Waiting For FFXV? Here Are Some Mind Blowing And Amazing Facts About Final Fantasy Series To Kill The Long Wait

Final Fantasy XV

Doesn't matter if your a fan of RPG's or not, everyone has heard about the Final Fantasy series. First released back in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the franchise is still going strong with the latest release being Final Fantasy Explorers earlier December of 2014. This mega franchise started as just a simple game made to be a last effort in the gaming industry for Hironobu Sakaguchi. Now the franchise has spawned from video games, printed media, films, anime and so much more! If you're a fan of the Final Fantasy series, you might be intrigued by some of these facts.

Fighting Fantasy


Originally Square Enix was going to name the Final Fantasy series as Fighting Fantasy.

Hironobu Sakaguchi Paved The Road for Dating Sims


The creator of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is also one of the main developers to pave the road for Dating Sim video game genre.

Final Fantasy Was Going To Be Square Enix's Last Game


Square Enix is a household name now but before Final Fantasy, the game development team was going downhill fast. The last few titles before Final Fantasy were not making great sales though the development team decided to move on with another video game title. Final Fantasy gave the development team stable footing.

7 People Developed Final Fantasy


When it came to development for Final Fantasy a total of 7 members created the game. By the time development reached Final Fantasy XII, a total of 300 people had a hand in development.



By the time Final Fantasy reached Final Fantasy Tactics, the creatures known as Moogles have all been extinct.

Prelude Melody Written in 5 Minutes


Final Fantasy's iconic melody known as Prelude is present in each game just slightly different. Though the original melody only took five minutes to write by composer Nobou Uematsu.

Hironobu Sakaguchi Cameo


You can spot the creator of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi in Final Fantasy 7. Take a look at the wall inside some of the houses in Rocket Town.



Within every Final Fantasy video game, besides the original, is a character named Cid. The character is different each game.

Final Fantasy Battle System Based off of American Football


Designer of the Final Fantasy video game, Hiroyuki Ito, never developed any RPG video game. So when it came to Final Fantasy, he decided that fighting should be a lot like American Football. Each team would have a turn in offense and each turn should be planned.

Buster Sword in Final Fantasy X


Turns out that the famous Buster Sword that belongs to Cloud was originally planned to be in Final Fantasy X but was later taken out before the game released.

Final Fantasy X Yuna Loves Tidus



During the very end of Final Fantasy X, Yuna tells Tidus one of two things. If you received the US version of the game she states that she loves him while in the Japanese version of the game she simply thanks him.

Final Fantasy XII Budget


Square Enix has reportedly put in $48 million for the development of Final Fantasy XII.

Don't Waste Your Money


Final Fantasy IX's strategy guide has been deemed by most to be the worst strategy guide released for the game.



Fans of the Final Fantasy series love Blitzball Final Fantasy X so much that a strong following lead this game to become the top voted fictional sport to this day.



The first Final Fantasy video game title was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Voice Acting


Up until Final Fantasy X, the video games featured no voice overs.

Michael Jackson's Thriller


If you own the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD you can spot an Easter egg with all the characters from the movie performing Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Film Based off Sequel of a Game That Released Year Later


The first Final Fantasy movie was released in 1994. The film was Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals a sequel to Final Fantasy V. Urban Vision saw how successful the film was doing and decided to bring it the US. However, Urban Vision failed to realize that the film was based off of Final Fantasy V, a game that at the time had yet to release in America leaving many viewers confused after watching.

Final Fantasy VII Was Never Coming For N64


Past Final Fantasy video games in the series all came out on the Nintendo consoles. Fans assumed that Final Fantasy VII was set to release on N64 when in fact the game was always considered for the PlayStation. 3D battles from the game appeared online which started the rumor that the development team was working on an N64 released but instead these scenes were from a SIGGRAPH presentation.

Final Fantasy Mini Game


The first Final Fantasy video game had a secret mini game. When you get the ship, press the A and B buttons together 55 times and then you will unlock a slide puzzle.

Final Fantasy Landed in Europe in 2003


The game that launched a huge franchise didn't get a Europe released until years later. Final Fantasy was released in Europe in 2003 through the Final Fantasy remake, Final Fantasy Origins.

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