How to get Spooky Treat Bags in Fallout 76

Halloween is different in the wasteland.

Image via Bethesda

Halloween never changes, especially not in online gaming, where the spooky season is ripe for in-game events. Fallout 76 is getting in on the action with their latest update. The update includes the chance to collect Spooky Treat Bags, but how and where do you find them?

Spooky Scorched drops Spooky Treat Bags. Some of the Scorched enemies have gotten into the Halloween mood, are running around in their favorite costumes, and are accompanied by some spooky music. Each one will drop a Spooky Treat Bag that contains a random assortment of goodies and consumables, a piece of Mystery Candy that will provide one of five random stat boosts when eaten, and a legendary item determined by the difficulty of the Spooky Scorched that is defeated.

Although Scorched are a common enemy in Fallout 76 and can be found throughout Appalachia, only 10% that spawn will be Spooky Scorched, so you might have to grind a bit to find one wearing a costume. If in doubt, listen to a change in music that will accompany the spooky variety of the enemy. Once that happens, take them down, and you’ll get your Spooky Treat Bag. Remember, like the Holiday Scorched from an earlier event, Spooky Scorched won’t spawn in interior environments.

Unlike previous updates to the game, the Spooky Treat Bag and the rest of the Halloween event will only be available through November 2, so be sure to grab one while you have a chance.