Waiting For Halo 5: Guardians? Here Are Some Mind Blowing Facts About Halo Franchise To Kill The Long Wait

Halo 5: Guardians

When Halo first released back in 2001 for the Xbox it was clear that Bungie struck gold. The video game franchise features an elite fighting machine known as Master Chief, an intergalactic alien species to fight against and a wide range of completely bada$$ arsenal to play with. Toss in some online gameplay and you're bound to be in for a fun time but we wonder if you caught all these little facts and easter eggs from the different Halo titles.

FPS vs Strategy


Halo originally was set to be a real-time strategy game similar to Warcraft. The change to a FPS was made after the camera angle was positioned on the head of one of the units.

Steve Jobs Supported Bungie


Apparently Steven Jobs was such a massive fan of Bungie's work with Halo that he spoke highly of the video game and development team during the 1999 MacWorld Expo. Halo: Combat Evolved was set to release on both PC and Mac until Microsoft purchased the franchise leaving it a Microsoft exclusive. Steve Jobs was not too pleased.

Destiny Teaser


Bungie placed little teasers within Halo 3: ODST of Destiny. This was released three years before the announcement of Destiny.

Nintendo DS


A demo was made for Halo: Combat Evolved for the Nintendo DS. The project never received the green light for development.

Wort Wort Wort


During Halo: Combat Evolved you'll find that the Elites are saying "Wort" when it's actually the reverse audio of Sergeant Johnson saying "Go!"

Spartan Armor


According to the video game franchise, the Spartan armor weights half a ton.

Spartans Are Kidnapped Children


Don't mistake Spartans as volunteer fighters. Instead these group of elite soldiers are specifically chosen. Kids are taken at a young age and kept in boot camps where they are trained to be super soldiers.

Half-Naked Guy


Bungie co-founder Jason Jones makes a Easter egg cameo in both Halo 2 and Halo 3 during the campaign. He can be found floating wearing nothing but gym shorts.

Cortana's ID Card?


A limited edition of Halo: Reach was released in 2010 that came with an ID care for Catherine Halsey. However, it was recently discovered that shinning a blacklight on the ID card and you'll find that an image of Cortana or at least the creator of Cortana.



A famous Easter egg for Halo 3 is the Cavement. Located in the level of Sierra 117, players can locate a family of cavemen in two different locations.

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