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Wii U consumes less power than any next-gen console, Xbox One is most power hungry : NRDC

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Today, the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) U.S.

How to use PlayStation Camera with PS4 using facial recognition and voice commands

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PlayStation Camera

PlayStation Camera allows you to do a host of things on your PlayStation 4 like using voi

E3's unforgettable Worst, Painful and Best moments in Gaming History

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E3 expo

One of the most interesting part of the gaming world is E3; It is the highly awaited even

Interview with developers of Aztez: A strategy & brutal combat Next-gen game

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Aztez screenshot

Aztez: A Game of Conquest of Brutality, a beat 'em up and a turn based strategy game mean

Cold, Cold Heart launch trailer and screenshots

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Cold Cold Heart

Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart is out on PSN, Xbox Live Games Store and STEAM for £7.99. This DLC is set on the New Years Eve focusing on the tragic origin of Mr. Freeze aka Victor Fries and how exactly did he gain his position as one of the supervillans of the Gotham City.

PSN Down Now For PS4 Owners, Error Code NW-31201-7 Reported, Sony Confirms Outage, says "Investigating"

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PSN Down

Its seems like Playstation Network is facing some sort of downtime/outage issue as player

Release date of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn of PS4 announced by Square Enix

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PS4 will release on 14th of April this year and sim

Hacker Group DERP Takes Responsibility of Recent PSN Outage/Downtime, says "It Was Unintentional"

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PSN Down

Playstation Network and some Playstation exclusive game servers such as DC Universe Onlin