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Minecraft has over 90 million monthly active users

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Minecraft Crosses 90 Million Monthly Active Users

The monthly player number count trumps Fortnite, which is one of the biggest game in the world at the moment. Epic Games announced that Fortnite had just over 78 million players, 12 million less then what Minecraft is getting, back in August.

Nintendo 64 Mini Trademark Hints At Incoming Reveal

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It looks like Nintendo might actually be working on a Nintendo 64 Classic edition, in the style of the recently announced PlayStation Classic and, of course, the NES and SNES re-releases from Nintendo.

NES Classic Mini Was The Best Selling US Console In June, PS4 Got Best Dollar Sales

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Quite surprisingly, NES Classic Mini was the most sold video games console in June in the United States, as revealed by NPD Group. In terms of dollar sales, PS4 was still leading by the way.

NPD Reveals 10 Best Selling Games Of 2017: US

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Best Selling Games

NPD released the list of top best selling games of the year 2017, Call of Duty WW2 no doubt is a clear winner in terms of all platform popular game.

Detective Pikachu Release Date Announced for 3DS for the Western States and More

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Detective Pikachu Nintendo 3DS Release Date

Detective Pikachu has been officially confirmed for Nintendo 3DS for the western and another region. It will release March 23, 2018.

Grezzo Working On New Zelda Game For 3DS, Inspired Heavily by Link's Awakening, Reveal Very Soon

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Zelda 3DS Rumor

Industry insiders rumored about a new Zelda type game coming for Nintendo 3DS this year.

First Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Review Score

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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Review Score

Famitsu reveal their Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review Score. The game received 36/40 Review Score from Famitsu i.e. 9/9/9/9.

Rare Pokemon Tapu Koko Appears For Free On Pokemon Sun And Moon

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Tapu koko Pokemon

Pokemon Sun And Moon players can no grab Tapu Koko, rare special pokemon with electric power.

No Plans To Release Monster Hunter XX On Nintendo Switch In US, Says Capcom

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Monster Hunter XX Switch

Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX will not come to US, confirms Capcom representative.

Mythical Marshadow Revealed For Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Mythical Marshadow

Mythical Rare Pokemon Marshadow appears, but no update when to catch it in Pokemon Sun and Moon