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How To Use Boss Steam Cells To Increase Difficulty | Dead Cells

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Dead Cells Boss Steam Cells

Using Boss Stem Cells you can modify the game difficulty level in Dead Cells, there are overall 5 steam cells you can use to increase the game difficulty and unlock the new bonus.

Insomniac Responds To Spider-Man Suit Comparison Image 2016 vs 2018, "There's No Downgrade At All"

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Spider-Man Graphics Downgrade Controversy

Insomniac Games have clarified that there is no downgrade in Spider-Man PS4 final retail build as being talked about on Reddit and Twitter. The developer was forced to provide an explanation after a comparison image showing graphics downgrade went viral - Spider-Man Suit Comparison 2016 vs 2018.

Dontnod’s Twin Mirror To Be Episodic, New Trailer Reveals Mind Palace And The Double Features

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Bandai Namco and Dontnod Entertainment have revealed that Twin Mirror is going to be episodic. The first episode, “Lost on Arrival,” releases early 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dead Cells Skills Guide | All Skills, Their Ability And Cooldown Stats

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Dead Cells Skills Guide

Dead Cells has different skills that will boost your damage, health and offer special powers. In this skills guide, you can find the list of all skills and what they do along with their cooldown time and damage stats.

Life Is Strange 2 First Trailer Reveals New Protagonists, Story, Ep. 1 Release Date

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Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment have released the first trailer for Life Is Strange 2, providing all the details about the story and the new protagonists, on top of the launch date for the episode 1.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dev CD Projekt RED Acquires New Studio Working On “Ambitious” Mobile Game

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CD Projekt RED keeps expanding and, after opening a new studio in Breslaw, has purchased another Polish developer. Spokko, this is the name of the developer, is currently working on an “ambitious” mobile game.

Battlefield V Open Beta Dates Revealed, New Nvidia RTX Trailer

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Electronic Arts and DICE have revealed Battlefield V Open Beta dates, and released a brand new trailer detailing all the features coming together with the latest Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

Spider-Man PS4 Review Embargo Ends On September 4, Exact Timing Revealed

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Spider-Man PS4 Review Embargo End Date And Time

We know when Spider-Man PS4 review embargo will end (not just the date, we know the time as well). According to Metacritic, Spider-Man PS4 review will arrive on the internet on September 4, check out the post for the details on the exact timing.

Battlefield V: Visual Customisation For Vehicles Comng After Launch, says DICE

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Battlefield V: Tanks And Vehicles Customisation Won't Be Available At Launch

DICE via Battlefield official website announced that Battlefield V vehicles customisation option won't be available at launch. It will be made available to the Battlefield V players "after launch". Sadly, no release window was provided.

All Weapons Upgrades Dead Cells

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Dead Cells Weapon Upgrade Guide

Upgrades for various weapons can be gained by exploring the game or purchasing from different other characters. This Guide will help you upgrade your weapons in Dead Cells.