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How To Use Boss Steam Cells To Increase Difficulty | Dead Cells

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Dead Cells Boss Steam Cells

Using Boss Stem Cells you can modify the game difficulty level in Dead Cells, there are overall 5 steam cells you can use to increase the game difficulty and unlock the new bonus.

Dead Cells Skills Guide | All Skills, Their Ability And Cooldown Stats

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Dead Cells Skills Guide

Dead Cells has different skills that will boost your damage, health and offer special powers. In this skills guide, you can find the list of all skills and what they do along with their cooldown time and damage stats.

All Weapons Upgrades Dead Cells

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Dead Cells Weapon Upgrade Guide

Upgrades for various weapons can be gained by exploring the game or purchasing from different other characters. This Guide will help you upgrade your weapons in Dead Cells.

All Blueprint Locations & Drop Rates | Dead Cells

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All Blueprint Locations - Dead Cells

The Blueprints in Dead Cells are hidden in secret areas that make it difficult to discover (find). This  Dead Cells Blueprint guide provides the exact location of all Blueprints and their drop rates.

Dead Cells: All Enemies And How To Kill Them

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Dead Cells Enemies Tips

In this Dead Cells guide on Enemies, you will find the list of all Elite & Non-Elite enemies, their spawn locations, their attack style and cell drops, and tips on how to kill them.

Dead Cells Achievements And How To Unlock Them

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Dead Cells Achievements

Deal Cells has many achievements, you can unlock them by fulfilling a requirement. In this Dead Cells Achievement guide, you can find the list of all achievements (including the hidden one) and how to unlock them.

Yakuza Creator Reveals He Originally Offered Nintendo And Microsoft The Series

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In a long interview with EDGE, series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi revealed that he originally offered both Nintendo and Microsoft the Yakuza franchise before going and partnering with Sony on it.

Dead Cells Beginners Tips On Survival, Unlocks, Items And Enemies

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Dead Cells Beginners Tips

Dead Cells has a lot of challenges that can be tough for beginners. Follow the Beginners Tips And Tricks mention in this guide to learn how to play Dead Cells and survive.

Where To Find Nintendo Switch Model Number

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Nintendo Switch Model Number

The model number of Nintendo Switch is located at the backside - Follow the steps provided in this guide to find out where Nintendo Switch Model Number is printed.

How To Access Hidden Web Browser In Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Hidden Web Browser

Nintendo Switch does not come with a web browser support, so browsing the internet on it is out of the question. That's not entirely true, as there is a hidden web browser in Nintendo Switch which can be accessed by following the steps provided in the guide below.