Platinum Games Fed Up With “Port Bayonetta 2 To Playstation

Platinum Games and Nintendo have an exclusive deal for Bayonetta 2 and Wii U i.e the next installment in the series will launch exclusively for Wii U only and not on other consoles. However Xbox and Playstation fans are still asking Platinum Games to port Bayonetta 2 to their respective consoles as well and this […]Read More

Black Ops patch v1.10 available now for Xbox 360

Treyarch has released the new patch for Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. This new patch v1.10 brings few important changes to the game. The very first important change fans will notice are the tweaks made to Famas. This new patch update also features a new playlists. You can check out the […]Read More

Josh Olin: COD Black Ops Bug Free is not possible

No doubt Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the best selling game titles of all time, but that doesn’t hide the torcher (bugs and other issues) PS3 owners faced with the game. These issues became such unbearable pain for them that they were forced to start an online petition demanding a complete refund […]Read More

Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Achievements

The achievements list for third person hack-and-slash title “Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale” has been revealed. In total, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale features six regular achievements and six secret achievements. Check out the list of achievements below, along with tips and tricks to achieve it. Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale will launch on May 25 for Xbox […]Read More