Four Things Microsoft Has Done Right With Xbox One

Xbox One

There are countless articles being written daily on internet to point out mistakes which Microsoft is doing in start of their new console Xbox One, I've also written few, pardon Microsoft but it's true that their flaws are very easy to point as they are obvious for us when it comes to comparison with Sony, like cost different between PS4 and Xbox One, less performance, less gaming etc etc. Today let's not go more negative with Microsoft, people are already calling us Sony fan boy site, but that's not true, if you observe things wisely then you'll know the truth but it's common nature among actual fan boys to stuck with their console choice and no matter what goes wrong they just don't accept that the console they have is just not good enough, as with most or few of you.

Xbox One All In One Entertainment System

With upcoming launch of Console like Xbox One, Microsoft also deserves to at least get appreciated for what they have done right till now in context with Xbox One. Here are my observations, everyone is most welcome to express their views about Xbox One, good or bad anything, but no comparison with PS4 today. Let's just consider Xbox One only and let's not talk of it's comparison with PS4, or Microsoft vs Sony etc. If you interested to talk comparison, please head on to my previous articles:

In above listed articles i have also mention plus points of Xbox One over PS4, but now it's only about what Xbox One is, if we consider it only a next-gen console regardless of it's comparison with PS4.

More Entertainment Along With Gaming: TV, Movies, Music, Apps and Skype etc

Xbox One: Music, Skype, Apps And More

It's fact that in previous gaming consoles, you must have at least thought once that wish my console do something more than gaming, something more than web browsing, something more than music etc well Xbox One is more than just gaming console, we can call it complete entertainment setup. It will also have integration of Skype to enable you to do audio and video chats, as Skype does. There will be options to install more apps available in their app center. Movies, music are add-ons which will enhance overall entertainment experience. In short Microsoft's Xbox One is all about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

Kinect 2.0

Xbox One Kinect 2.0

Kinect 2.0 is coming in bundle with Xbox One, however I'm not convinced with idea of forcing people to get Kinect 2 in bundle and pay extra, but we can hope there will be edition of Xbox One without Kinect 2. But as the matter of fact previous Kinect has proved itself as potential new gaming experience, it's motion based games makes you believe that you are magician. Kinect 2 will be undoubtedly better than Kinect. Kinect 2 camera will have 1080p resolution with improved accuracy and latency which gives great promise for better motion based gaming. Even after all this Kinect 2 will be able to live on expectations only if titles for it will be that good, otherwise i don't think so with sequels of previous Kinect games Microsoft will be able to grab attention of many.

Xbox Live on next Level with Cloud Computing:

Xbox One Cloud Feature

Microsoft is no mood to give up in cloud computing against Sony. Recently they have made announcement of heavy upgrade on their cloud computing to support Xbox One. Microsoft has revealed their plan to build $700 million data center in Des Moines, Iowa. If this happens as planned by Microsoft then experience on Xbox Live will be on next level.

Xbox One Exclusive Line-up

D4 Xbox One Exclusive Game

Microsoft is investing heavily in the gaming experience for the Xbox One, it's about $1 billion according to sources. There will be about 15 internally developed titles (Dead Rising 3, Minecraft Xbox One Edition, Killer Instinct, Halo and more) out of which eight will be brand new (Quantum Break, D4 and more), so there is no shortage of games for Xbox One. As per these figures we can conclude that Xbox One will be far more rich with games than Xbox 360.


Xbox One undoubtedly stands at it's place and has potential to rise as console who can dominate next-gen of gaming consoles. It's hardware at it's own place is sufficient enough to provide performance as promised by Microsoft. Xbox One haven't launch yet, it's about 3 months left and we surly expect that Microsoft still has lot more to add in features or services list Xbox One will provide. At Amazon pre-orders for Xbox one are already sold out with the price tag of $499 which shows the eagerness and trust people putting in Microsoft. Launch date is still not confirmed by Microsoft, where Amazon lists it for 27th November 2013 launch. Question remains the same, What makes you to choose Xbox One?

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