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  • Blur Cars and Tracks Developer Diary

    This trailer shows off the developers of Blur discussing the cars and tracks that are included in the upcoming action racer from Activision.

  • Fallen Earth Blood Sports Patch will release on May 7

    Fallen Earth players can now rest easy and wipe that sweatoff their brow as a release date has been announced for the much-anticipated Blood Sports content patch (v1.4)! Including four newly-designed PvP areas, more than 500 achievements, a Clan Wars system and the expansive region of Deadfall, the patch will be available for existing players on May 7.

    With more than five months of development on a PvP update, developers at Fallen Earth are introducing Blood Sports, featuring four new PvP matches—Deathmatch, Survival, Capture the Flag and Assault—allowing players the opportunity to queue up for all-out brawls from anywhere in world. Deathtoll Points earned for participation and wins can also be used to purchase new, high-end PvP-oriented armor and gear. (But don’t worry, there will be no sore losers as all participants will score a few Deathtoll points for their efforts).

    Additionally the Deadfall region, which expands the current level cap to 50, will introduce more than 130 new missions, extended storylines, mutant mounts and several new craftable items with a new component. In Deadfall, players will experience a vastly changed landscape with five new settlements to explore.

    Aside from new content, the Blood Sports patch also contains a slew of improvements, including refined animations, an effects revamp and also a one-time respec opportunity.

    Existing Fallen Earth subscribers will have access to the content patch beginning May 7, and new players will be able to purchase Fallen Earth Blood Sports from several digital and retail outlets, which includes the Blood Sports content patch in addition to all the original Fallen Earth content.

    Curious players may test the new content on the Public Test Server as portions of the Blood Sports patch are pushed to PTS throughout the upcoming weeks.

    “We are thrilled to be able to launch all of the new content in one major patch,” said Fallen Earth Project Manager, Colin Dwan.“The team has worked very hard to make this happen and we’re sure players will enjoy all of the new gameplay enhancements!”

  • HP Swing Motion Sensor Gaming Console for HP Pavilion PCs

    Hewlett-Packard, a leading manufacturer of PC and other accessories all round the world has put their feet in the gaming world by lauching HP Swing a motion Sensor gaming console, and guess what HP is offering this new technology of their HP Swing with every Pavillion desktop PC. If you are thinking of buying a desktop Pc for yourself than go for this as you will be geting your hand on these latest technology. H is aiming to create a storm in the gaming world and make their presence feel in the industry by providing the gamnig experience never felt before on PC.

  • Modern Warfare 2: Sniping Tips & Tricks

    A video to help you with all the tips and tricks of Mordern Warfare 2: Wizard Sniping, after watching this video you will help yourself improve you snipping technique to a great extent.

  • Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Gameplay

    A trailer of much awaited Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer is out now which will showcase all new gameplay mode in  the game, each and every mode is just only the Western version of already available multiplayer game including Gang Shoot  Out, Gold Rush to name a few among many.

  • Xbox 360 Console 40 Million Sales Tops Worldwide

    Remember when Microsof xbox 360 was launch and release, in November 2005, now since its launch Microsoft has sold over whooping 40 million unit of it till date all around the world. In the early hour of today Microsoft release it third quater Sales result which show a increase of 2% in the sale of Xbox section generating a total revenue of $1.67 billion. A total of 1.5 million unit of Xbox 360 was sold in the third quater period Starting from January till March.

    It is been predicted that the sales of this unit will see a radip growth as Microsoft will be shipping Project Natal soon. There are heavy rumor donig the round also that the Microsoft will soon be revealing Slim  Model of Xbox 360 might possible at the E3 event this year.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing - Official Promo Video

    After a couple of hour Left 4 Dead 2 - the passing will be release for the PC and Xbox 360 gamers, before that we already had a new official promotional trailer for it.

  • Star Hammer Tactics on PSP soon

    To the excitement and anticipation of fans across the universe, Black Lab Games has announced the development of Star Hammer Tactics for the PlayStation platform, and the game will be available soon as a download through the PlayStation PSP (mini-games) store.

    Star Hammer Tactics is a futuristic, fast-paced tactical battle game that anyone can learn to play in minutes. In the single-player campaign mode, players will assume the role of a naval strike group commander as they defend the planet Novus from the marauding alien menace known as the Nautilids. Alternately, challenge a friend to a duel to the death in the local multiplayer mode - customize your fleet, then compete for glory and bragging rights! Featuring a rule set that is deliberately simple whilst still allowing for maximum strategic depth, Star Hammer Tactics is sure to engage and entertain gamers of all persuasions. Achieve victory by outwitting your opponents, and then blasting them to little pieces!

    • Engaging tactical battles : individually control each ship in your fleet
    • Easy-to-learn rules; learn to play in minutes!
    • Single-player campaign mode
    • Skirmish modes : create your own custom fleet, then duel against a friend in local multiplayer, or take on the challenging AI
    • Use missiles to devastate your enemy from afar, or engage in close quarters ship-to-ship combat!
    • Crisp graphics and sound!
  • MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack Pack on April 29!

    April 29 will see a release of free MAG DLC: Fast Attack, so keep your eyes wide open on 29th April for this free MAG DLC: Fast Attack. Apart from this news we have some more detail about this DLC, it will offer gamers three new sniper rifles, these three sniper rifles are Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M, and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR havng a capability of making adjustment in the performance and visual according to requirement of the gamer.

    This does not end here you might get your hand on the large collection of different armor type, improved light armor can be added to the loadouts of all three faction that too only for a in-game credit of 400. So wait patiently for 29th April and as it come get your hand on this MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack.

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