War of 8th Generation Consoles: Which One to Buy $499 Xbox One or $399 PS4?

PS4 vs Xbox One

War of 8th Generation consoles has been started or we can say it has been announced with name of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not to forget Nintendo Wii U, which is already launched and doing bit well till now with the sell of 3.45 million units till this March end. Obviously this 3.45 million units figure is just start when we talk about PlayStation 4 or Xbox One as per predictions made by industry experts.

PS4 vs Xbox One

Like Ascendiant Capital Markets analyst Edward Woo told Edge that the PS4 will sell of 10 Millions copies at launch where Xbox One will be at mark of 5 millions copies. Well personally i don't believe of this predictions, we can't say what people decide to choose after actually experiencing these consoles after they launch officially.

As we know PlayStation 4 is tagged with price of 399$ in comparison to Xbox One with price tag of 499$. Many people wonder why this price difference of 100$ ? Either you can blindly accuse Microsoft for charging extra 100$ for console with almost similar configuration as of PS4, or you actually see what comes in package as whole. Difference i found is Kinect 2 which is coming in bundle with Xbox One. We all know Kinect is a success, and with Kinect 2 as camera device in Xbox One it will be something to look forward and i think 100$ extra will worth, where for PlayStation 4 you'll have to put extra 60$ for PlayStation Camera.

Let's first cut down the specifications of both consoles in simple words as given by Microsoft and Sony, then you decide which is your choice.

Xbox One Specification


AMD is flying high this time in next generation of consoles by giving both parties i.e PS4 and Xbox One the octa-core processors. Processors consists of eight x86-64 cores based on the upcoming Jaguar architecture from AMD, with an estimated clock speed of 1.6GHz.


Again it's just AMD. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both features AMD Radeon GPUs integrated into their APUs (Accelerated Processing Units). Going by names both Console have same GPU units but there is a difference at their cores. PS4 GPU will have 1152 cores with Shader Throughput upto 1.84 TFLOPS, where Xbox One GPU will have 768 Cores with Shader Throughput upto 1.23 TFLOPS (It seems 50% less than PS4). Here PS4 looks clear winner but not to forget these are numbers, there is more things at console architecture which helps to give better result.


Xbox One will have 8GB 2133MHz DDR3 RAM in comparison to PS4 with  8GB 5500MHz GDDR5. Again as per specification of these RAMs PS4 has upper hand. Clearly Sony is intend to raise core gaming experience at very peak level.


Both Consoles have been listed to feature 500GB HDD storage. Difference is Microsoft has clear that Storage will be non-upgradable, where external USB support is allowed. For PS4 it's not clear that whether it will be upgradable or not, hopefully it will. I guess not fully 500GB will be available to user as System Software will also eat some space. But as of now as per numbers it's a tie.

Optical drive

Both Xbox One and PS4 have a Blu-ray/DVD drive as standard.


There is nearly no difference in connectivity features of both consoles except Bluetooth 2.1 which only PS4 have, apart from that they both have Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical out and USB 3.0 connectivity options.


As shown at E3, both PS4 and Xbox One controllers looks familiar with few differences. Both are light. The highlight is PS4's DualShock 4 with toucpad, which supports multi-touch. Both controllers have looses start and select buttons. In DualShock 4 replacement is Option button where in Xbox One controller they have added Menu and View buttons. Changes in both controllers are expected to serve similar functions.

Always-online requirements

Initially Microsoft decided Always-online as essential requirement for Xbox One but they have dropped it, we know it's because Sony not following same trend and 'Always-online' phrase may become biggest curse to not buy Xbox One in future. It's better they have dropped it.

Backwards compatibility

It's been clear that neither Xbox One nor PS4 will have backwards compatibility. Sorry to say that none of your old games will work on these consoles. But again there is expectation from Sony to offer cloud based streaming for PS3 games. Sony plans to debut which is  a cloud-based gaming service that hosts downloadable content and games.

Game formats

This is the relief that neither Sony or Microsoft has decided to go with Only digital download formats, both consoles will enable games play via physical discs and digital  downloads.

Neither Sony or Microsoft had the gall to go digital download only (probably a wise decision). Both systems will play physical discs as well as downloaded games.

Motion control

Nothing much is been demonstrated about Motion control at E3 for PS4. But we know tht Sony will sell PS4's Move nd Camera Separately, And you must be thinking why is PS4 is tagged less costly? PS4's DualShock 4 controller also inlcudes touch pad as i mentioned above to support some motion moments. But i don't find Sony really serious about competing here against Kinect 2, it will come bundle with Xbox One as i said earlier. As glimpse at E3, Kinect 2 capabilities looks promising to leave far behind any other console today. Like suppose pointing something at screen and sensors knows exactly what you pointing at, yes this level of capabilities are expected from Kinect 2.


Exclusive titles are something which will really make people regret of not buying other console at times. There is long list of exclusive games for PS4 and Xbox One is been announced. Like for Xbox One next Halo title will be one to watch which is set for 2014, there are more exclusive titles for Xbox One Dead Rising 3, D4, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition etc. For PS4 main exclusive titles are Killzone: Shadow Fall, Gran Turismo, DC Universe Online and Infamous: Second Son etc.

After exclusive titles, common titles for both like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag,Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, EA Sports UFC, Need for Speed: Rivals are some titles which will be worth comparing for performance and visuals in both consoles.


Sony plans to release PlayStation App for PS4 owners to enable smartphones and tablets into a second screen of their gameplay to enhance your experience. Where Microsoft has that Live TV integration plans for Xbox One.

PS4 and Xbox One both consoles are expected to release on November this year. My guess is, both consoles will release on almost same date.

What can the PS4 do that the Xbox One can't?

Sony's PS4 has upper hand with services like cloud based streaming for PS3 games (not yet confirmed), then 50% more powerful Processor and powerful Graphics processor than of Xbox One.

What can the Xbox One do that the PS4 can't?

Xbox One has upper hand in motion based entertainment with Kinect 2, which really promises to give magic in your every move.


This comparison is far from complete, it just putting our expectations and predictions for both next-generation consoles in words as per their impressions till now. Both consoles looks ready to take level of entertainment and gaming to next level. Which one to buy? Xbox One or PS4? Well it depends upon what you looking for. If it's about core gaming i'll prefer PS4, and if it's about media entertainment plus gaming then i'll go for Xbox One(Only because of Kinect 2). And more than these consoles, it depends upon Sony and Microsoft, what exclusive and common services they provide to their customers. But it's commonly predicted and obvious that both giants will try to match each other at every step in this war to stay in competition. I'll say let's wait for November 2013...

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