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Consoles Will Be In Smart TV, Phones And Tablets In 10 Years, Says EA

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According to EA executive vice president Matt Bilbey, game streaming will become the norm in 10 years. Then, we’ll get to play triple-A titles directly from our smart TV or devices like phones and tablets.

Next-Gen Xbox Scarlett Consoles To Feature A Cloud Based Streaming Box - Report

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According to a report from specialized blog, Microsoft has two different next-generation Xbox Scarlett consoles in the making, one of which is said to be cloud based and streaming powered.

Microsoft Will Keep “Investing Aggressively” On Xbox

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Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has reiterated that the company is interested in investing more and more resources in gaming, as a consequence of the satisfaction for the revenues of the Xbox division.

SCDKey Slashes Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Price, Available For $42.82

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FFXV Windows Edition Steam Key - SCDKey Offer

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is available for $42.82 at SCDKey i.e. at a discount of 27 percent. Also, Xbox Live Gold Subscription 12 Months is available for $48, and many other offers are live now at SCDKey.

Xbox One And Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Coming With Free EA Access Promotion

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Xbox One & 360 Deals With Gold Promotion Feb 20

This week's Deals with Gold for Xbox 360 and Xbox One will excite Electronic Arts fans - A lot of EA Games have been discounted such as Unravel is available only for $4. This is not all, EA Access Promotion is included in this week's Deals With Gold.

Phil Spencer Admits Microsoft Needs To Invest More On Xbox Exclusive Content

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Xbox One

In an interview Phil Spencer said, “I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more.”

Microsoft Soon To Offer New Career System For Xbox

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Microsoft Career System

Microsoft is planning to release a new Career system for Xbox Live, the system will integrate endless avatar customization, achievement tracking, rewards, loots, etc.

How To Xbox Party Chat On Your Phone

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Xbox Party Chat Via Phone Now Available

A new Xbox Beta App is now available on PlayStore and iOS App Store. It allow Xbox players to Party Chat on their phones.

State of Decay 2: Zombies Will Tear You Apart If You Don't Run, E3 2017 Trailer Has Brutal Ending

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State of Decay 2: Zombies

State of Decay 2 will be releasing somewhere in Spring 2018, a comeback of 2015 title for Xbox One X/Windows 10 that features Xbox Play Anywhere.

Xbox One X: 4K Liquid Cooled Smallest Xbox Ever Coming On November 7

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X, a premium 4K gaming console by Microsoft featuring 12GB GDDR5 Memory, 6 Teraflops of Video Memory is the most powerful console ever made.