There Are Most Disappointing Next-Gen Exclusive Games For PS4 And Xbox One: "Ryse: Son of Rome And Knack"

Ryse: Son of Rome

Lets take a look at two next-generation exclusive games for PS4 and Xbox One (one each for both consoles) that disappointed the most.

PS4 vs Xbox One

First on the list is Xbox One exclusive game from Crytek, "Ryse: Son of Rome": Media, Critics and Xbox fans across the globe expected wonders from Ryse: Son of Rome. It was the highly anticipated game for Microsoft next-gen Xbox console and many questioned whether it could be Killer App, but sadly Ryse: Son of Rome turnd out to be a complete disappointment.

Ryse: Son of Rome

This time around the creative team at Crytek was far from their best, Ryse: Son of Rome gameplay as a whole package was boring and lack some key features. Furthermore, the combat system was way too repetitive and there was same type attacks for every battle or challenges player face.

The only feature that deserve respect in Ryse: Son of Rome is visuals/graphics. The game looks phenomenal on Xbox One even though it runs at 900p, those amazing lightning effects and realism just look amazing. However Ryse: Son of Rome as a whole package disappoints.


The expectation with Knack, a Playstation 4 exclusive game was also HUGE but sadly it also didn't live up hype. With Knack, Sony aimed to repeat the success of LittleBigPlanet as there were some similarity with respect to of type of game both are, however this strategy failed miserably and neither critics nor Playstation fans liked the game.


Big gaming publications like IGN and Escapist Magazine awarded average review score to Knack and stated that almost all missions are repetitive with hardly 1 or 2 different challenges here and there.

So this is our list of disappointing PS4/Xbox One exclusive launch games. Do you agree with it?, share your views with us in the comment section below.

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