Toontown Corporate Clash codes (October 2022)

It’s toon time.

Image via Toontown: Corporate Clash YouTube

Released in 2018, Toontown: Corporate Clash is a reimagination of the original Toontown Online, an MMO released by Disney that was eventually shut down. This reimagination is different from the original in many key ways, while still trying to maintain the spirit of its inspiration. The game is free to play and made entirely by fans who have no affiliation with Disney.

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All active Toontown Corporate Clash codes

All of these codes are active as of October 2022, and the pride-themed codes were announced by the developer as permanent codes that will never expire as long as the game remains online.

  • berryspecial: Rewards a ValenToon’s Day shirt.
  • flame-broiled: Rewards a hamburger shirt.
  • frogepad: Rewards the Vacation Froge shirt.
  • AcePride: Rewards an ace pride cape.
  • AromanticPride: Rewards an aromantic pride cape.
  • BiPride: Rewards a bi pride cape.
  • GenderFluidPride: Rewards a genderfluid pride cape.
  • LesbianPride: Rewards a lesbian pride cape.
  • LGBTPride: Rewards an LGBT pride cape.
  • NonBinaryPride: Rewards a non-binary pride cape.
  • PanPride: Rewards a pan pride cape.
  • TransPride: Rewards a trans pride cape.

Expired Toontown Corporate Clash codes

  • cookout
  • firework
  • happy-birthday
  • im-sleepy
  • stealhislook
  • toonbull
  • toontrees
  • ttccthanksyou
  • twittertest
  • FunFactFriday
  • TTCCThanksYouAgain
  • 7
  • 47TAE57J
  • 73DFYT93
  • 884ZKDZ7

How to redeem codes in Toontown Corporate Clash

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can redeem Toontown Corporate Clash codes in you Shitcker Book, which is in the bottom right corner of the screen. From here, select the Items and Codes tab on the right hand side of the book. Then, select the Codes page from the top of the book. Here, you can enter any codes you haven’t redeemed yet, and you’ll get confirmation if each code goes through. To receive your rewards, you’ll have to check your mailbox at your house, which you can fast-travel to from the map. Keep in mind that your code rewards may take some time to arrive.