-create intense aerial combat," said David Chang, EVP of Marketing and Business Development for GamesCampus. "The Word War II environment that Heroes in the Sky recreates is a really powerful experience and truly exciting gameplay."

    The upcoming free-to-play game will feature fast paced aerial combat that embodies the intense danger akin to WWII dogfights. In Occupational War Game Mode, players will recreate critical battles of the European and Pacific front complete with WWII and modern planes to help their side take control as they experience epic battles across the history of WWII from both sides! Players will find an easy-to-use upgrade system to help tweak planes and become the ultimate airborne marauder along with additional modifications that will allow players to, not only jam the electronics of their opponent, but also let them keep their own engines cool during boosts. Additionally, players can use Avatars to mask their actual aircraft while gaining additional bonuses and appearing in some of history's most famous aircraft. Heroes in the Sky will give players a chance to relive history as they fly dozens of planes from WWII- both experimental and battle hardened - that can be customized to meet their own creative standards.

  • Super Scribblenauts Announced by Warner Bros Interactive

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces as the title for its follow-up to the groundbreaking hit video game. In the first game, players use their imagination to write any word to bring that object to life and use it to solve puzzles.  The original Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS has sold in more than one million units in North America alone since its launch in September 2009.

    Available in fall 2010, Super Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS expands the innovative elements from the acclaimed first title, offers upgraded controls and provides gamers with hours of original entertainment with ingenious, fun-filled new features. In Super Scribblenauts, created and developed by 5TH Cell, players use the stylus and touch screen to help Maxwell, the game’s hero, acquire the “Starite,” the prize earned from solving the puzzle in even more robust challenges and redesigned levels.

    All-new for Super Scribblenauts, players now have the ability to write any object that comes to mind and modify it in any way they desire using adjectives to reach the goal in many levels.  Adjectives can change the color, size, style, behaviors and many other aspects of the object they are describing.  Multiple adjectives can be combined together to produce incredibly creative objects, such as gentlemanly, flaming, flying zombies and purple, obese, winged elephants allowing the player’s imagination to run wild for an even more inspired and individual experience than ever before!