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All 5 Playable Characters Unlock Guide - Super Mario Run

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All Characters Unlock Guide - Super Mario Run

This Super Mario Run guide gives detail on how to unlock all 5 playable characters. A specific action is to be performed to unlock additional playable characters in Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run Beginner Tips, Tricks and how to defeat Boss Guide

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run  is out for IOS platform, and this short guide will help you to learn the basic movies, tricks and some instant tips to know how to beat bosses.

How To Stop Mario And Go Backwards - Super Mario Run Cheat

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Super Mario Run Trick - How to stop and go backward

There is a Super Mario Run trick to Stop Mario and Go Backwards. This Super Mario Run guide gives tricks player need to perform to stop Mario and then go back.

How to gather Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go from Generation 2 Eggs

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Baby Pokemon in Generation 2 Eggs

A short tip that will tell you how you can easily hatch Baby Pokemon from Generation 2 Eggs and how you can evolve them. 

Pokemon Go comes to India and South Asia, Download and play it free on JIO 4G

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Pokemon Go India

Niantic brings Pokemon Go to India and South Asia. 3000 Reliance Jio Store in India and partner stores will become Pokestops and gyms. 

Pokemon Go: Everything you need to know about Holiday Pikachu

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Holiday Pikachu

Holiday Pikachu is spawning at various places, when you find it locate it at places with high traffic around, it will be in your inventory. Also to get Gen 2 Baby Pokemons, you will need to gather new eggs. 

Togepi, Pichu and new Pokemon coming up, grab Limited edition Pikachu before December 29

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go holiday season reveals new Pokemon Togepi and Pichu. There is also a limited edition Pikachu available till 29th December to celebrate festival season. 

Mario can’t run without Internet on Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run will not work without internet connection, as revealed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Final game release is scheduled to 15th December, 2016.

Microsoft’s oldest game Solitaire lands on Android and iOS

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Microsoft Collections

Microsoft launched Solitaire, windows most popular card game on Android and iOS in the form of Microsoft collections. 

Ditto starts appearing in Pokemon Go, learn how to catch it

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Pokemon Go Ditto

Ditto is caught around the world in Pokemon Go, and it appears disguised in the form of a low CP Pokemon.