When does Season 5 of Apex Legends start?

When the new Apex Legends’ battle pass begins as well as the new content coming alongside it.

Apex Season 5 - Fortune's Favor

Season 4 of Apex Legends is quickly coming to an end, and with that comes a new season of loot, events, as well as a new legend to the game. Here is when the new Apex Legends Season 5 begins as well as the brand-new content coming.

Season 5 was delayed recently due to the current pandemic, but luckily players will not have to wait long for the new content. The new season begins on Tuesday, May 12, as announced by Respawn in a tweet announcing the Battle Armor event.

Apex Legends on Twitter

Strap in for the Battle Armor Event! ? Drop in with your armor locked and prove you’ve got the skills to come out on top! Beginning April 28, the Battle Armor Event will run up until the start of Season 5, which kicks off May 12.

Titled Fortune’s Favor, Season 5 will introduce Loba to the game. You can check out my Everything we know about Loba in Apex Legends article to get an in-depth look at what she will bring to the game. To keep things simple, she was the little girl present in the trailer that introduced Revenant. He killed her parents and she became a world-renowned thief set on killing him. Her thief skills will influence her abilities during matches.

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The new battle pass with this season will contain over 100 new items that include legendary skins, Apex packs, and more. On the official site, Respawn is teasing some brand-new content that hasn’t been seen in the game yet, so this season is doing more than adding new cosmetics to old areas of the game. In the past, they have added diving emotes, music, and more, so it will be interesting to see what else is being added to the battle pass this time around.

Sticking with brand-new content, Respawn is introducing what is called Season Quests. According to the official site, this will give players the chance to “hunt for treasure and answers in the new Season Quest.” It has not been announced what the rewards will be, what the objectives are, or even how the Season Quest works. It seems to be a reference to Loba’s backstory, however, so it may play into how she is hunting down Revenant.

Finally, Ranked Series 4 is the newest iteration of Apex Legends’ competitive mode. As with Series 3, there will once again be a Series Split halfway through the season that will shift the main competitive map from World’s Edge to Kings Canyon. The developers say the split helped keep the games interesting, so they are moving forward with it. Players will now be able to reconnect to matches that they were disconnected from, and Loss Forgiveness is now applied to anyone who has a teammate (not in their party) that leaves the match early.