Grand Theft Auto V: Evolution of Motorcycles and Bikes from GTA I to GTA V


Our GTA franchise evolution series continues, this time our we are going to take a look at how Motorcycles and Bikes have evolve throughout GTA series (from GTA I to GTA V).

Grand Theft Auto series has come a long way, from top-down perspective(first two games) to open world sandbox genre (third installment and thereafter). This has been one of the best evolution of a video game series.

GTA V Bikes

Now with GTA V, Rockstar Games aims to take things even further as it will offer players ton of activities missions and more.

 A reddit user has posted a few set of images showcasing evolution of motorcycles and bikes since the first game in the series.

This evolution is worth a look as it indirectly also showcase how the series has evolved graphically and visually over the years, leading all the way upto GTA V.


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