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How to Connect Joy-Con strap with Controller: Nintendo Switch

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Joy Con

In this guide you will get to know the perfect way to connect or attach the Joy-Con strap with Nintendo Switch Controller.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch - Runs At 720p/60FPS In Handheld Mode, 1080p/60FPS In Docked

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FIFA 18 - Resolution/FPS for Nintendo Switch

EA revealed Resolution/FPS of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. The game will run at 720p/60FPS in handheld mode, and 1080p/60FPS in docked mode.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Six Minute Opening Cinematic Leaked

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Opening Cinematic

The opening cinematic of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been leaked (first 6 minutes only). Thankfully, there are no spoilers.

Skyrim Nintendo Switch Demo Analysis: Native 720p/30FPS, Delivers An Accomplished Mobile Experience

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nintendo Switch Performance

Digital Foundry played Skyrim on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and notice that it runs at native 720p and smooth 30FPS, and delivers a accomplished mobile experience.

Hajime Tabata Hints Final Fantasy XV Nintendo Switch Version At Gamescom 2017

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Final Fantasy XV Nintendo Switch Version

Hajime Tabata at Gamescom 2017 - Final Fantasy XV development team is looking to bring the game to a platform that sounds like Twitch, Nintendo Switch.

WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Will Support Just 6 Character On Screen At Once, 8 Characters On PS4/XB1

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WWE 2K18 - Nintendo Switch vs PS4/XB1 Differences

2K has announce one major difference between WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch vs WWE 2K18 PS4/XB1 differences. On Switch, WWE 2K18 will support just 6 characters on screen at once.

Nintendo Switch: Unable To charge The Console Or Short Of Battery Life Fix

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Nintendo Switch Battery

Solution for Nintendo Switch Battery Issue, if battery is draining fast and the console is unable to charge then follow steps in the guide.

Nintendo Switch: How to Fix No Power and Sleep Mode Problem

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Nintendo Switch Power Fix

In this guide you will find solution for Nintendo Switch issues like No Power, and unable to wake up from Sleep mode.

WWE 2K18 - This Is How Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton And John Cena Looks In-game

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WWE 2K18 Brock Lesnar Screenshot

2K release new WWE 2K18 developer diary showing first in-game screenshots of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Randy Orton character models.

ARMS Datamined, New Fighters Name Leaked - Report

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ARMS Unannounced Fighters List Leaked

Reddit user datamined ARMS launch version and discovered names of 9 new fighters. Are these new fighters going to added to ARMS via future free updates?