List of Every Unique Features Xbox One Offers to Consumers, $499 Price Tag Justify?

Xbox One

So Microsoft is charging $100 for Xbox One (price tag is $499) as compared to Sony for Playstation 4 (price tag $399). The firm is touting Xbox One as an All in One Entertainment Box, but question that needs answer here is, How True This Claim of Microsoft Is?.

Xbox One vs PS4

Here is the list of unique features Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console Xbox One Has. Check out the full list below and let us know in the comment section, isn't Xbox One $499 price tag justify the features it offers to consumers?


  • Facial recognition to sign into profile, change to your custom settings, etc. Also eliminates the need to swap controllers, as it can recognize who is where and is using which controller.
  • Voice commands (Xbox, on. Xbox, Snap Pizza Hut app. Xbox, order large Hawaiian pizza)
  • 1080p camera, good for video chat on Skype
  • Uses advanced noise cancellation, so it can adjust to hear only the person holding the controller (Read this)
  • Can recognize your mood, whether or not you're talking and whether you're looking at the TV or not.
  • Because every controller has an IR LED, Kinect can track the controller similarly to Sixaxis on the PS3. Can be used for subtle but useful things, such as shoving a zombie off a car in Dead Rising 3 by pushing your controller forward.
  • Can now track rotation (orientation of body parts), force (e.g. punching for boxing games) pressure put on each body part, heartbeat, infrared (enables it to see you in the dark), etc.
  • Can track up to 6 people, unlike Kinect 1 which could track 2.
  • Can be turned off.
  • Can be used from around 3-4ft away, as opposed to the Kinect 1 which required around 6-8ft. Ideal for small rooms/apartments.
  • Check out this awesome video by Wired.


  • Instant switching between games, dashboard, and apps.
  • Cloud processing can take some of the pressure off of the GPU. Latency may still be an issue.
  • 300,000 Xbox Live servers, compared to the current 15,000. Also, Microsoft is giving devs access to these servers for no cost. Dedicated servers are not mandatory, but since there's no reason not to use them... Peter Rubin expects all your games such as CoD, Titanfall, Destiny, and Battlefield to use dedicated servers.
  • Every console is a dev kit.
  • Virtually unlimited storage in the cloud for digital games, game saves, profiles, etc.
  • No HDCP protection in the Blu-Ray drive. This means you can plug in a capture card device to record gameplay. Unclear about how it will play Blu-Ray movies without HDCP, however.
  • HDMI in port- you can plug in almost anything that has an HDMI port. Xbox 360. PlayStation, cable box, etc, and then control that through the One (voice commands also work for this).
  • Snap mode! Snap any app to the side no matter what you're doing. Want to Skype a friend to watch some Netflix together? Say "Xbox, snap Skype. Xbox, call "X"". Want to order pizza while watching Game of Thrones? Snap the Pizza Hut app to the side and order some pizza without pausing.
  • All party chat uses Skype for better sounding audio.
  • Matchmaking is done in the background. You can do other things while waiting for the Xbox to match you with players in Halo.
  • Low power state in the controller. When you're watching a Netflix movie for example, the controller will become inactive, saving battery life.
  • Has a unique TV guide for when you plug your cable box in the HDMI in. You can take full control of it using your voice. Want to know what's on Comedy Central? "Xbox, what's on Comedy Central?"
  • Fantasy sports integration. Keep track of how your dream team is doing and get notifications as they're playing.
  • Uses Twitch TV to stream gameplay.
  • Use the Smartglass app from your Android, Windows or iOS device to control your Xbox One remotely.
  • Uses Wi-Fi direct to connect to Smartglass-enabled devices. Wi-Fi Direct can reach bandwidth speeds of up to 250Mbps, compared to 12Mbps for Bluetooth 4.0. This means your phone, tablet, wireless headset, etc. will be able to send around 20 times more data than Bluetooth 4.0.


In my opinion the extra features Xbox One offers perfectly justify the price tag of $499, but they might not for some people. Its understable that some people would still go for PS4 and the reason behind it is pretty simple they just don't care for the extra features Xbox One provides.

PS4 might be a very solid next-gen console for gaming, but there is a lot more that matters to me than just gaming, and it's pretty obvious that the Xbox One is doing a lot more outside of gaming than the PS4 is.

You people might not agree with my opinion (mention above) and some of you might go an extra mile and curse me (and might also call me an Xbox One fanboy), but it doesn't matter, you guys are welcome and free to share your opinions with us. Let us know what you guys think in the comment section below.

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