Xbox One is Now Cheaper Than PS4 in Europe, Thanks to Special FIFA 14/Xbox One Bundle

Just a few hours ago at GamesCom 2013, Microsoft announced that all Xbox One pre-orders will come bundle with a copy of FIFA 14 at no extra cost. This decision of Microsoft has changed the entire scenario related to price difference between "PS4 and Xbox One". Want to know how?, check out the calculation below.

FIFA 14 Xbox One Bundle for Europe

Go to official website of GAME (UK Retailer) and check out the cost of following:

  • Xbox ONE, Kinect and FIFA 14, a grand total of these things comes to "£429.99".
  • Playstation 4, Camera and FIFA 14, a grand total of these things comes to "£459.97"

Now consider a bit different scenario, remove camera (£54.99) and buy PS4 and FIFA 14, its only £25 cheaper than buying an Xbox One, Kinect and FIFA 14.

With is new Xbox One bundle (which includes a free copy of FIFA 14 for Europe), Microsoft has played a smart move, considering all the above calculations and previous drama revolving price of Xbox One.

Do you think this move (or smart move) of Microsoft will benefit Xbox One in Europe?. Share your views with us in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit