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Many FIFA 18 Features Dropped On Nintendo Switch, Game Is Made More Social

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FIFA 18 - Nintendo Switch vs PC/PS4/Xbox One Features Comparison

A lot of interesting features of FIFA 18 is missing on Nintendo Switch as compared to other versions i.e. PC, PS4 and Xbox One. FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is not a complete game, it's a casual sport game.

How To Farm VC Fast In NBA 2K18

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NBA VC Farming Guide

There are multiple ways to Farm VC in NBA 2K18, but which is the fastest method? Here's NBA 2K18 VC Farming guide detailing fastest way to earn VC in the game.

How To Perform New Celebrations, Quick Substitution In FIFA 18

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How to perform 10 New celebrations in FIFA 18, make a quick substitution, perform realistic tackles, and more.

How Nintendo Switch Convinced Triple-A Devs And What It Needs To Ship 130 Million Units

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Nintendo Switch A Huge Success In 2017

Nintendo Switch has unexpectedly received lot of AAA games, a great feat for a hybrid console. An analyst predicted that Nintendo Switch will 130 Million units by 2022 - here's how it can achieve it.

L.A Noire Will Run At 1080p In Docked, 720p In Handheld On Nintendo Switch

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L.A Noire Nintendo Switch Resolution Revealed

Take-Two confirms Resolution of L.A Noire on Nintendo Switch. L.A Noire will run at 1080p in docked mode (TV Mode), and at 720p in handheld mode i.e. tablet mode.

Auction House Unlock Guide - NBA 2K18

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NBA 2K18 Auction House

NBA 2K18 My Team is having Auction House to be Unlocked by, completing the Silver Goals. In this guide, you will get to know how to Unlock Auction House.

DOOM Nintendo Switch Analysis: Utterly Insane, Respectable Looking Version On What Is Effectively A Tablet [Update]

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DOOM Nintendo Switch Performance Analysis

Digital Foundry played DOOM on Nintendo Switch (in undocked mode) and their impression has been leaked. The performance of DOOM on Nintendo Switch is utterly insane, and graphics is impressive considering Switch is effectively a tablet.

All Badges Unlock Guide - NBA 2K18

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NBA Badges

List of All NBA 2K18 Badges and how to unlock them. Badges in NBA 2K18 are divided into two categories - Skill Badges and Personality, how to unlock them and uses.

DOOM Switch vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison Video, Cartridge To Have Singleplayer Content Only

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DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison

Take a look at this DOOM gameplay comparison of Nintendo Switch vs PlayStation 4. Although, DOOM graphics looks a bit dull on Nintendo Switch as compared to PS4, it is still impressive.

Bethesda Confirms Skyrim Nintendo Switch Version Is Special Edition, Mod Support Not At This Time

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Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Will Not Have Mod Support

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch is the Skyrim Special Edition that was released on PS4 and Xbox One. Bethesda also confirmed that there will be no mod support on Nintendo Switch.